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Friday, May 16, 2014

Magic Asshole

Yesterday, after being electrified by my experience with the beautiful lanky German, I just knew I had to fuck. My sex was alive and needed more expression. If only I could fuck everyone I saw online that I was attracted to… just snap my fingers and get it. But things didn't seem to be working out too well for me. Guys who had hit me up in the past saying they wanted my load SO BAD but the timing didn't work out were suddenly completely mute when I offered it to them today. Guys who said they wanted me to come fuck it into them NOW suddenly went silent when I asked where they lived. My exuberant libido was diminished by this nonsense and I focused on work instead. And then out of nowhere I got hit up on BBRT by a "mixed" black dude-- he looked pretty latino in the face, with a very prominent brow ridge that looked extremely manly to me. He just said, "So hot." His screen name offered a 9 inch dick (yawn; it was big but looked maybe 7 and a half to me-- which is still a really big dick, but geesh), and he unlocked pictures showing a tight little body with that magical V shape that wakes up my gonads. My balls immediately sent out their oily hormonal signals through my blood into my brain, saying, "Go get that. Pin it. Nail it. We want to inseminate that NOW." Unlike half the drug addicts on that site, who hit you up then wander off for hours or days, he replied pretty quickly, but told me he was out of unlocks for the day. He showed enough to know I wanted to fuck him, and things moved quickly to texts on our cells. He said he'd just gotten home from work and needed to shower, and he was a slow train ride away from me in Bed Stuy, but he was here about an hour later, after getting lost in the next neighborhood up and wandering around in the muggy air a bit. I opened the door and my heart sank a bit. He looked much scrawnier and nerdier than the pix standing in my doorway, and he was dressed miserably, in a dorky jacket and very unflattering jeans. I invited him in anyway, feeling bad about his trek, and offered him some water. We chatted a bit about how he'd recently moved to Brooklyn from Manhattan while he drank. He was shy and sweet, and I figured, well, he has a great attitude so let's see how he sucks dick. I led him back to the bedroom, and… let's just say, don't judge a cocksucking raw bottom by his jacket and jeans.

He kissed very nice but was soaking wet from being overdressed and walking too much. When I licked his neck, it was almost unbearably salty, but he shuddered from the sensation, so I kept it up. We kissed very languidly and sensually and despite my disappointment at having a wet, not-as-cute-as-picture nerd in my arms, I did feel my dick stir in my pants. Good sign. So I ordered him to his knees, shucked off my shorts, and whipped out my meat, and his face arranged itself into that mask of reverence that excellent cocksuckers get when faced wit ha dick to please, and he slowly moved in to taste me. Immediately I was hooked on him.

His mouth felt amazing, and much like the German cocksucker, he managed to suck me with not enough pressure but at the same time as making me hard as a rock and desperate for more. I cradled his head, with its stubbly chiseled jaw, while he gave my dick the most exquisite pleasure. Soon I was at full mast and he pulled me out of his mouth and dipped down between my legs to suck down my hairy, dangling nuts, letting my meat snake its way across his cheek and brow. He looked like he was nestled happily in a world of genitals, and I pressed my thick dick to his face so he could really feel a cocksucker's joy at being implanted in another dude's sex. I must admit my meat, with it's fat oozing dickhead and bulging blue veins slicked up with his spit, looked beautiful to me too. I love being a top. For longer than I might otherwise, I stood there just admiring my hard straight fuckstick, white and glistening, sliding in and out of his suddenly very handsome black face. I suppose every dude is more handsome when he's servicing my meat. I pulsed my dick in his mouth with the muscles between my legs, making my dickhead fatten and harden on his tongue, and he would moan a genuine moan of pleasure, his head slowly shaking back and forth as if to say "No, it can't be this good, I can't stop." This was gonna be good.

