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Thursday, July 17, 2014


It's been a bit of a dry spell this week. As I watched my nuts swell daily with more and more of their unspent semen production, everything in my life seemed to conspire against getting any release. The weekend was happily busy with social activities and a nice road trip when my partner had an unexpected day off, so I was happy to go without an orgasm those days. Monday it seemed like half the I was cockblocked by my own lungs-- I don't know if it's allergies or an infection but they have been full of sticky mucus for days and I was so wiped out Monday I could barely get out of bed and slept most of the day. I would occasionally wake up to check work email and feebly look at all the apps and sites, where countless cute men wanted me to put my meat in them-- it was like a joke, I had more solicitations than ever and sex was the furthest thing from my mind. Tuesday it was an insane day of work that left my balls furiously undrained, beginning with urgent calls in the morning and then a relentless grind of putting out urgent fires. Then yesterday, all the interest from earlier in the week dried up-- I actually had a quieter day and the opportunity to do some nice fucking, and even what I thought was a sure thing with a guy who wants my cum but whose schedule never aligns with mine. But he had to work late, so I told him it probably wouldn't work; he was freeing up just as my partner would be getting home. Then my partner said he wanted to have dinner with some friends, so I told the sure thing, oh wow, I'm free after all-- and then I was cockblocked by HIS partner, who was flying home a day earlier unexpectedly. Another dude who wanted to get the cum out of my nuts was coy about having pix on Manhunt, and spoon-fed them to me in email; then I was cockblocked by yahoo, which did not deliver the face pic he sent for an hour, by which time I'd given up on the guy, thinking he was a pic collector. By this morning the cum was backing up into my brain… I just had to unload it, clear out the ducts. Enter the Cute, Good Kissin' Very Meaty Cocksucker!

He and I had been having a glacial, message-a-day conversation on Mister for about a week. His pictures showed a very burly, ultra-muscular dude with a small round head and dark, rough features what were also somehow, I dunno, boyishly cute. A little odd. He had the kind of body that intimidated me a bit, but he was very complimentary about my pictures, which I think are nothing to write home about, and told me he was "at my service", which are three of my favorite words. We talked about getting together Thursday (i.e. today) "at lunchtime" at his place in Astoria, a fairly short drive away for me, but I know how these things go; when you schedule something like a blowjob in advance it never happens. He had said my cumshots made it look like I would "drown" him if he swallowed me, but he would "try", and when I said I didn't want a drop wasted, he said "no worries, I will swallow it all." Hm.

So this morning I texted him, expecting to be blown off, but happily he did reply maybe fifteen minutes later, saying lunch was still good for him, he was home all day. I didn't want to wait for lunch; I wanted to make sure I got this cum sucked out of me IMMEDIATELY, and this seemed to turn him on; he said he was ready any time. So I showered, ate breakfast, made sure there was no work emergency happening, and hopped in the car. I got there fairly quickly, but checked my phone when I parked… and of course, an "urgent" email from a very clueless-sounding client was waiting in my inbox. Fuck! Was I gonna be cockblocked again? I asked for some more information and hoped that irresponsibly getting my dick sucked at this moment would not turn out to be something I regretted. I would not be cockblocked again. I got out of the car and went to my assignation with great annoyance, hoping it wouldn't ruin my experience.

He lived in a nice new building, which was a plus; I can't tell you how many hellholes I've shed my semen in in Queens. And he was just as cute as his pictures. But he had seriously gained some weight. It was a little surprising, as he is not that young and did not look any older than the pictures, but was probably 30 pounds heavier. His arms were still huge hams, and his shoulders still had a beautiful sinuous line to the musculature. But he was well on the way to tubby around the middle. Oh well, I was just there to get serviced; I would have found it hard to fuck him as he was a big bundle to get my arms around, but the face and arms and shoulders are what matters most for head. So I leaned in to give him a kiss, and whaddayaknow, he kissed verrrrry nicely-- we started out pretty slow, breathing in each other's breath, and then worked it up in intensity a bit; my attention to his face, ears, and neck with my hands as I sucked his lips put him into that helpless, excited headspace that it so often does with bottomy guys; so many are really starved for that kind of attention, and it only makes them want to please my meat even more. I felt his dick get hard in his shorts as I kissed him, and I liked it.

