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Wednesday, July 2, 2014


It's about a thousand degrees outside, and I've been horny all day. Someone who hit me up Monday and wanted to fuck Tuesday said he'd settle for Wednesday. At 4pm. I gave him my number but I know how those things go. I was cruising online a bit, looking for just the right bottom to squirt my balljuice in. On BBRT, an extremely beautifully muscular dude with XXX in his screen name hit me up out of the blue, asking if I wanted to breed him "at 3:45 today." As that was several hours away, and his profile said he was "picky" and an escort who had done porn as well, I decided he was just on drugs, trying to put stuff on the back burner, and gave it little mind, though I told him I would be happy to juice him up when the time came. I wasn't finding much other ass. So I hit up a 23 year old super-hottie who I chatted with on Scruff a bit a week or two ago; back then I thought we were getting somewhere when he suddenly asked if I could "help him out some" if he came over. Hookers! Everywhere! I told him I didn't pay for sex, even with high quality meat such as himself (he was really beautiful), and he crumpled immediately, saying "You wouldn't be paying for my ass" and then, when I didn't reply much, "I'm sorry I brought it up, I want your load, you don't have to pay, can I come over," blablabla. I had made other plans at that point to just go have dinner with a friend. But today I hit him up again. And he seemed game. And then my boss called with something urgent. Then my MOM called with something urgent. By the time I got back to the hot kid, over an hour had gone by, and he said he was in Hell's Kitchen, but could hook up "later". Well, I know how that goes. I cursed my luck. But then lo and behold, the XXX hot stud on BBRT materialized, right at 3:45, telling me he wanted me to go fuck him. How convenient! So I told him to text me the address, and had it within 2 minutes, and was on the train within a minute of that, and fifteen minutes after that I was on all fours with my face in the most fantastic ass I've encountered in years. I was sweating from the heat as it was… by the time I left I was drenched with sweat from the exertion of deep-dicking his amazing body. This fuck was only about a half hour, but it was FUCKING HOT OMG HOT.

He was a short walk from the 8th Ave subway station, thank God, because you could fry an egg on the sidewalk out there. I walked down Greenwich Ave a bit looking for the address, which Google maps placed on the wrong side of the street, wondering, how can there be a house here, maybe that number doesn't exist? It's all little shops and cafes there. I started to feel like I was being punked-- after all, why would a porn star (I looked him up later, he did a bit of stuff for Randy Blue), built like a brick shithouse, with a big fat dick, hit up a schlubby middle-aged dude like me out of the blue and ask me over? But then there it was: a very dilapidated looking townhouse, nestled between all the glitz of that part of the village, looking like a tramp sleeping on a high fashion runway. I buzzed and went into a squalid little hallway, and knocked on the door of the basement apartment. I heard a rather cheerful voice call out, "It's open!" and pushed my way inside, setting aside a big package that was leaning up against the door.

"Looks like you have a package delivered out here," I called as I worked my way through the very cramped, tiny foyer. I rounded the corner at the Barbie-sized kitchenette-- the apartment was laughably small-- and there he was, face down on a folded-out futon that took up the whole "living room" part of the studio, bare ass right in my face, shaped like the perfect Platonic ass of asses. Hard muscular legs swelling with meat, waist so tiny that his ass cheeks flared out obscenely to each side, lats so swollen with beef that his body looked otherworldly. I almost fell on the floor, so stunned was I with his perfect proportions. "A package?" he called over his shoulder, still sounding very chipper, not the sullen "sexy" so many dudes go for. "Yeah… you have a package out there, and you're gonna get a package in here," I said, kneeling on the futon and slapping this AMAZING FUCKING REAR END that was, unbelievably, mine for the afternoon. "Woo hoo!" he called out, putting his head back down. "It's my lucky day!"