He could have made me cum just standing there, but I had to see what was under this misshapen clothes. So I pulled my dick out of him, moved over to the bed, and barked, "Take off your clothes." I pulled off my t-shirt, leaned back on the pillows, and watched him rather daintily undress. His arms were quite spindly, but when he pulled off his shirt, I saw that V shape that made my erection swell. He was not muscular in the least but he had a perfectly framed torso and an beautifully taut waist. He pulled off those hideous jeans and a pair of tight white briefs gleamed against his dark skin, giving me a sight of the ass which did not feel very impressive in my hands through his clothes but filled out those briefs mighty nicely… and in front, an obscene amount of fat meat swelled up his basket to the point of overflowng. He wavered there, looking at me, as if he needed my permission to take the briefs off, and I said, "Leave them on. I like to look at you in them." He smiled and seemed to grow an inch with confidence, and slowly crawled up between my legs, settling in between then, sucking in my meat, letting his body relax into the mattress, and sucked away more. In this position, his little body looked beautiful. The tiny waist and the big swelling buttocks below the wide tapering torso made my head spin.

Eventually I pulled the briefs off, and released his huge fat black uncut monster. It wasn't completely hard, but I put him on his back and arranged it just so and laid my own fat meat beside it, shorter and whiter but giving it a run for its money in thickness. His thighs were ample and beautifully swollen with muscles that had been completely hidden by his baggy pants, and his calves and ankles were thick and manly. I held them, stroked them, admired them, and then lay on top of him and he wrapped his body around mine and we moved together. I chewed his nips and felt his dick stir. I felt like I could cum any second. I held his buttock up to me and slipped a finger down near the hole…

…and almost jumped. He had amazing muscle control. I had slightly slicked up my finger to see how easy he was to poke, and as soon as I got to that sensitive skin at the opening, and probed ever so slightly, his asshole woke up like a sea anemone tickled by a clown fish, and somehow SUCKED MY FINGER RIGHT IN. And then let it out again. I probed more, and this hungry, magic asshole reverse-fucked my finger right into it. My dick almost popped right off my body. I roughly flipped him over, put my head down there-- he was so clean he almost smelled like strawberries-- and slowly dipped my tongue in. Again! He sucked my tongue into his hole! This was like some new, almost dangerous sex organ. I moved away from the vacuum of his hungry hole and licked his balls, his gooch, the skin between hairy dick root and thigh, that tendon that bottoms love licked, and he moaned and breathed very hard. He slowly hiked his ass into my face and I kept eating, holding his thighs and calves and feet, and every time I went back to that hole, the invitation was physical an plain. It just said, fuck the fuck out of me.

So I did. I hiked his hips up and he assumed doggy position, and I positioned my dickhead at the target, barely pushed even a hair, and that fucking insane asshole did its thing. With no help from me, no bucking hip, and really not even enough spit to ease the way, I felt a force pull my bone into his guts, a genuine sexual tractor beam. This sight and sensation was so new it made my dick harden to quartz inside him, and I mounted up higher and fucked my bone into his prostate with firm thrusts. His whole body liquefied under me and he just kept saying, "Yeah… yeah." It was so good I had to fuck very slowly, when I wanted to pound him into the mattress. I could feel his gland inside, every time my dickhead bumped into it. We were in heaven. I pressed myself to him, reached around, held that fat but now much thicker and harder tubesteak, pulled at his rough pubes, cradled his narrow hipbones, and dug into him over and over, willing myself against cumming. I slowed even more, pulled away a bit, gave him long deep strokes of my dick, admiring the while flesh appearing and disappearing from that fantastic asshole, every inch every inch every inch.

Suddenly things stopped smelling like strawberries.

The room was rather dim, with just a desk lamp on to the side. I didn't *see* anything, but as I fucked him, the sign that we should stop and clean up grew more and more urgent. Finally I pulled out slowly, saw the culprit, and touched his sweet ass gingerly, and softly said, "Stay right there, hold on a minute." He looked over his shoulder like a dog who peed on the couch. I ran my dick through a wad of paper towels, then ran to the kitchen sink-- we still don't have a single fully functioning bathroom in here with these stupid never ending renovations-- and put copious amounts of Mrs Meyer's Cleaning Day on my wang, lathered myself luxuriantly, and kept washing till it was sparkling and new (and newly lavender-scented). Despite this setback, the gentle scrubbing I gave my meat was a moment for quiet admiration of my beautiful tool. The soapy stroking was a new sensation and the warm water made it lengthen and sigh. I hoped the guy wouldn't freak out and want to leave. These things can be fixed. I needed to put this lovely dong back inside him. I needed to let my nuts gush inside him.

