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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


This week, for work and to visit some friends, I'm in Washington, DC-- the semen ingesting capital of the world, I think. There are about 15 times more people, literally, in NYC, but there are about 10 times as many dudes *here* who are crazy to get their orifices crammed with cock and cum. BBRT is a sleepy hamlet always full of the same half-animated tweakers in NYC, but in DC it seems to be a bustling bazaar of horny flesh. So I'm hoping to make the most of it and fuck my load out wherever I can. Yesterday I had the opportunity, in the hour between finishing up work and needing to run up to Silver Spring to visit an old friend, to get my rocks off. One of the zillions of cum-vampires who hit me up as soon as I appeared here in town turned out to be about three blocks from the coffee shop I was working in. There was little negotiation required-- I told him I had about 45 minutes to load him up with hot thick cum, he said hell yes and told me where he was, I said I'd be there in five minutes, and within ten I had him pinned on the bed with my tongue down his throat. His pictures, I think, were fake. His body was pretty slender (actually a bit too slender for me, truth be told) and his face a little pretty in the pictures, but in person he was cubbish, and had much thicker features, much manlier. I preferred him in person-- he was extremely handsome, with swarthy skin, heavy stubble, dark eyebrows, thick meaty lips, very straight handsome nose, slightly middle eastern features, jet black hair. He was not perfectly built but he had that magic ingredient that made him extremely sexy; I'm getting a boner the next day just thinking about how it felt to suck on his lips, inhale his scent, have my face next to one so radiantly manly and handsome. I didn't mind the fake pix at all. More than anything I regretted that I only had a limited amount of time to bone him. I fucking love looking into a handsome face while I bury my bone up to the balls in a guy like that. I fuckin live for getting my dick in handsome dudes like this.

We did a lot of kissing and he sucked my dick pretty nice, but I basically just wanted to get my dick in him before I could get overexcited and not last inside him. He was very passionate which heightened the excitement-- when I hovered over him with my dick pressed against his, he wrapped his limbs around my body hard, kissing me intensely, and saying, "Lay one me, give it all to me, put all your weight on me, give it all to me," and clutched at the hair on my back. I pushed my weight down on him and his whole body shuddered at the primal pleasure of having a top on him. Having a time limit always messes with my head a bit sexually, so while it was a turn-on to be so desperately wanted by a bottom like this, I was having trouble getting hard enough to enter him. So I disengaged, flipped him over, and stuck my face in his ass. It wasn't the best ass in the world but he had a beautiful set of balls hanging down there-- very big, very full firm scrotum, awesome wiry hairy all over them, just two sweet fruits to lick and suck. Running my beard up and down his gooch had him writhing with pleasure, real pleasure. He was a guy who really loved his own hole. I stuck my tongue in him, and my thumb, and he just wanted more and more. This definitely got my dick ramrod hard, so I brought it up to his face for him to suck on. Beautiful face, beautiful handsome man all full of my dick in his mouth. Beautiful. Too exciting, almost made me want to cum, so I pulled out of him, kissed his meaty mouth some more, and then flipped him on his back. He pulled his legs way back to expose his hole to me, and my dick was throbbing and oozing and ready, so I slicked it up and pressed.

He was too tight. I managed to finally work my fat choad in but we needed more than spit. I asked for lube, somehow he found it on the bedside table with his legs still planted behind his ears, and I took the bottle, greased up my fuckstick, and put it back down there, and slid right in. All the way up to the hilt! "Fuck, that's nice, " I said. His hole was fucking amazing. So warm inside, so warm along my whole length.

I fucked him slow, because as soon as I felt his body head I wanted to spooge in him. He just lay there with utter bliss spread across his face. I drilled him as hard as I could for as long as I could between rests, but I just couldn't hold back. Just looking at his brow, his stubble, the shape of his chin, all that inky black hair, made me a big bundle of ejaculatory need. I kept fighting it, but it kept welling up in me, so finally I just whined, "I gotta cum man, I gotta fuck the cum outta me, I gotta go," and he said "Go, go, cum in me," and I grabbed up his ass, held his hindquarters like a watermelon in both hands, and rammed my fuckstick him. His whole body bounced from the force of my thrusts and he just sighed and sighed and his whole face went slack with bottomy fulfillment, and all the cum squirted out of me and deep into him. I rammed him into the mattress; his feet were behind his head and were actually banging into the wall. This is all much less elegant and more animalistic than my fucks usually are, but again-- that face, that fucking face. As I came harder and harder my mouth hung open, slack with awe at the pleasure he was giving me, and everything went misty and red, and one of the last things I saw was a long, viscous rope of drool pouring over my bottom lip and threading its way down to his face. I couldn't even control it. His eyes were open, and he saw it…

…and he just opened his mouth and it ran from my mouth into his and he swallowed my fucking moronic top drool while I was mindlessly ejaculating my huge salty load into his guts!

I felt like I was just cumming all over again. What a beautiful boy. He took it all, happily. I finally slurped to make it stop and just let my dick keep squirting down below.

This orgasm just made me laugh, and he did too, and it made my slimy dick pop right out of him. But he was reaching down to jack his cock and get off too, and I like it when a bottom is so hot he wants to cum also. So I kept humping my body against his, kissing him roughly, swabbing the inside of his mouth with my tongue. I pulled back to look at him, and with one hand found his asshole, open and gooey from my pleasure, and stuck my middle finger into him and pressed up against his gland. He winced with deep, deep pleasure and said, "Put your tongue in my mouth again, shove it in my mouth again like you did," and I felt my dick buzz between my legs while I did as he wished. Beautiful bottom boy, so full of easily fulfilled need. I gave him everything he needed and he sucked hard on my tongue like it was a new kind of dick, and I felt hot jets of cum, hot from the heat of his swarthy body, splatting all along my flank. He came forcefully and copiously. Normally squeamish about having dudes cum on me, I was happy to touch the nut-slime of such a handsome kid. What is it about a beautiful guy that makes his cum so desirable? I let him cum all over me.

We laughed again, and kissed some more, and then he said, "Let me get you a towel." He came back with a hand towel, but I figured, I couldn't very well go up to Silver Spring slathered with this dude's scum. So I took a shower in his (admittedly rather filthy) bathroom, and quickly got myself together. I was leaving about 15 minutes late to meet my friend as it was. But I felt that radical elation that comes from finding a good looking dude, fucking him, ejaculating freely inside him, and I guess added to that, losing control of my own salivary glands and having him cheerfully gulp it down. We said our goodbyes, I went out into the beautiful afternoon and ran to catch my train.

I will never get enough handsome men… never. Gimme more!


  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again...you are one sexy fucker!