web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: Compact

Saturday, May 31, 2014


Just sweated all over and spurted deep inside a nerdy-handsome, beautifully compact/muscular slightly hairy dude with a fat dick and one of those asses that reduces a top like me to a useless gibbering, licking, thrusting, squirting imbecile. And I thought he was standing me up-- we both expected he would be here in 30/40 minutes, coming from the Upper West Side, but it had been well over an hour, and I was about five minutes away from getting annoyed and this close to going to Tribeca to fuck a little bottom I plowed a couple years ago who doesn't seem to remember who I am (always charming). But then I suddenly got a text from the Compact Bottom saying he was off the train, which had been greatly delayed, and now I feel like a very lucky, sated top indeed.

I am not sure most people would find him handsome, but he really did it for me-- I liked his narrow face, prominent chin, big nose, and almost intimidating eagle-eyes. His body was just fantastic. I've fucked some amazing bodybuilder-type bodies, but when someone just naturally has it all-- shoulder/waist proportion, broad thick shoulders, pant-straining thighs, very cute round caboose, strong neck, big hands-- it trumps anything hormones, steroids, and hours at the gym can do. When he came in my head spun a little, and I was worried he wouldn't be into me, but he accepted my offer of some water, said it was a gorgeous day outside, and just before he quaffed the water, looked at me and said with his rather soft, intelligent, forceful voice, "Looks like it's going to be a beautiful day inside, too." And he drank, and I smiled and did an aw-shucks shuffle with my feet, and said, "It's gonna be beautiful inside for me, anyway." This was received as witty rather than idiotic, so I moved closer, put my hands on his belly, and leaned in for the kiss. And he was a nice kisser, the kind whose lips feel really alive, whose lips promise an explosive orgasm, and we moved closer, and wrapped ourselves around each other, and it was on.

My dick swelled very quickly inside my pants and his hands found it and the sheer excitement was plain in his body-- his spine slackened, he exhaled quickly, his skin felt more electric and he must have instantly emitted some invisible, scentless pheromone that my nose picked up like a hunting dogs, because I suddenly felt lit on fire with the desire to be on top of him. I led him back to the bedroom and groped his fantastic, meaty body, grazing his nipples with my hand as an exploratory measure, and I found the buried treasure. He turned his body aside to give me better access to his chest, slackened again and sighed sharply, and accepted more pleasure, feeling my cylinder of meat lengthen and thicken all the while in my shorts. I couldn't fight the urgency his attractiveness was awakening in me-- this kind of guy was just built for a top like me to very slowly enjoy, but something in me kept pushing and pushing things closer to the moment when I would be inseminating his body deeply, much too fast. I fought it as best I could, but quickly found myself ordering him to his knees and unbuttoning my fly and releasing my tool, which slowly made its way around the fabric and bounced out into his face.

He was in hog heaven and I could barely see, it was so exciting. But he had somehow worked his shorts down and was fisting his own tool while he gulped down mine over and over. It felt good, but again I kept pushing, pushing. So I lifted him up, kissed him some more-- sex oozed through our lips, in our saliva, I held the back of his head and bit his neck and was just an intense urgent bundle of WANT, and I pushed him over onto the bed, where he displayed his full body, the muscular back with that deep masculine channel running down the back, gleaning in the dim light. Lightly hairy ass that makes me want to cry just picturing it.

I could have spent all day eating it, and when I reached up under his body to flick his nipples while I tried to force my tongue into his (admittedly very tight) hole, he seemed like he would take off into orbit. And I wanted to spend more time, more time-- but whatever it was kept pushing and pushing, and then I was on top of him, thrusting my meat into his own even fatter, beautiful tubesteak, artificially inflated with a cockring but just a beautiful sight alongside my own. We both felt amazing. But pushing, pushing. I ate his ass some more, and moved into a 69 position, and we fucked our dicks into each other's mouths at exactly the same rhythm-- somehow I don't think this has ever happened, but he matched my thrusts perfectly and my pleasure spiraled, thinking this was the ultimate in gay sex: beautiful cocks thrusting into each other with the same force, the same tempo, the same length, the closest we can get to fucking each other simultaneously, enjoying each other's manhood in perfect synch. And he loved it, too; up till this point it seemed he liked more attention paid to his ass than his dick. When I would suck it on the round trip from ass-mounds to hole to gooch to balls and so on, it almost seemed to shrivel a bit-- and I think I am a pretty good cocksucker. But in this position, bodies aligned, fucking each other, I felt his thick meaty unit grow rock-hard on my tongue, which only made my ooze precum like a fountain, seemed like. Beautiful.

