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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ruled By My Sex

I just got out of the shower to wash off the sticky, sweaty residue from a deep, satisfying fuck with a kid half my age that I really wasn't all that attracted to-- 27, blond, angelic, a little goofy looking, from Texas-- but he had the nice tight little body of a Pilates instructor, the sweet rounded ass cheeks of a dancer, and a long fat prick that was hard as soon as he tasted my meat and stayed straight and solid as a bone the entire time I plowed him. This is the kind of fuck I dream about with guys who are more my type, but so rarely seem to find. He had replied to a Craigslist ad I put up that got a trickle of replies, and then aggressively hit me up on Grindr. None of his pics were too intriguing except the body shot, showing the tight belly, the very light dusting of body hair, and a decent caboose. My brain stem and testicles were pretty much in charge of me today, pretty much dictating that I *had* to fuck and spread my seed come hell or high water, so given his good attitude, thin midsection, and deep desire for the liquid contents of my scrotum to be squirted inside him, I invited him over. He didn't look much more my type in person, but once he was spread out between my thighs, showing off those thick muscular legs and that creamy pair of ass-mounds, it was all over, and I was soon buried in him up to my hairy, cum-swollen nuts, and loving it.

When he got here he clearly didn't want to make out or anything. He looked at my bedroom-- still completely wrecked with the a nightmare bathroom renovation that will never, ever end-- and with a rather unconvinced voice asked, "Are we going to do it here?" and I mumbled some affirmative things, feeling a little embarrassed, and then he said, "Well then let's get to it," and eyed my groin while he got with almost hilarious alacrity to his knees. I balked at being treated like such a piece of meat-- at least kiss me, dude!-- but the brain stem and the testicles conferred briefly and ordered my feet to stay planted on the floor and my hand to unbutton my shorts and free my genitals. He lunged for them and began sucking away. I was not sure any of this was going to work for me-- the curly blond hair, the tattoos on the knuckles, the sweaty film covering him from trotting over here-- but again the brain stem and the testicles ignored my pitiful cogitations and ordered my dick to engorge with blood and ooze precum. Seeing the hottest dudes I've ever been with sucking on my dick never got me hard as fast as this did situation did today. With amazement I watched my dick grow fatter and longer every time it slid off his tongue. His technique was full of teeth and hands and yet my bone steadily grew to regulation fuck-ready width and length. My body was going to FUCK and I was going to LIKE it and that was THAT.

I pulled off my shirt, got on the bed, and decided to relax and enjoy the ride. "Take off your shorts," I barked, and he said, "Yes SIR!" as he kept saying from the beginning online (something that always makes me feel more like Peppermint Patty than a drill sergeant, but OK), and scrambled up between my legs to get close to my spit-slicked sausage again. He sucked me with his ass hiked theatrically in the air, but again I barked at him, "Lay down flat on the bed," and he looked at me with shy eyes, both curious about and turned on by my sudden gruffness, but he slid his knees along the bedclothes until he was flat, and that's when those gleaming fuck-mountains peeked into view, and that's when I realized maybe I should listen to my brain stem and testicles more often. He stared at me with his doll-like big blue eyes while he slobbered on my knob, and I said, "It tastes good, doesn't it?" He nodded and I continued, "Make me feel good, and get me really hard, and I will fuck you. Feel my nuts?" He felt my nuts. "You keep making me feel good, and they'll make lots of cum for you. They'll swell with cum and I'll fuck you and shoot it all inside you." He fondled them more vigorously while he luxuriated in my fat oozing choad. "I want your cum, Sir!" he said with great joy in his voice at this silly act. "Your dick is so hard! I can't wait till you fuck me! I want you to flood me with cum!" My dick was indeed amazingly hard.

The head was effective but not very pleasurable, so I started to sit up. He began to follow me, but I barked, "Stay just like you are," and he got back flat on the bed, with his head in the sheets, and I walked around the end of the bed to inspect his hindquarters.


Shape as iconic as McDonalds' arches, the logo of the eminently fuckable bottom. Light dusting of hair between extremely creamy, smooth globes of taut flesh begging to be licked and chewed. A rough hairy gooch bulging obscenely between his glutes, suggesting he had a huge, fat dick-- only fat long dicks have buried roots that protrude that beautifully. Thick thighs swelling and stretching beautifully away from the scene, like runway lines leading you to the sweet hole you're going to slide your meat in. My face was buried in this wonderland of man-ass faster than Chris Christie's in a pile of cheeseburgers. He  murmured his appreciation of my technique and reached down to arrange his dick just so while I ate him, and with my eyes still closed so I could enjoy this rear-end delectation, I let my fingers slide along his thigh and down to the bed to feel what he had put there for me.

