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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Monster Meat

Today I am kicking myself. I'm still a little dizzy from the experience of slipping my bare, tingling, throbbing bone into the unbelievably silky, wet, and yielding hole of an absolute monster of a man-- bald, bearded, hairy, 5'11, maybe 250 pounds of solid, swollen muscle. It is one of those few times when I am sorry I didn't have my phone handy to take a picture of the end result: the Muscle Monster face down in a pillow; broad, meat-swollen back arching down from turgid, red, goose-fleshed shoulders; down to his waist, giant globes of an incredibly thick, round ass raised proudly in the air above thighs like tree trunks, and splattered all over with a web of viscous grey semen spurts, produced by the astonished erection of yours truly. This sight was beautiful, awe-inspiring, stupidly hot. It's burned into my retinas and I wish I had been able to snap a picture of it and share it with you. You would all cum in your pants. It was the ultimate. I'll have to describe it instead.
This morning I had decided to decamp to a coffee shop on the border of the Village and Chelsea, as I had to run an errand in Union Square and tomorrow there will be a giant blizzard, my colleague goes on vacation, and I will basically be stuck in the house and chained to my computer for days. I had a nice productive morning, but of course was online in the background the whole time, hoping that maybe I would get more ass advertising my location in Chelsea than I do exiled out in Brooklyn. (Even though it's barely a 10 minute subway ride from my house to where I was working; most Manhattan dudes are just infuriatingly stupid about the whole geography thing and write off Brooklyn, no matter where in Brooklyn, as an inaccessible gulag on a distant, dark, and dangerous continent.) To be honest, for today at least, my location didn't seem to matter. A bunch of guys I've written to but never heard back from in *Brooklyn* mysteriously checked out my profile, leading me to believe that despite ignoring my come-ons, they've buddy listed me silently, and checked me out because I was mysteriously somewhere I wasn't usually before. This happens all the time when I travel anywhere, and infuriates me-- who ARE these dudes? I also was invited to ejaculate in the rectum of a cute furry guy in Midtown who seemed more interested in evangelizing the joys of poppers than in my dick; no thanks. Mostly I just kept working.

And then the Muscle Monster checked out my profile. He and I had talked before, for a long time, a few months ago; I was trying to gently talk him into letting me cum in him somehow-- down his throat or up the beautiful ass displayed arrestingly in his private pix-- after a long ass-eating session. He clearly loved getting eaten out but was scared of my raw meat and my cum. That coaxing exercise ended up going nowhere; after talking to me about it for maybe 45 minutes he told me he didn't have a lot of time to hook up just then and wanted to save my apparently delicious-looking cock for sometime when he could suck on it for a good long time. I figured if I had really gotten him going only time would tell whether I'd eventually get my meat in his insanely hot body. So I gently told him OK, to buddy list me and keep in touch. Periodically he would check me out, so I knew he was still warm. I never pushed him. Till today.

I point-blank asked if he would suck me till I came and swallow. He asked if I was neg and I told him my last test date. And then I changed the subject to eating his ass. And he was happy to talk about that. And I figured, I know how to melt a guy's fears with my tongue in his ass. I let all the other talk drop, and just asked if I could eat it for as long as I wanted, and he said yes, and then maybe he'd suck me a little, and maybe let me "put just the cockhead inside for a little while and then cum all over it." I just asked for the address at that point, and he gave it to me, and about 5 minutes later I was on his landing, and he was waving to me from his door.

As I went down the hall to his door, I saw that he was already completely naked. He had a pretty big gut that was not featured in the photos, of course-- but the outlines of the body were exactly the same, and were primally overwhelming. This is just the biggest guy I've ever been next to like that. He turned to lead me into his apartment after asking me to take my shoes off. The rear view of his body, now that the belly was invisible, was stupefying. His shoulders were encased in a giant wall of meat that curved elegantly but brutally up to either side of his thick neck like an architectural pediment. Lats swelled from his triceps down to a narrow but muscle-packed waist. The ass was like something from another planet-- giant fuzzy globes flexing and bouncing as he walked, impossible not to stare at. I had seen a thick but not very long dick hanging below his belly, twapping back and forth between his thighs before he turned; he wasn't wearing a cockring or anything like that, I guess he was just excited to be getting his ass eaten. Nice.