"Holy shit," was the last thing I said for a long time, and I ran my hands over his hindquarters. Even his asshole was beautiful and perfect. His balls were like lemons… HUGE. I ate his ass slowly at first, then greedily, lapping with all my tongue along the tendon holding his legs to his trunk while he moaned and moaned. I reached down for his dick, which was just as thick and meaty as his balls and his ass and his back and his arms and his thighs and fucking everything; he was an entire universe of insanely super-sized meat unto himself. And ALL MINE. FUCK.

I licked and sucked his nuts and then stroked that awesome dick and sucked the head into my mouth, too; the whole time he was on all fours, face out of sight, and for once I really didn't care, his body was so fucking perfect. And that fucking DICK: I only sucked it maybe three or four pumps, and it lengthened and hardened fully, beautifully straight, with a dickhead that was just pure sex: meaty, sharply ridged, pointed but thick and wide as well, beautifully smooth but also with a bit of that texture that grabs at your tongue a bit… this sucking and licking and nibbling at the ridge of the head made him fully erect, ooze a little precum, and moan and moan way over there from the pillows his head was buried in. It was exciting to know I was turning this sexy beast on. I kept it up… I never wanted to have these toys taken away. I went from dick to balls to hole to tendons and around and around and back again, sometimes gripping his calves and feet for emphasis, and time slipped away. I was still dressed, mind you, my dick slowly swelling in my pants; for the first five minutes I think it was stunned in there from the onslaught of sexy… but eventually it began to wake up. I pulled off my clothes quickly and slid back down there, slowly stroking my dick while I luxuriated in his rear.

I felt a little bottle rolling around by my legs, and when I finally came up for air, I examined it; it was a little bottle of silicone lube. On a lark I put some on, and it was actually really nice. Mostly I hate lube, but this was completely flavorless and scentless and didn't have that weird powdery texture that silicone lubes usually have, to me anyway. I got my own dick as hard as XXX Hot Stud's, and then I was on my knees behind him, and I put my dick against his hole and I pushed and I slid right in and then I was fucking him!

He cried out when I pushed into him so quickly, and one each subsequent thrust, but I was really too addled by HOT HOT HOT to pay close attention. I slowed down and gave him the long slow inches treatment, pulling all the way out, pausing with my dickhead just tapping against his hole, then pushing all the way in slowly enough that it took maybe two seconds to get him full up to my nuts, and then a little trick I learned to make bottoms think my dick is bigger than it is: keep pushing against him but flex the muscles between my legs to make my dick swell with blood, thicken and lengthen deep inside him, with the same tempo as the slow thrust; this made him rotate his head on his neck, cry out "Oh God yeah," and drop it back down to the pillows, feeling that primal bottomy delight in being fully, utterly filled. I think I felt my dickhead knocking against the fabled second sphincter in there. My dick isn't very big, I don't think I usually hit that, but I guess the way we were built, and the way I was riding right on his haunches like that, I just about made it. Needless to say, feeling that extra tightness on the most delightful part of my dick only made me want to cum. I had to seriously control my motions, at one point pulling out to tongue fuck him instead. I wanted to savor this fucking body… but I knew I wasn't long for this fuck. He was too fucking hot. He was going to make me cum against my will.

But I did my best. He kept adjusting his body so that I could fuck him as effectively as possible, getting into an extremely submissive kneeling posture with his back sloped to jut out his ass, and I pressed my thighs against his-- they were hard as steel but had just enough give to the muscle to make me LOSE MY FUCKING SHIT when I felt them against me-- and I held that IMPOSSIBLY TINY WAIST in my hands, little hipbones at the base of his massive back so narrow that I felt like I could snap his waist-- and I lay my head against his bearded jaw and sucked on his ear lobe while I drilled him with long slow delicious strokes of a dick that felt so hard it would go off in him like a bottle rocket.