He had a very nice, big dick. Harder even than mine, as only a 27 year-old's dick can get. Very straight, tapered at the end, smaller dickhead than I find ideal, but bulging with beautiful veins and a good inch longer than mine. I could feel every bump and ridge all around the fat cumtube with eyes closed, like it was a form of penile braille. Grasping this dong, I licked and probed and chewed away at his rear, thrilled with this new toy. He hiked his butt into my face and moaned when I rubbed my (currently very full) beard along the length of his tubesteak.

"God that feels good," he said, for once not acting like a cum-crazy pussyboi and stating an honest appreciation of something maybe he didn't expect. I wanted to just keep eating, but again possessed by my baser control centers, I found myself on my feet, leaning over him, aiming my engorged dickhead at his hole, crouching over him, a bit from the side for leverage and so I could see what I was doing, and letting it sink into the blond kid all the way, inch by inch by inch by inch, until my pubes bumped into his asscheek.

"Ooooooh yeah," he said, "No lube!" I said, "Attaboy. Just you and me. Your juice, my spit, my precum, natural fuck, just you and me." He sighed. Beautiful.

And basically for the next 45 minutes I rode his motherfucking ass like we were going somewhere. I was pretty close to cumming the instant I felt his body heat all along the length of my sex-- there is just no substitute for that feeling. But I held back, and found ways to fuck him slowly but forcefully. But I kept having to pull out and eat him more, to give my poor dick time to get used to the pleasure. His hole grew saltier and brinier as I fucked him-- the best bottoms lubricate themselves with this stuff that just makes my dick slide in easier and easier, feels creamier and creamier, but is perfectly clear and has no scent. The taste is unmistakable, though. You can't fake that. My bottom was lubricating for me so I could fuck him as long and as deep as I wanted. And I wanted. So I fucked.

"It's a shame you can't see this," I sighed at one point, watching my dick piston out from between his platonically perfect cheeks for the millionth time, revealing the fat shiny flaring dickhead that has all the good nerves… then plunging it back in. "I have my phone, you could film it," he said. I wanted to. "You could film yourself shooting all over my hole and then pushing back into me to fuck the rest of the cum in." I really wanted to. But I kept fucking. I didn't want any distraction. He grew quiet again, and when I said I felt too good, he said, "Don't cum, keep fucking me, I don't want you to stop." Music to my ears. I soldiered on. We were soaked with sweat. I chewed his neck while I fucked my rod down into his prostate. Then I pulled out, asked him if he would suck my dick some more, and he didn't flinch; he lay back and said, "Finger my ass while I suck you," and I did, fucking him with my fingers while I fucked his skull with my cock, and then I was on top of him again, and he hiked his legs way back, and then my dick slid into him again-- "You have awesome aim" he said as I guided it into him with just my hips-- and then it was all over. Holding his little body, feeling his hips, his thick thighs, putting my weight on his shoulders while I pounded my body into his, all the while plugging up his hole with my prick-- it was too much. "I'm gonna cum!" I cried out, then inexplicably pulled out and jizzed all over his body. "Noooooo" he said, scrambling for my dick, wresting it from my hand, and putting it back at his hole. I flopped around like a Furby with a short in it, spewing all over the place, but finally had enough presence of mind to get my dick back in him for the last two or three spurts-- suddenly I guess my aim was not-so-good any more. But as I came to and felt my orgasm fade inside his body, I saw sticky threads of goo running from his own dick to his belly to mingle with mine. He had cum too, while I was still pulsing inside him.

Good fuck!

But we were gross. His ass was smeared with spit, mucoid secretions, cum, sweat. My hair was probably all over the place. I led him to the shower and gave him a clean towel and paced the floor while he showered, coming down from this extremely intense, athletic fuck. My heart was pounding, my mind was racing, and I felt pretty awesome. A true sexual high.

We talked a bit about apartments and such, the obvious topic, while he got dressed and drank the water I offered. Then he left, carefully avoiding the kiss that landed on his neck, and took my last few spurts of cum out into the world. Later he texted me, saying "Yum thanks" and then "You can use my hole again for sure. Would like a vid of you unloading all over my hole then shoving it in deep." So I had clearly missed an opportunity. "I was kinda trying to do what you asked, but honestly I don't think too clearly when I'm ejaculating," I deadpanned, and he replied with that Emoji with the tongue out and the wink.

I dunno if I'll fuck him again. But I'm glad I did. I don't know why I can't have this with the most beautiful guys I fuck, but it's all good, I can't ask too much of the universe. I happily take what I can get, and what I get is pretty fuckin good.


  1. Great story! If you get together with him again, I volunteer to film the whole thing so you can concentrate on fucking and shooting all over his ass.

    Paul, NYC

  2. Thanks, Paul! I'll need a grip and a best boy, too, if we're going to do this right! We can forego the costume girl.

  3. Wow! A great fuck by a master top makes a great tale for a beautiful tail. I volunteer to help film the repeat, beauty and the beast. Then, too, I volunteer a myself. Thank you for another great entry.

    1. Thanks sc. Always happy to turn my readers on. Who knows, maybe our paths will cross online and you'll get to find out if my mastery is genuine or all hype!