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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Morning Juice

Just a quick post for completeness' sake: Early yesterday morning I squirted another nine or ten jets of my salty, acrid reproductive fluid down the eager gullet of, and into the belly of, yet another verrrry cute Latin kid down in DC.

I had a long week there of work, socializing, and being prick-teased by all manner of dudes every day all day-- including one Filipino dude with a smokin body who I made out with for an hour and dry humped in 1999. I thought I was finally going to get to juice him up but he flaked, they all flaked! I had gotten truly disgusted by the end of the week and was just focusing on having fun with the friend I was staying with. But Saturday I woke up too early, at 630, and couldn't fall asleep, so I checked out adam4adam. And I was hit up by a truly adorable hairy Latin guy not too far away, who claimed he was a top. "But I love swallowing a big load and like getting fucked sometimes." His ass looked fantastic for eating and seeding. I figured I could forego the online negotiation of raw or not and just try my luck-- I got a ton of raw ass in dc by simply never asking, and putting it in, and being met with enthusiastic non-resistance. So I ran out in the direction I thought he was in before I even got his exact address. He said his roommate would be home at 9 so I didn't want to be rushed.

Well, I had the quadrant wrong. I would need to drive. I ran back to my car but lost maybe fifteen minutes. I got to his place and he looked fantastic. But I knew fucking was now out of the question-- things were too rushed. I couldn't even get hard from watching this kid suck on my meat. So I ate his huge meaty hairy ass till my bone was hard-- he loved it and it was fun-- and then flipped him on his back and fucked his face. He greedily accepted my thrusts and sucked hard on my dickhead with every out stroke. "Slow down man, or you're gonna make me cum," I warned, but all that did was excite him more. He sucked HARD and I kept slamming into his face and then I was shooting like a motherfucker. I surprised myself with the intensity of the shots; it all happened so quick. He kept sucking my dickhead HARD and it was too much. I pulled out and finished my orgasm in my hand while he stared up at me with his beautiful eyes. "Youre so fucking CUTE," I moaned with my slimy dick in my hand, and I felt myself start to cum again. I closed my eyes, tilted back my head, and fisted my sweet meaty cock roughly, and felt more cum rush into my ducts, and heard the kid say, deadpan but amazed, "You mean there's more?" And I nodded and put my dick in his face and he took me back in his mouth and I pulsed some more dribbles into him.

Ahhhhhh I love to ejaculate.

And I laughed heartily and fell back on the bed. He wiped his mouth and said "Thanks for feeding me breakfast!"

I love providing my semen to dudes.

He was chatty and friendly and cute and really liked my watch. I was back home in maybe thirty minutes. "That was quick!" my friend said when I walked back in. And it was.  I don't like quickies but it did feel good!

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