He led me into a small bedroom and stood beside the bed, still facing away, asking how I would want him positioned. "Hold on," I said, pulling him back to be a bit, and he sort of leaned back towards me on the ball of one foot, and I reached up to turn his face to mine, and he looked at me and gave me a look, saying, "I don't kiss." I didn't feel the disappointment I usually do here, because my head was still spinning from even being in the same room with this being. I made a dismissive noise and then said, "But everything's cool, yeah?" And he said "Just fine," and climbed onto the bed, pulled a pillow up to his waist, and pushed his face into a nest of other pillows, and spread his thighs open just so, showing me the dark, hairy recesses of his body. His arms were spread across the bank of pillows, bent with his hands under his face, resting in all their majesty as only hugely thick muscle can rest. 

This was a motherfucking BEAST, and all for ME!

I didn't even take anything else off, I just got to work. He was very quiet at first, and I worried he was maybe not into it, but as I got into it, he got into it. First he made the smallest of noises, especially when I licked the magic, hairless spot dudes have right on the underside of their balls. And when I chewed a bit on his surprisingly springy buttocks-- they were not rock-hard like the rest of him, but had a nut-melting elasticity to them-- the noise was a little louder. But mostly he was completely immobile and I felt I could do whatever I wanted, there was no rush. His voluminous buttocks basically embraced my face when I pressed it between them. My beard brushed against his taint when my tongue went in his hole-- his wet, supple, beautiful asshole, which kissed me back like lips. He readjusted his rear, bending his right leg at an angle to give me better access, and I reached down to cup his ample, fuzzy balls, and then reached up under him to find his dick, which was engorged to its thickest, and hard as a lead pipe. I pulled it down between his legs-- it was so erect it resisted the angle a bit, but I did it gently and got it to point straight down between his meaty globes of assmeat-- and I licked all his sensitive spots, from the cumhole, over the frenulum, up the cum-tube, over the nuts with a little swirl around each, over the rough, hairy taint, and then reaching his hole, diving into it. Somehow his dick got even harder in my hands. He was clearly enjoying himself now, breathing hard and softly grunting. My own dick was hard in my pants. I had to pull them off.

I didn't rush and he didn't rush me. I fuckin worshipped that fuckin ass. I also ran my hands over that epic, heroic back, and reached up under his fuzzy front to find his nips, and twist them gently while I tongue-fucked him, and he was clearly in heaven, having his ass treated like the prize pussy that it was. The contrast between this god-like body and his utter submission to me and his own ass was mind-bending. I was so excited. My dick was oozing in my hand. He was putty. So I did it.

I hiked his ass up, and stood at the edge of the bed, and slapped my bone against his crack, and slid it up in that enticing cleft, and then pushed my dick in. 

First, just an inch. He'd said, just the dickhead. But he cried "Ooooooaaaaaoooooohhh" so I pushed another inch in, and he said "OOOOOOAAAAOOOHHH" and I pushed in all the way until I felt my hairy nuts make contact with his taint. And for good measure I strained the muscles between my legs to make my dick flex and thicken and lengthen, and he moaned "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH" and I knew he was fucking mine.

But I pulled out. And I ate him some more. He was beautifully loose and his ass had lubricated, it was oozing a bit of cloudy, salty liquid. This is a sign of pleasure in a bottom that can't be faked. This is his body begging for the dick of the man who gave him that unique pleasure. I spread the liquid all around his hole and ate him out again, just as slowly as before. He did not rush me or say "Fuck me again". He let me worship his ass. I had to enjoy this as much as possible.

Then mount him again, this time crouched on my haunches on the bed, fucking my dick straight down into his gland. He moaned loudly, no words, just letting me know everything I needed to know. I felt I would cum. I pulled out. More slow ass eating. More worship. 

