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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

More Quick

Yesterday after work was another quickie-- barely ten minutes from flaccid to spewing hot lava down the throat of a very handsome, if somewhat overmanicured-- bear-type guy. But now I fancy myself a modern-day Johnny Appleseed, spreading my seed far and wide across the South, delivering semen to parched throats and assholes everywhere. Sometimes it *is* fun just knowing you're cumming in as many dudes as possible-- especially when they look like this dude.

He did have a bit more flab around the middle than I like-- you can sort of tell he used to be much heavier. But when I got to his place-- he greeted me at the door naked and already erect and slicked up with lube--  I kissed him and looked in his very symmetrical, tanned face, with its dark eyebrows, black stubble, full lips, and glittering eyes, and sighed, "why don't you have more time??" He smiled and led me upstairs. His back was exactly as hairy as his front, but much more closely trimmed. His ass was very cute. His dick was very small and thin but hard as a rock and it only made mine look bigger and meatier in comparison once his expert sucking got me engorged with blood and ready to spurt. I did manage to wrestle him onto his back on the bed and grind my pelvis into his, sucking furiously on his lips and then hosting his face and staring hungrily into his eyes. "Feel good?" He asked, knowing full well the answer. My face melted into a pleasure-drugged smile and I said "Can I eat your ass?" He shook his head. "This has to be fast," he had to be at work in a half an hour. "We'll get between my legs and make me cum then," I said, resigned to the disappointment of watching this beauty make me shoot my semen into him in the next two minutes. He did as told, and despite feeling rushed I was climaxing almost right away cuz he was so fucking beautiful.

I trust he had a great night at work, fortified in his belly with my manly emission. But now all I can think about is long, slow, velvety, slick, sweaty, entangled fucking that leaves a little body soaked with all the sexual fluid my nuts can produce. Who will it be?


  1. You fuck like a stud, cum huge loads, and are naturally aggressive. Do you really want to open the floodgates with applicants? Oh, wait. Why am I saying it like a bad thing? I wouldn't mind wading through a deluge of offers (of people that won't flake)... Ha!

    1. Heh I didn't mean to phrase it like "OK BOYS WHO WANTS MY DICK NEXT" but I guess it did come out like that. I just meant, "who will I be plowing next oh gosh I wonder can't wait". But thanks for the vote of confidence!