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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Topping the Top

Today I went round two with the amazing-assed purported 8" top whose throat I spooged copiously down earlier this year. Again he gave that super-light, barely-there, gotta-use-the-hands-a-bit head, but my nuts were full almost to the bursting point after getting off and wandering in a desert of a dry spell for bottoms for over a week, so I was just happy to have someone come and give my dick any attention at all after that. It was much as last time-- I love how he kisses, his body is a fucking drug to me, his ass still makes me want to cry, it's so beautiful-- but with a special added ingredient this time!

Yes, readers, he took my oozing, pulsing, throbbing, bone-hard raw dick in his very tight, very warm little hole. I'm a little intrigued by this guy and can't help but wonder what he's like with other dudes. The profile is all "I'm a top I'm hung My dick is 8 inches long" blabla. But when I had him on his back and was heaving all my weight into him, my orgasm-starved dick dangerously close to the edge of popping hard, with his limbs tangled around me and my skin covered with sweat, he looked at me and said "Is this how you would fuck me?" And I grabbed his hairy knee and pushed back a little, and slid my dick down into his crack-- even from that angle, his ass cheeks made a beautiful tunnel for me to slide my dick into, mock penetration, beautiful-- and began demonstrating the hard pistoning of a really good, intense fuck. Just pushing his knee back like that, with my other hand behind his head, was enough to make me want to jizz all over goddamn everything (why is that so exciting?), but I persevered and hammered against him a bit with my body taut and electric, and he closed his eyes and just luxuriated in feeling my horsepower. I had to stop because I didn't want to cum too fast. But then I kissed him deep and said "That is how I would fuck you."

Part of me wonders if he really is mostly top, but is a bit of a voyeur and curious about how other tops do it. I confess I am a bit like this with tops I am extremely attracted to but know I could never get with. Maybe I look like some teacher he once had a crush on, or a friend of his father's, or who knows? In any event, after this comment, I wanted nothing more than to put my dick inside him and feel that hairy, meaty body from the inside on my most sensitive skin. He keep slicking up the head of my dick and putting it against his hole and I would thrust and thrust and he clearly was loving it. So finally I slicked it up too, and slowly pushed, and felt my fat dickhead slide into his velvety warmth. Beautiful! I just held it there, looking into his face, kissing him, and grasping his body, always amazed at the intensity of the feeling of the mere fact of penetrating another dude with my fuckstick. He ran his hands over the hair on my arms and just let himself feel it too. But I had to pull out, lest I lose it and cum in him. I had a lot of free time, and he did too-- I didn't want it all to be over just because I put my dickhead in him.

So I pulled out and he immediately dove for my dick and sucked it a bit harder than usual. And then I sucked his dick-- which is absolutely beautiful, honestly. I would hold our dicks together and admire their similarities in meatiness and length but differences in shape and color. I'm a fairly pale dude and my dick is ramrod straight, with a fat, broad head. His skin is a kind of golden color, really lovely warm color, and his dick has that ideal cock-curve to it, bending slightly upwards, and tapers more just under the head, and then his dickhead is just gorgeous-- beautiful coronal flare, basically as large as mine but more prow-shaped, just beautifully sculpted, and oozing with glittering clear precum just like mine. I sucked it with deep satisfaction and he keep muttering, "nice… nice." But then I put him on his back again and sunk my raw dick in him halfway. It was very tight, and maybe a bit uncomfortable for him, but I know he wanted it, and I fucked him slowly. His body heat was like an assault on my skin, he was so turned on. Again I had to curse the fact that this was happening when I was so pent-up I had cum practically oozing out my ears and couldn't fuck him properly. Again I pulled out, and we 69ed, and made out, and stroked each other's dicks, and then he turned over and offered his hole to be from behind.

And then I *really* fucked him. Without the intense stimulation of his body under me and all around me, I could concentrate on the simple reality of my hard bone sinking repeatedly into those gorgeous globes of ass, hold his little waist and drill into him over and over, and all I could say was, "beautiful… beautiful… beautiful." I was fucking this top raw, and he wanted it.

At this point maybe I should have just seeded him, too. But there is also a great pleasure in having a dude make you cum. If you have a lot of cum to deliver, like I did yesterday, you want to lay back and have a dude work it out of you. Fucking it into a beautiful body is a gorgeous thing, but when it's up to another dude to make you cum, and you're just there passively awaiting your due, well, that's a whole other level of pleasure and satisfaction. So I assumed the position, ordered him between my legs, and watched him do his thing. He's deluded if he thinks his dick is 8"-- it's beautiful and looks big on his frame, but it is exactly the same size as mine, 6.5" on a good day. But it looked so exciting hanging hard there between his legs while he worshipped my meat. His body was so good. I decided no. I don't want to cum yet. "God, I want to fuck you one more time," I sighed, and he looked into my face with a deep, almost pained satisfaction and being desired this way, and kissed me very tenderly actually, then climbed up on my dick, sat back, sank it into him, held his own dick like a talisman, and just sat back on me, moving very very slightly. I didn't care, I just wanted to be inside him, his body, knowing that my dick held some special fascination for him, for whatever reason.

And he pulled off me, we made out and stroked ourselves a bit more, then he was back between my legs, sucking me really nice, till I began firing my load into him, emptying my nuts squirt by squirt. Very intense.

I wanted him to get off too, so I sucked him some more, and he lay back with a belly full of my ejaculate and the taste of me still on his tongue, muttering again, "nice …. nice". And we made out and I stroked his body while he made obscene squicking noises all around his dick, trying to make himself cum. But I think the pressure to cum on command was too much for him, so eventually he stood up, said, "WHOO!" and put his clothes back on. His erection was still hard as a rock and strained against his gym shorts beautifully; I thought of him striding past the doorman with that visible boner like that, then out into the street. Anyone would notice, and it would all be because I had fucked him and pumped his belly full of my spooge. Nice! Nice.

Maybe he is just as deluded that he's a top as he is about the size of his gorgeous, perfect-how-it-is dick. But I like to think that I'm the one top he needs inside him. If he comes back, I'm totally going to breed him.

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