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Thursday, February 20, 2014


Today I thought I might hook up with the horse-hung sensual kid from a few weeks back; he texts me from time to time saying things like "i want ur cum so bad babe" and "i need u inside me" and had told me he would be off work early today. But when I asked him to come by when he was done, I got no reply. Hrmph! I had kind of been banking on him running over when I snapped my fingers. I thought, eh, maybe it's just as well, I've been having a lot of sex lately, maybe a quiet evening is best (my partner is working late tonight.) And just when I think that, Ultra Meat msged me on Scruff, saying "Fuck me". I'm trying out a more yes-oriented approach to sex lately, not searching for the best guy I can get or insisting on someone new. A guy like Ultra Meat says "Fuck me", the only answer is "yes". So I said "yes." And I think he was bluffing a bit again. A few days ago he said he wanted me to fuck him raw and then chickened out at the last minute, ignoring my texts for a while. Today he said he would clean up for me but then about ten minutes later asked, "Can I just suck you today?" I msged back "You goddamn tease!" and he said, "It will just take so long to clean up and I want you now." So again I decided, what the hell. He's beautiful and he gives good head and he keeps coming back. So I gave him another "yes", but said, "Can I at least eat your ass out? Maybe take a rinse or something?" And he said OK, and about twenty minutes later he was here. I opened the door, and he was grinning like the cat that ate the canary. "You motherfucker," I said, and he strode past me laughing, and grabbed my dick through my shorts as he went by. "I can't stay long," he said, "I teach class at 7:30." I looked at my watch and said "Maaaaaaan," and he said, "I know, I didn't want to tell you." Fucker! That left us with maybe half an hour tops, given where he works. I said, "Well, let's get to the bedroom," and we did. And guess what happened?

Well first, I thought nothing would happen. We got to the bedroom right when my phone lit up with a text from my partner, saying his last appointment had been cancelled and he wouldn't be so late. "Is he coming home?" asked Ultra Meat with panic in his voice. I smiled, began typing into the phone, and said, "I don't know. But start sucking my dick while I do this." He scrambled down to the floor and slurped my dick into his mouth and gave me that silky, slippery tongue that I love so much. I tried to focus on the texting but the urgency and lack of time and my sudden extreme horniness got my breath heaving, and while I texted and read I kept gasping "oh fuck baby keep suckin my dick you always make my dick feel so good don't stop baby let's get on the bed." And I ripped off all my clothes, still holding the phone, and he did the same except for his tall black socks, and I lay back on the bed with the phone still in my hand. "I know this isn't the most romantic thing," I said, "but I gotta do this." His white smile flashed in his black face in the dark room. "I don't care I just want your dick," he said, and his huge muscular form lumbered over to the bed and he sucked my dick beautifully some more. It turned out my partner would be busy for another hour and a half or so, so I could relax. I tossed the phone on the bedside table and focused on Ultra Meat, who was now beaded with sweat and gobbling up my genitals like a turkey dinner. "Oh baby you make me feel so good," I said, "baby PLEASE let me fuck you again, I want to be inside you so bad, I want to make you feel good with my dick," and he said "baby baby I can't stop thinking about your dick I love your dick so much." I pulled him up to my face and we kissed and said baby baby baby ooh ooh ooh into each other's ears, and I told him to stay in position, on all fours.

I slid off the bed and up behind him and inspected those massive, muscular glutes. Fantastic. He was jerking his dick fast. I just slowly brushed my face against them first, slowly probed his crack with my nose, and then licked the hairless spot behind his balls with the end of my tongue, and he convulsed. I felt his shapes and smelled his clean fresh scent-- he had just showered-- and only slowly put my face in and licked and ate. And every time I licked behind his balls, his whole body shook. "Baby baby baby" and horny nonstop gibberish flowed from his mouth and mine. We are ridiculously hot for each other. I don't know how this can be. But there it is.

And he said "God you make my ass feel so good, I want you inside so bad," and I went around and put my dick in his mouth and he suckled helplessly, full of desire, and we kissed some more, and he said, "Put it inside me, just put it inside me." So I went back behind him, and slicked up, and pushed in. He was tight, and wanted lube. I said, "Let me eat it some more, before we go into gooey lube-land." I really said this, and he turned his head and was like, what? But I put my face in his ass and his head sank back down to the bed and he moaned while I worshiped his meaty hindquarters. And pulled his fat hard dick down and sucked the head, and he said "Fuuuuuuuck ah man fuuuuuuck so good you're suckin my dick and eating my ass, fuuuuuck" and I pulled it out of my mouth and said, "I want it all, man, give everything to me, let me have it all," and I sucked his head and sucked his balls and licked his taint and plunged my tongue into his asshole, which was open from my bone, and he moaned and moaned. And finally I lubed up my dick and stuck it in, then climbed up on his thick hams to penetrate with a better angle. "Oh fuck man mount me, mount me man, mount me and fuck me," he cried, and I put one hand on his back and one on his head and rode the hell out of him.

But I wanted to see his face, I wanted to be closer. I pulled out, and commanded, "Get on your back." He did, and showed me the whole shape of that amazing body. I rested mine on his for a while, and said, "Wrap yourself around me, I want to feel you close," and he did, enveloping me in warm firm muscle, and he said, "I want you close to me too. You feel so good." I just felt our bodies lining up for a while, and my dick grew harder and harder, and I knew I had to be in him again. I pushed his legs back and went back in. And we fucked each other's brains out, hard and fast, all the while with him saying "I wanted this for so long, I wanted to feel your dick in me, I wanted to give myself to you, but  PLEASE DON'T CUM INSIDE ME." I promised I wouldn't and pounded away at his body, knowing he could take it, wanting to feel intensely his bigness. And I kept fucking till I knew I would cum, and then pulled out and splattered all over him. He instantly came too, and we both laughed, hard.

"See! Quickies aren't so bad!" he said triumphantly. "It was *terrible*," I said, only half joking. I can't believe I wasted Ultra Meat offering himself to me raw on a 20 minute assignation; I imagined screwing him long and deep for a hot, mindless hour. He strutted around on those huge thighs with that thick ass poking out, covered in our cum, and said, "Can I take a quick shower?" I said sure and got him a fresh towel. He rinsed quickly, and I handed it to him, looking him in the face and grinning as I said, "I'm sorry I make you do bad things." He grinned back at me. "It was good." And we talked for a while altogether too enthusiastically about the gym he works at and the gym I go to and other gyms I have heard about that are very expensive and gyms he knows that are $25,000 A YEAR!! We kissed one last time and off he went.

I admit I feel very invigorated, like I just got off a roller coaster. So he got me on the quickie thing; sometimes you just gotta say yes.

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