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Monday, February 17, 2014


If I were one of those load-counting bloggers out there, I'd think of today as a success; after all, I did manage to juice up a new hole out there. But after the last few experiences, where the guys were all very hot in different ways, and where the chemistry was pretty awesome, even if I didn't cum in any of them, today's seeding was a bit of a letdown.

I will say he had beautiful jet-black hair with one of those hair patterns that just makes my nuts tingle: slight widow's peak under rather longish bangs; a perfectly sculpted rounded hairline making a point above his sideburns on his temples; stark wide thick eyebrows above a long and pointed nose. His skin was swarthy like an Italian Jew's. He looked fantastic with my dick in his mouth. But the body was not at all as advertised-- not that mine is any great shakes-- and he was thicker around the middle than I am. He was only 5'8, a favorite height of mine, so his shape was really more fireplug than lard-o, which was nice, but I have always had issues fucking guys who are bigger than me in any dimension unless they're smokin' hot. Watching his handsome face sucking my dick and knowing that he wanted my cum in him  more than anything and I could fuck him freely and let my orgasm fly without a care did get me and keep me hard. His hole did feel very slick and warm inside; we started out fucking from behind and his hairy round cheeks did look awfully nice penetrated by my thick fuckstick. But when I did long strokes, pushing all the way in and all the way out, we had a little visitor stuck on the end of my wang. I said "Oop!" and dashed off to the bathroom like a Kenyan in the summer olympics. Luckily it was rather contained and easy to clean up. He abled in behind me, seeming completely unflummoxed, and did a bit of washing up himself while I scrubbed my tool over and over. And then he sauntered back into the bedroom, and kinda looked at me, and I said, "Well, wanna try again?" and he said "sure" and got between my legs and sucked me fully hard again. This had to be finished up quick, I decided; so I pushed him on his back, lubed up to make it maximally easy, and slid into him. His asshole was way far back so I was basically doubling him over, pushing his rather short legs as far back as they would go, searching for a way to get my dick in. He grimaced but persevered gamely, pounding his rather handsome, if not very big, dick with one fist between us. I made it in and the lube let me sink in up to my nuts in one easy stroke, and balancing my weight on his doubled-back thighs, I fucked him like a rag doll. His ass was practically in the air and I was fucking my dick straight down with body-slamming motions; it was impossible to kiss or touch any more than we were in this position, and the objective here was just to ejaculate inside him before we had any more danger of mess. His eyes bugged out of his head and he just watched my face and I think I said "aaaaah uh ok I'm just gonna cum aaaaaah just gonna cum right now ok?" and he nodded, eyes locked on mine, and I felt my dick jerk. I pushed into him hard and stopped fucking, letting the spasming against his membranes be the sensation that rode me through orgasm. "Feel that?" I gasped into his face, and he nodded, and he squeezed his muscles inside hard, actually impeding the flow of semen through my tubes. It kind of hurt-- I guess I'm one of those rare tops who doesn't want to feel milked. I want to cum freely inside you, I want my dick to swell thick with only that sweet contact with your inner walls; I don't want to be clamped in when I'm trying to explode. But he wanted to feel my dick as much as possible, I could tell, he wanted to intensify the feeling of me cumming inside him. So I began pounding his little body again, saying with my hips, "YOU ARE THE BITCH I'M MARKING WITH MY SEMEN", and his head lolled around while I finished inseminating him. I slicked up my hand and stroked his dick-- which had remained rock-hard the entire time, something I do happen to like in a bottom-- and he just shook his head back and forth slowly with pleasure and oozed in my hand. I thought maybe I could make him cum, but then I saw something inside him close up-- maybe it was too much pressure on him to get off. I let his dick go, thinking he would get himself off. But he wiggled his body away from me so that my dick escaped him with a genuinely audible "pop". I decided it was best to run to the bathroom again in case we had another mishap, but everything was fine.

He was very quiet as he dressed, but told me he's a developer and had been in my neighborhood looking at a building they're finishing up inside. He asked a few perfunctory questions about my own building, and finished dressing in all his layers; now that I'd cum in him, I examined his body in a different light, and he actually looked pretty cute in his jeans. Maybe I really *am* hopelessly spoiled. I put his coat on him and he trotted off, taking my seed with him. We got what we wanted! But I want more, more, more.

I got back to the computer and Manhunt was flashing with a message; a 6'2 beauty with an ass that would break your heart asked me if I was free to fuck, right about the time Handsome Hairline showed up. I guess a lot of people have today off. The 6'2 beauty says online he wants safe sex only. But what a chance, to get my hands on another creature like that! Ah well, hopefully he will hit me up again. For now, I guess I have another notch on my bedpost. Not that I'm counting. There's more to good sex than numbering ejaculations...


  1. Another notch on your bedpost? Is there any bedpost left? You're insatiable!

    1. I've whittled it down to a toothpick, but as long as there's still room for more notches, I'll keep fucking.

  2. Replies
    1. Or just start losing count all together!