And then more fucking. All the way in. All the way out. That beautiful sensation of my fleshy dickhead pushing through the gates, sinking all the way in, holding there deep, and pulling all the way out, the pop as the plug of my glans comes out, the cool air in the room and then the hot wet sensation of his insides. Over and over. A moan each time he feels me penetrate. That exciting moment, played over and over. I am in you. I am in you. I am in you. You're my ass. You're my ass. You're my ass.

Too good, too good, I just grabbed him under his haunches, pushed into him as deep as I could go, held it there. And there, deep inside him, I felt a gentle pulsing enveloping my dickhead. At first I thought he was trying to milk my dick with his muscles. But it was subtler. It was slighter than that, deeper than that, and focused perfectly on the most sensitive spot on my dick. I wanted to cum so bad but I held fast-- and this pulsing suddenly was lightly tapping on my dick. I realized I was pushed up against a vein, deep inside him, and this was his heartbeat. His pounding heartbeat was milking my dick! The subtlest, most amazing sensation! I thought about pulling out so I could rest and fuck him more. But I felt his heartbeat gently caressing my dickhead, and I let it, I let that incredibly light sensation bring my excited dick all the way to the brink of orgasm, pulse by pulse. I got almost to the point of spurting inside him, and when I knew there was no hope, I hauled out all my thick inches and erupted all over his meaty globes.

He felt the hot rainfall and quickly clenched his hold shut, afraid I would leak inside. And then as I kept spraying him with molten fuckjuice, he relaxed and let me paste him with everything my nuts had to give. He was sighing and going "Oh man that's hot, oh wow," and I was grunting and fisting my dick. I felt my orgasm subside, but the sight of him there, huge, muscular, splayed out for my pleasure, and coated with my semen, made me start to cum again. I made a helpless sound, "AhhhhhhHAAAAAAA" and fisted my dick hard as I could, and I came again, three more feeble pulses, and he felt them drip on him, and he moaned too. 

I laughed and just sat there looking at this head-spinning vision. We were quiet for a while, and I laughed again, slapping his shoulders, saying "Oh man thanks for that, that was awesome," and then, "Do you want me to clean you up real fast, do you have a towel?" 

His muscular body finally stirred. "No, I want to see it." "Want me to take a picture?" I asked, planting the idea in my head, making me realize I *had* to have a record of his. He jumped up and lumbered into the living room. "No, I want to see." And he went to a full-length mirror at the other end of the living room. He faced away from the mirror, thrust his ass towards it, and twisted his bull-like neck around to admire himself. I stood in the bedroom door, watching this, unable to believe the sight. He cooed at himself for a while, and then began smearing the streaks of cum all over his massive glutes! Like some kind of lotion! Those giant meaty paws just slathering and slathering the former contents of my nuts all over hiimself. His gaze was rapt in the mirror. It was like I wasn't even there, this incredibly private, self-satisfied ritual. Holy shit. I was speechless, watching my cum used for his pleasure like this. He got what he wanted!

He was as wooden as guys often are after this, as I got dressed, not speaking except for very basic needs (I couldn't find my glasses; I can't see my glasses if I'm not wearing them). He was just walking around his apartment, fat dick wagging between granite thighs, and all my cum slowly drying on his hindquarters. Fuck!

I finished dressing, and he asked if I had everything, and I slapped his belly, thanking him for getting me off so good. I offered to eat his ass whenever he wants it. Who knows if he will. But MAN!

And there is no photo. I want the photo. It would have been so easy, but I didn't take one. I hope I never forget this vision.

FUCK I love being a top.


  1. My God that is hot! One of the hottest encounters I've read about. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Mr Smith! I still kick myself for not just fishing out my phone so I could show you my handiwork. So much cum… so much ass… so much fun

  2. I've never felt the throb of a vein against my dickhead, but I've felt the throb of a really tight guy around the shaft... As awesome is that is, I don't think I can imagine feeling that from deep within at the most sensitive spot of my whole body!

    1. He wasn't tight at all, and I only felt this right on the very end of my dick as I was inside him as deep as I could go. It was a very subtle sensation but I was not moving at all and it totally made me cum. Sometimes even an old whore like me can be surprised by what another man's body has to offer.