He pulled away and motioned to a dark bedroom, saying, "Let's get you more comfortable." I followed him in, and dropped my pants beside the bed, and we made out some more. He pulled my shirt off over my head, and I was naked and he was still clothed. So I hopped up on the bed with my dong jutting between my legs and waited; he got naked too, then clambered up on the bed and slowly took my dick in his mouth.

And the head was mighty fine. Mighty fine. He looked fantastic with my bone in his mouth, and periodically stopped sucking me to look intently into my face, making sure I was feeling the pleasure he wanted me to feel. I was feeling it.

I really wasn't attracted to the body but he made me feel so good I did flip him over, push him down on his back, climb on top and grind my cock into his. He resisted my pushing his legs back to give me optimum access to his groin with my bone at first-- maybe he was afraid I was going to fuck him? But I kept up the kissing and pushed his knees apart with my thighs and slowly felt the resistance slink away, and then he was wrapping his legs and arms around me and actively pulling me to him. I kept up grinding my dick alongside his for a while, then let it slither down between his legs and pumped it against his hole, picking up the tempo and making the bed rock, and his breath got fast and hard and I think at that point I could have easily slipped it in and seeded the fucker. But I really wanted to have the cum sucked out of me today-- nothing compares to the pleasure of being brought to the edge by someone else and helplessly slipping over it, when your nuts are absolutely overflowing with goo. So I quit the dry humping, gave him a little cock-to-cock action with my hand, rubbing our dickheads together and feeling his precum ooze out, spreading it all over our meat and making it so beautifully slippery. And then I got on my back and let him work my dick some more.

His shoulders are arms were truly, truly huge. His arms must have been like 18". He had big hands and rough, hairy forearms, which I stroked while he worked me expertly to the edge. He let me hang there for a good several minutes, and a steady stream of horny nonsense issued from my mouth to make him keep doing exactly what he was doing and no more and no less so I could enjoy the ecstasy of being allllllmost ready to cum with all that juice in my nuts, and I wrapped my legs around his and pulled his face down to my pubes and he had my whole length in the warmth of his mouth and was kneading it with his very talented tongue, and


and I couldn't hold back. I don't think I had been there very long, and definitely wanted more pleasure than this. But it was too good and he got me just a liiiiitttttle too close to that point of no return. So I began fucking my dick into his head, crying, "Suck it out of me suck it out of me suck it out of me," and he slowly awoke from his languid cocksucking stupor, coming out fully when he felt that first pulse of goo shoot into him; my dick was erupting like a volcano. He began sucking hard on my glans, just right, and I squirted and squirted and squirted into him. After the first big squirt he began to make astonished noises and I worried he would pull off me, choke, or start dribbling cum. But he was a trooper, and he just kept swallowing what I shot into him. When the pulsing died down he pulled off and stroked my dick up and down, eyes closed, full of my cum, and I grabbed my dick from him and jacked it hard, because I knew I could make myself cum again if I did, and my face and chest was bright red and my body was heaving and I beat my dick harder and harder and I felt a second, extremely sharp orgasm overtake my body, and a big glob of white good formed at my cumhole, which he licked off. And I kept cumming, and another glob formed, and he seemed delighted, and licked that off, too. That secondary aftershocks are short, maybe 10 seconds, but they are different from the long, shooting, pulsing orgasms. I wish I could make myself have more of them. But I'm glad they happen at all. Intense.

I lay beside him while he jerked some cum out of his own dick, and then we lay beside each other, breathing for a bit, legs slightly entangled, and talked about very mundane things. Apparently he had surgery a month ago, tearing his achilles tendon. Maybe this accounts for the weight-- someone his size might gain quickly if he can't exercise a lot, I guess. And a ruptured tendon like that is really debilitating. I felt for him. If he had the body in the pictures I would probably have fucked the hell out of him.

I left and checked my messages again-- I hadn't been incapacitated for too terribly long, so nothing had happened in my absence, thank God. My nuts are light and happy. My brain is less foggy and I can concentrate now. And I'm still amazed at the army of men out there who want nothing more than to make a regular guy like me feel good, get me off, and keep a little bit of my body inside them forever. It's good to be a top!

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