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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Old Buddies

You can imagine the condition of my testicles after yesterday's aborted blowjob. Today when I went to piss I could barely even stop the stream, seemed like; my prostate and cumtubes must have been overflowing with seminal fluid from being teased like that with no release, and I felt like squeezing the muscles down there was agony. I had serious bluebells. But it was another day of urgent work issues. I knew that the big strapping crazy-handsome dude I unexpectedly stuck my bare dick in last December was going to be in town; he hit me up last night saying he would be free this morning and into early afternoon, but early on I had to tell him it wasn't going to work out given all I had to do. He had repeatedly told me he was on PrEP and was "available for breeding" and I know he was hot for what I had to give. It was hard to turn him down but he was cool about it; I said later was a possibility but I Knew he had somewhere to be at 7, and anyway I couldn't imagine him waiting around all day for a chance to be ejaculated in by the likes of me, when NYC is crawling with thousands of hotter dudes who will cheerfully juice up a dude like him. But as the end of the day approached, my partner had to go to work for a few hours, and I had finished the urgent work I needed to do, so I texted him, "Too late for today?" He instantly replied: "Are you home?" I told him I was. He asked how long I had free. I reminded him of his thing at 7. He just said, "I'm getting on the train." Wow! It is rather humbling to be wanted that bad by someone like him. But this is my life, so about ten minutes later he tells me the stupid subway to my stupid neighborhood was stupid and broken as usual, with no trains going to Brooklyn. I asked him if we should try a different day, and he said he didn't have a *hard* deadline at 7. And then he said he would take a cab. Crikey! We sexted a bunch as he crept over the bridge and through the south part of my neighborhood, and then he appeared at my door and I said, "Welcome. Let's go have sex." He bowed graciously and followed me to the second bedroom, where we have a mattress on the floor away from all the construction dust in the other rooms. And we proceeded to get it on.

I'd forgotten how nicely he kisses, how hard being near this big hot dude could make me, and, most importantly, how sensitive his nips are! I wish all guys had these. It's like a dude has two whole other mini-dicks on his chest, except that they elicit even more response than the real dick does. We stood by the mattress making out and I pulled on his nip and he jolted and moaned and clutched my body, hard. The harder I pulled and twisted the more out of control he got. Beautiful!

Finally I undid the drawstring of my cotton athletic shorts theatrically, pulled down the thick jersey fabric to reveal my jewels, and said, "On your knees." And this big majestic dude got down in front of me, bowed his head, and slurped my most sensitive part between his teeth, and submitted himself completely to my manhood. I pulled off his shirt and then mine, and as he sucked me, I reached down for those nips, and it made him want to press his face flat against my pubes and balls, taking all the inches I had on offer into himself, and he clawed at my back, actually pulling hard on my back hair-- it actually rather hurt. But I got the message-- to tell me how much pleasure he felt, the only way to be truthful, was to cause a jolt of pain. "I like it SO," that kind of touch says. "I need it SO MUCH. FEEL how much I FEEL." I felt it, and it made my dick hard as a rock.

We retired to the mattress and I got on top of him, chewing away at his chest while he yelped and seized and dug his fingers into my hairy thighs. My dick was poking gently at his asshole. He gasped and gasped like he couldn't breathe, and then said very clearly, "Your dick is teasing my hole, oh God." And I smirked and nodded with a mouth full of nipple, and closed my eyes and continued to take possession of his self-control. The words left him again and he was reduced once more to animalistic grunts, and I just said unctuously around his pec muscle, "I like it… I like it." And he yelped, "Aeh! Aeh! Aeh!"

I flipped him over and ate his massive ass out a bit. It was really just kinda too big for me. His nuts were huge and hard, like boulders in his scrotum. I did enjoy licking and sucking those between trips to his asshole. Then I assumed position and stuck my dick between the big cheeks and gently pushed. He was warm and slick, but he jolted painfully even with the slightest pressure, and pushed me away. I figured I needed to ease into him a bit slower-- rereading my old post, I realized this was an issue before-- but given how full my nuts were, I started getting a little overstimulated, and my dick chose that moment to deflate a bit. So I lay back again and commanded him to suck me some more. I could tell he didn't want to, he was ready to be studded and inseminated, but I had to get a super hard boner back. He eventually clambered back up to me and that handsome face was back in my groin, so hungry, so genuinely full of desire for my meat. He sucked so expertly, so good, I was getting harder and harder, I was almost straight and rigid again, almost ready to flip him back and drill him good--

--and I came. My nuts were all, "Fuck this shit, you mistreat us so, we're over it and over you and we like this throat so we're letting go right here." I said "N-n-noo ah nooooooo" and he pulled off and I said "Wait wait wait wait wait" and he hung there in anticipation, looking at my meat and looking at my twisted face, and for a minute I thought I could make those testicles submit to my will once more, but who ever won an argument with a testicle? They burst with hormones that completely bypassed my brain and went straight to the base of my spine, a few inches away, and commanded my hand to jerk my dick like the master of a marionette, and my hand obeyed, and my nuts gave me a raspberry as they opened the floodgates to all my tubes and ducts. I had to cum. "FUUUUUUUUCK" I said with real disgust, "JUST TAKE IT JUST TAKE IT" and he knew it was over so he hungrily impaled his face on my again and just let my dick rain salty, acrid fluid on the back of his throat. I pulsed into him about four or five times and he began to pull away and I pushed his head back on me, "Noooooo still cummin" and his eyes opened wide and he moved back down and I feebly pushed out two or three more squirts into him. He felt my squirting subside and his body began to relax some, he sank down to the mattress, let his head rest on my thigh, and cuddled up to me a bit, still with my dick snaking down his throat. I immediately lost the erection I had and went rubbery and soft, my dick sulking away and going back to sleep from exhaustion. He made small satisfied grunts and kept sucking me lightly. And then he let go of me, climbed over me with that massive body, and kissed my face. I apologized profusely, but he said, "No, it was good, that was a lot of cum." And he lay beside me and we held each other; he was covered with a film of sweat and kept grunting small happy grunts. We talked idly about the event he was in town for, and my endless bathroom renovation. I asked if he wanted a shower, and he smacked his lips a bit-- I could smell a strong x-rated-bookstore smell on his breath, it was rather rank from my manly emissions-- and looked at me with twinkling eyes, saying nothing. "Ah! You need a glass of water," I said, suddenly semi-intelligent. He nodded and smiled, and I got him some. And showed him the half-completed bathrooms beginning to take place under all the endless construction dust and debris. He liked it, and compared the floor tile to some tattoos he had on his biceps. Amusing.

He's a great guy. I asked if he wanted me to chip in for the cab, but he said it was cool. I made sure the train was running OK before he left, and we noticed he wouldn't even be late for his event. We'd barely been together half an hour, but I know I was fully satisfied. He mentioned he'd be around till Tuesday morning. I know he still wants a load planted inside him. I wish I'd been able to give it to him, but I should have known better than to expect to properly fuck a tight ass like his after going a week without cumming and then being prickteased by a drug addict the night before. Ah well! He's a good midwestern guy. I'm grateful for his services.

God, I feel ten pounds lighter after getting rid of that load!


  1. When I read "--and I came. " I went: "oh, COME ON! THE FUCK MAN!"

    Damn that was real funny. But I'm glad everything worked out for you.

    1. The nuts are gonna do what the nuts are gonna do. Especially after making them go a week without unloading. Even if I'm just being swallowed… there is that satisfaction in knowing my semen is inside another dude now, and not inside me.