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Friday, February 7, 2014


I just ejaculated my sperm into the belly of a flitty little 22 year old who worshipped my unit for over an hour. I can barely type this. When I came, he kept sucking me, and didn't let up as he felt thick jet after jet flooding over his tongue and slipping its slimy way down his esophagus; he kept licking that awesome spot on my dickhead and I swear he made me cum twice in a row; just as the spasming of my fuckmuscles was dying down, I felt that sensuous probing at my body's most sensitive spot, and I felt a new rush of cum well up from the sub-basement of my testicles-- who knows how I managed to shoot any more after that first orgasm-- and squirt into him in my body's intense desire to get as much of my DNA into him as possible. I think I need to go lie down.

I've had a hard time hooking up this week-- I've really wanted to, but either work was too intense, or there were no guys anywhere, or I would get played. (Yesterday a guy who has nagged me to fuck him for almost a year on a4a finally gave me his number, sent me a stream of incoherent texts that seemed aimed at someone else, told me he was going to come over, and then at the last minute told me repairmen were coming to fix his kitchen. A couple hours later I got a random text from him saying he really wanted the inside of my asshole. Clearly on drugs or working twelve guys at once….) Friday is usually a worthless day to try to hook up, but a newly intense workout schedule and lots of near-misses with hooking up was giving me blueballs, and I thought I'd die if I didn't unload my nuts. So I posted an ad on Craigslist, which is pointless lately, and also one of those cheesy hook-up-now ads on Manhunt, with a new cock shot-- calculated to attract dudes who are just crazy about meaty cocks like mine and care about nothing else. That's what I needed today.

One of the first responders from Craigslist had been the big fat dude who is out-of-control crazy about my unit and has never stopped asking me to suck it again, endlessly rhapsodizing about how only my dick can satisfy him. I honestly and plainly told him I was hoping for a new throat to coat, but if nothing panned out I'd text him. He wasn't indignant like "fuck you thinking I will jump when you say jump." He said "Yes SIR I am so hungry for your hot dick and load." So I felt like I sort of had a bird in the hand there.

Half the dudes on Manhunt looked at my profile because of the cock shot in the ad, but no one wrote me except dudes I wasn't into. I got a ton of replies from the Craigslist ad, and the guy who eventually swallowed my load was among the early ones, but he was small and thin and I was in the mood for a big hairy manly man to make me cum. I got a couple of those, but they were cognitively challenged, getting me all worked up before revealing that despite having replied to an ad saying I was looking for immediately, they weren't free till 5 or 6 or July when they were coming to visit NYC from Colombia and needed a place to stay (not really but that has happened before). After a couple of hours of nothing really panning out, I wrote the big dude and said it was his lucky day. And he wrote back, cursing his luck, saying meeting was pushed back, maybe in another two hours, blablabla. Ay chihuahua.

Finally I decided the 22 year old at least had the right attitude-- "I even like to keep sucking you after you cum," he'd said, which indicated at least he was extremely dedicated. So I wrote him back, having earlier decided not to, and we slowly worked out what was going to happen and when. In the midst of that, someone on the other end of my neighborhood, who looked hotter and more my type, also hit me up-- not quite as good an attitude, and wanted poppers and pot, not haha hot really pot but poppers OK-- and I was completely torn. It was getting close to the time when Big and Needy was going to be available; at least I knew he gave great head and would make me feel like a king. These other two were suboptimal and unknown quantities. Finally I threw caution to the wind, asked both of them for their number, and decided whoever got to me first would get the meat.

The 22 year old won, by, like, 10 seconds. This is not how leaving things up to fate is supposed to work. Feeling like some kind of cad, I told the hotter closer dude that I had made other plans, and he was pissed. The 22 year old was here in a half an hour, looking extremely fey and nerdy. In a way he could have been handsome-- he said he was Turkish and something else, and I like that look-- but his lack of control of his hand movements, which read more hopelessly dorky than gay, almost like an overgrown nine-year-old's, detracted from whatever he had going on physically. But hey, it was time to get my dick sucked after a few hours of suffering, so we went right to it.

And he sucked the living hell out of me.

I also pounded his body into the mattress a good bit-- he was just too little and easily snappable and, unexpectedly, horse-hung for me not to want to flip him on his back, push his legs open with my thigh, and grind my meat into his. He was about 5'7 and I could completely cover his body with my own and give him the mock-fuck of his life. He was ecstatic and wrapped himself around me like I was a lifesaver and he was a Titanic survivor in a heaving ocean of Oh-my-God. I slicked up a finger and worked it slowly into his asshole while I gripped his waist with my other hand and bit into his neck-- I thought, damn, maybe I'll just fuck this monster load into his little body. But he reacted badly to it, saying he didn't like it, and I relented, lying back and pointing at my meat and saying ok, get back to work, then.

He saw me stroking my hairy belly a bit when he was edging me particularly nicely, and took the cue to do it himself. Not enough guys do this. Even this guy seemed tentative about it, like it would have seemed too greedy. But once he saw I wanted it, he took my prong into his mouth deep, and stroked my belly, my chest, my hairy forearms, my tricep, my thighs, and, most deliciously, all up and down my hairy, stressed-out balls. And then he asked, "Can we do more of the rough stuff?" I started, wondering what he meant, asking, "What rough stuff?" "You know, on top of me."

I don't feel like I'm rough. When guys ask if I'm aggressive and verbal I demur; I feel like they want Richard Sherman to go ape-shit on their ass. I'm nice! I'm affectionate! I like to pin little guys under my weight and slam them with my hips within three inches of heaven's door, but it's done with tenderness and aesthetic consideration. It's weird to be called "rough" or "aggressive." And I sort of told him this, laughing a bit and kneading the smooth skin on his little body, but he said it was good what I did, so I did it some more. He told me he only liked getting fucked by people he knew and "we have to have a condom." So I dunno about that. But it was fun.

And then I lay back and let him work his ultimate magic on me and he produced the previously described spine-scraping thrill with his expert manipulations of my dick. My dick was like a slab of rebar shooting molten lead, the orgasm was so fucking hot.

And as promised, he curled up against my thigh when my dick had shrunk down to its pitiful, dormant size, and wrapped one hand around my thumb like a chimp baby, and closed his eyes and sighed and just drank in what my post-ejaculation groin had to offer. I lay back and closed my eyes and let my body drift on the satisfaction; he stirred and I felt him stroking my pelt in various spots, running his face through the hair on my legs or my bush or over my belly, and I lay there, impassive and smiling as the statue of a pharaoh. Let the kid enjoy it.

Predictably he wants more. If he let me fuck him raw, I'd give him more. We'll see if he does. He's not really my type, a sweet kid and pretty damn good at what he does but I'm happy with this experience. But I love how he reacted to being under me while I fake-plowed his little body. I'd like to feel that for real, raw and skin on skin, and juice up his little body. So if he hits me up again I will flat out ask him. If I scare him off, it's OK.

While we were at it, I kept getting texts from Big and Needy, saying his life was ruined because he had to give his boss a ride somewhere instead of nuzzling between my thighs and he is cursed never to get what he wants. I imagine him raging all over uptown with dizzying visions of my spooging tool replaying relentlessly in his head.

Christ, I'm starving. That was some seriously intense sex.

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