Which, eventually, far, far too soon, it did. I was hitched to his body tightly, on arm around his massive chest, one hand gripping his inner thigh and pulling his ass to my body to meet the thrusts of my prick, and chewing on his beefy, manly neck, watching his juglar pulse with the joy of being fucked silly, and I pushed my dick into him deep and hard and held it there, and I got that feeling I've felt sometimes-- that feeling that the most sensitive spot of my dick is pressed against a big throbbing vein somewhere deep inside his gut, and just that slight throbbing, that pulsing of his blood, along with that gentle enveloping sensation of that inner sphincter which I was clearly tapping again… these sensations acted together to just fucking milk the spooge right out of my nuts, and I started shooting despite myself. As soon as I felt it I muttered "FUCK I wanted to last longer," and began slamming my spurting dick into him so I could feel it as much as possible in that last minute or two before it would all be over. I managed to keep enough control to keep giving him long inches of thrust-- I know how much a bottom loves to feel the whole length of the dick that's fucking him, even during orgasm, you can't be a jackrabbit, you gotta fuck a dude with everything you got, and I was doing it-- until I popped out on the third spurt. I was jizzing all over his hole and the bed and going "ah ah oh oh n-n-no ah" trying to get it back in, and the room was spinning and he was going "oh man oh man" and I got it back in and pounded my way through my very wet orgasm, and kept fucking him even after I was done shooting. It was just too good to feel his hard body take the brunt of my thrusts, and the futon began squeaking loudly and then it collapsed onto the floor! I said "Whoa" but kept fucking and he kept pushing his ass into me to receive all the thrusting he could get, and then only when I felt my dick shrink a bit did I pull out of him.

He finally turned around to look at me, my dick, and the big spot of jizz I accidentally got on the bed instead of inside him. He examined it closely, with an intriguing intensity, probing it with one hand on the blanket while fingering his soggy hole with the other. "THAT was a good fuck," I said triumphantly, and he smiled goofily-- his body is amazing but his face is actually a little boyish and dorky, I must say, which I actually really love-- and he raised his big arm up over his head and looked at me, smiling, waiting for a high-five. So ok, I high-fived him.

"What did you do to my futon, though?" he said, getting up and fussing with it, folding it back up onto its frame as I went over to the bathroom to wash off my gooey privates. "I can't be the first dude whose fucked apart that futon," I called over my shoulder skeptically. This dude must have a nonstop parade of tops in here. He joked, saying, "Well, you're the first today. This hour." I washed up, and came out, and he was on the futon, holding his dick in his hand, still naked, looking adorable and hunky and fuckalicious all at once. He was very chatty and friendly, to be honest, and at one point we were conversing very enthusiastically about grilled halloumi cheese, then another point talking about handlebar mustaches and the quality of our beard hair. I really liked him, wish we'd kissed or something, wish he'd sucked my dick, wished I was the type of top would could just reload and fuck him all goddamn night. But I'm not. I looked at my watch; I'd been there maybe 35 minutes. I was still soaked but got dressed, and we high-fived again, and I told him to hit me up next time he needed a deep irrigation, and he said sure, and I said don't be a stranger, and he said sure, and I left him there with my big soaking load inside him, and I doubt I'll ever see him again.

When I got home I looked him up, found his Facebook, found his official website with its embarrassingly breathless description of his own hotness, watched a teaser for a scene he did with a very handsome much more famous porn star, and felt weird.

And also, HOT. The air conditioning was out in the apartment. It's only just now cooling off after it was reset in the building. All my sweat is drying. My dick is asleep in my pants. My brain is alive with visions of that amazing body under mine, accepting my dick, my tongue, my cum. But it was just a quick, hot moment.

Why can't I have more?


  1. Fuck that sounds amazing!!!!! Keen to exchange stories?

    1. Thanks, Anonymous-- it was definitely fun deep dicking that dude's awesome meaty body. Pretty much all my stories are right here on this blog: For almost three years now, I haven't ejaculated a single time without sharing it with my readers! I always enjoy reading any comments my readers have, and I bet others would like to hear them too, so if a post of mine makes me think of an experience of yours, share it here!