But not enough. I ate his ass a bit more, slicked up with lube because I knew there was no way I could get in there naturally, and he positioned himself like an animal in lordosis: head buried in the bedclothes, arms and fingers splayed in anticipation of being run through with a fuckbone, ass held high, spine reverse-arched in a primal sign of submission to pleasure. I pushed and was resisted and pushed more and suddenly sunk in all the way and almost lost my mind. He was very tight, which often makes me lose my erection a bit, so I fucked him best I could to loosen him up, but knew I had to pull out and harden myself up a bit more for this ass. When my dickhead slid out it pulled with it an obscenely thick gob of his inner lubricant, a gooey slightly yellowy substance, no scent, very slippery. I've seen it before but not this kind of quantity-- it was a little horrifying. But I swiped it away, and put it on my dick, and it was a beautiful lube, nature's best, viscous and slippery and warm, and then I dove back into his ass. He instantly cried out from the contrast of deep hard meat and velvety slick tongue on his hole, and he pushed back into me and yelped, wrapped his calves back around my body tightly to pull me in, rubbed his dick down in my chest hair, and dilated to accept my tongue deeply. "FUCK YEAH take my tongue man," I brilliantly quipped, and then plunged it back into him. This had to be the cleanest dude ever, despite the copious ooze he was making involuntarily to slick up my passage inside him. It took no time at all to feel my dick get ramrod hard again, oozing its own contrasting lubricant from my cumhole, clear and sweet and slippery, so I mounted him again and sunk back in, and rode him hard. He loved it and I loved it.

More ass eating. I just wanted to live with my face in his hindquarters. But still that pushing to the goal-- I couldn't just let myself enjoy him, even though at this point he seemed like the perfect bottom, if a little on the tight side. I ordered him onto his back, and he said, "God I want to feel that hard dick inside me again," and there it was in him again. I had to grasp his ankles and calves to position his hole for optimal plowing, and even from this angle his ass cheeks were beautifully shaped, just made by God to accept my thick staff, and I pushed his legs back as far as I could and rammed into him and said "This is so beautiful, God, look at this," and he just said "fuck me fuck me fuck me" and then I whimpered, "I gotta cum, I can't hold back," and a steady stream of encouragement and whimpering of his own came from his mouth, I couldn't even parse it, my brain was a pulsing red blob and I was impregnating him with all of my cum, hard, deep, and way too fast. And then he was cumming too, white pearls of goo dripping from the end of his dick onto his hairy belly. He was talking about my throbbing, my pulsing, feeling my sperm deep inside him when he shot, the incoherent babbling of a bottom perfectly satisfied by his top. We stayed like that for a minute or so, a heaving mass of sweaty, slick flesh contorted on the bed, with tab A firmly stuck inside tab B. I pulled out but he was clamping down on my pretty hard; I had to strain the muscles between my legs to harden and swell my dick as much as possible to let it slide past his iron sphincter. And then we were done.

I think this all was over in maybe 35 minutes, from kiss to disengagement. I should still be fucking him. But I just couldn't last in someone like that.

He got dressed and we talked a bit about work, and where he might move to. He marveled at the size of my apartment, saying "Why do I live in Manhattan?" and we talked a bit about Brooklyn and his roommate situation. I was already feeling a little regret that it was over so soon, despite my deep feeling of calm and satisfaction. We hugged and he kissed my neck and took my load with him out into the bright day; who knows where it is now, but I hope he keeps me in him for good. If I can't have my dick in his sweet compact body all day because I was too greedy about feeling it all so quick, I can at least have the satisfaction of knowing that my secret sexual fluid is still there with him, wherever he is, an integral part of him now. I've made my mark. I'm still inside him.


  1. CT --

    You paint such vivid pictures. I just wonder why you didn't have him stay around for round two! I would have at least asked. You know, I always ask -- that way, if I don't get what I want, at least it won't be because I didn't ask!

    It seems like you keep getting together with hotter and hotter guys! You go, boy!

    Paul, NYC

    1. Thanks, Paul! Sex is such an intense force in my life… I can't help but put it down in words. I'm never really up for second rounds with random partners, somehow… It is a different story when romance is involved, but for these encounters the one round is the full story. Only a few casual partners captivate me for more, like Ultra Meat and the Handsome German. And there are so many kinds of handsome men out there, I feel like I will never run out of guys to be hot for. Thanks for reading, glad you enjoy.