I called to him to take a shower, and when I was done with my dick I brought him a clean towel. He took a good while getting himself fixed up, while I got back in bed, opened my legs, put my hands behind my head, and waited for him to finish. He crept up the hallway and peeked at me through the door, very shy, with his hands around his dick like he didn't want me to see what I had just been rubbing up against and tugging on. "Do you want to finish, or are you too freaked out?" I asked nonchalantly, nodding towards my half-shriveled but still eager penis. He hung back, saying, "Well, it's up to you." "I'm sitting here ready," I said, hiking my hips up a bit, flexing my dick for him. "If you're cool, come get me hard again." He tiptoed in, gingerly picked his way on all fours over my body to kiss me, and suck on my chest and nuzzle in the hair there, but seemed very wary about sucking me again. But I made no movement except to open my thighs a bit more. He slowly moved his face down my hairy body to my bush, inhaled a bit, seemed satisfied with my new Mrs Meyer's Cleaning Day scent, and sucked my soft dick into his lips. Relieved, he sucked and sucked more, and I admired that thin sweet body, and he slowly got me back to fucking hardness. I flipped him on his back, gathered up two armfuls of thigh, slicked up my dick, and slid it back where it belonged. His feet twirled with happiness at being run through by another dude's fuckstick again, and this time, in case we had another mishap, I just rammed it home. I pushed his legs back with my arms, gripped his sweet tight torso on either side, pushed in him deep, chewed on his nips a bit (which drove him into orbit), then steadied myself on my extended arms and drilled myself into him, deep, hard, rhythmically, relentlessly. Everything in me wanted to slow down and savor it, but it was time to knock him up. Time to give him what he came for. Time to do my ultimate job as a top. Time to unload.

And there it was. I felt the orgasm rise, and I pushed in him deep and quit moving, to feel myself spurt against the walls of his ass, to let him feel the muscular throbbing of the dick he was submitting to. "Ooooooooh fuuuuuuck, papiiiiiiiiii," he said, when he felt me cumming inside him. His head rolled back and his mouth slacked open, and I saw that his bright white incisors were badly misaligned from that angle. Strange thing to register while you are ejaculating inside someone, but it was somehow appealing to me, like I saw something secret, and my hips began pounding against his ass again, to get the most out of the ebbing orgasm. I fucked all through the last pulses, and kept ramming him until I felt a small second orgasm uncoil from the base of my spine, and a few more feeble spurts of my reproductive fluid worked their way out of my body and into his. And I was done.

We both came to and looked at each other and smiled, and I pulsed my dick inside him as a little hello. He responded with a suck of that magic asshole. "That was good," I said, and I moved slightly to pull out my dick. But something inside was holding on to the ridge of my dickhead. "But I think I'm stuck here." He smiled and looked in my eyes with a happy, open expression, and I began to pull back harder, feeling my dick stretch because I was still so tightly lodged inside him. This felt perverted and animalistic. And then I popped out and my wet slimy dick waggled between my legs, jostling my balls. I hopped up and ran to the sink again, but everything was squeaky clean now.

Good fuck! God, it's good to fuck. "That was good!" I said again. He made an odd face, and said, "TOO good." But then we chatted a good bit as we got dressed about the differences between Manhattan and Brooklyn. He'd been living on the upper west side, but said, "If I'd known how all the action had moved to Brooklyn, I would never have even bothered moving to Manhattan." I don't think of Bed Stuy as a hot bed of any kind of action I can think of, so I think that says more about the Upper West Side than Brooklyn. I liked his demeanor so much, so quiet and shy but friendly. Men can give each other so much pleasure. It can be so good.


  1. " let's just say, don't judge a cocksucking raw bottom by his jacket and jeans."
    So true! Thanks for a great post!

  2. Oh, so nice. Wish I were him, to enjoy a furry, big-dicked top who enjoys it. Thank you.

  3. I'm sitting in a coffe shop admiring a handsome young man with a fine, full well-tended beard. And all I can think is "What Would CoolTop Do?"

    1. Sadly, I'd probably stare at him intently until he looked my way, then completely dissolve into a useless blob of insecurity and fear if he at all acknowledged my existence. I'm not much of an operator if the situation isn't blatantly sexual, I'm afraid. But fantasy CoolTop would definitely do some vague, irresistibly manly action which would fill the handsome bearded dude with desire for him and have handsome bearded dude full of cock and cum within an hour!