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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Stuffing the Meatball

Today I got hit up on BBRTs by a short Italian meatball of a man with a handsome, vaguely Tom of Finland face and a beautiful, beautiful schlong between his legs, who admired the force and volume of the ejaculate in my photos. He wasn't my type in the body really-- extremely muscular and just really too bulky-- but I thought he would look fantastic between my thighs with my meat in his mouth, and told him so. "As a neophyte bottom," he replied, "I'd rather you shot it in my hole. I've never had one that big in me." Well, he wasn't perfect, but he needed my cum, so what else could I do but oblige?

He was what should have been a pretty easy train ride away, but the line between us is currently super fucked up so I sat for almost ten minutes in a stalled train for no good reason, then was whisked on my way. When I arrived I suddenly had a bunch of texts and emails from work, which dismayed me-- the morning had been completely quiet and this kind of thing always stresses me a bit, even if the questions aren't urgent. Should I really be off thrusting my erect penis into a stranger's buttocks when people at work need my input? I figured I could make this one fairly quick, unless this dude turned out to be some kind of awesome bottom. So I gave quick vague replies promising more later, and went up to the meatball's apartment to give HIM my input, too.

He opened the door looking just as handsome as his pix, though predictably a bit older and thicker around the middle. His arms were like hams, though. He'd said he really loved giving head, so I figured this would go well. We went to the bedroom and he got to his knees and blew me, but owing to his bulk and the pull of work obligations, I wasn't getting hard. He took off his tank top and I held onto his shoulders, which were just these huge roiling masses of meat. His shoulders and beck looked amazing working away at me, and he was clearly enjoying sucking me, but it wasn't gonna work for me. So I bent him over the bed and worked on his ass. It was nothing compared to the beauty I worked on last night, but it wasn't too too bad-- his cheeks had a very nice curvature to them but they were surprisingly soft and malleable compared to the layers and layers of beef packed onto his upper body. But then I fished out his schlong from between his legs and tugged on it while I tongued his hole, and I felt it get longer and thicker, and then mine responded even more dramatically. I sucked his dickhead a bit, traveling from his meat to his hole and back again, and he moaned with great pleasure and a thin thread of clear precum leaked out of him obscenely. It was delicious. Very hot.

I wanted to just put it in him right then and there, but I suspected if he wasn't a pro at bottoming that wasn't really going to be the main event. So I got up on the bed, and let him suck my prong from between my legs a bit, admiring the bulk of his back and his handsome face all full of my tool. And then I slid down and we did a very nice 69 for a while. His dick was quite a bit thicker than mine, almost as thick as a dick can get before I can't really suck it properly anyway, and just long enough to bottom out in my throat when I went down into his pubes. He got hard in my mouth and he sucked my dick down too, and I thought, this is fantastic. I love sucking a nice dick.

But then it was time to fuck. I pushed him on his back and held his ass cheeks in my hands, pulling him up to me, and tried to work my dick into his hole. "I'm really tight," he said, stating the obvious. We tried to get my bone into him but it wasn't gonna happen. "Lemme eat you out some more, big guy… just relax," I said, and he flipped over and I saw he was freely oozing long strings of clear precum. He was definitely excited by the idea of getting fucked, even if his ass wasn't cooperating.

I ate him out some more and sucked his dick more, and felt his hole opening up a bit around my tongue, and then grabbed some lube off the night stand and slicked up. He was at this point standing on the floor and bent over the bed, and from this angle my prong slipped in him easily. But he was so tight he was basically squeezing all the sensation out of my dickhead, and for a short guy he had pretty long legs, so I couldn't get a good rhythm going. I pulled out, hiked him up on the bed onto all fours, and ate him out some more, tasted more of that sweet, sweet precum, and then mounted him bodily, with my knees against his calves and my thighs clasping his, and put my hands on his shoulders and held all my weight on them, and pushed my way back in, and basically reamed him from this animalistic position. His neck and face were bright red and he moaned over and over, "Holy fuck holy fuck holy fuck," and I just kept up hammering my dickhead into his prostate. He was just very very tight, so this wasn't going to last long; if I tried to draw it out I would totally lose sensation, so I just went with it. He seemed pretty happy to be manhandled like this. Some of the little guys I screw would be snapped in two by the twin onslaught of the weight behind my hips slamming into their ass and the counterweight of my upper body heaving onto their shoulders. But this guy was a solid wall of muscle up there; I felt like I was leaning against a brick wall. It was amusing. I felt a rather reflexive orgasm build up in my nuts and fucked it out of my body and into his, and he went "Awwwwwwwwyeeeeeeah cum in me," and I came in him.

He was very, very, very tight. It almost felt like he was squeezing my dick so hard inside that the cum couldn't get out. But it did. My cum is inside him still.

He laughed and laughed with glee and kept hiking his butt up into my body to sort of milk the last drops of my cum out. I could only laugh in response. Even total bottoms don't seem so happy to get my sperm inside them. So in the end, I was happy. I moved my hips around in a circle a bit, enjoying the gooey contact between my dick, my cum, and his guts, and held his face in my hand, putting mine close to it, and said, "So you're new to getting fucked?" He said he hadn't been plowed in over a year. So I guess that's why he felt so good finally getting it! I pulled out and cleaned up and we talked about, what else, real estate and construction in Brooklyn. He was a handsome dude and had a very nice personality. I couldn't have ejaculated in a nicer guy.

It had only been about a half an hour's worth of sex, so I got to a coffee shop and did my work and everything was fine in the world.

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