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Monday, August 25, 2014

The Laws of Nature

On the one hand, I can't complain. My latest manly emission is currently deep in the ass of an extremely muscular, beautiful-assed latin dude, a bit older than me but amazingly built, with smooth caramel-colored skin and a very tight hole. Perhaps my semen is even easing the way for another top's penetration-- it definitely seemed like a fresh clean hole to me, especially given how hard it was to get my bone up there, and how my spit (deposited into my hand for stroking while eating out this delectable confection) and his spit (from briefly suckin on my bone before I began the fucking phase of our hookup) were not enough to guide my way and lube was required, but maybe he was in cum-dump mode today and I just got there first. On that hand, I'm feeling pretty good. I love putting my cum in hot bodies. But on the other hand, kids, what is the Universal Law of Nature regarding beautiful bodies? That's right-- they're lousy lays, unless there is some other complicating factor, some recessive sexual gene that lets beautiful dudes also be fun in bed. Unfortunately, this guy didn't have it. But he's got my spooge!

I've been hitting him up for a while on adam4adam now. His profile promises nothing but oral servicing, which I am, as you know, quite often up for. And he seemed unusually into me, whether because he's into schlubby dudes with salt and pepper beards or because my profile features a picture of me squirting my love five feet in the air, I don't know. But he often didn't seem to have the time to spare for me to get to him, despite him not being very far away (some Manhattan dudes think anywhere in Brooklyn is a zillion miles away, even though he is directly across the river from me and barely 20 minutes away door to door). So I buddy listed him and hit him up whenever I saw him, and kept trying my luck. Today I had a bunch of guys wanting to blow me-- one way on the upper west side, one in his office in Midtown, a couple in Bushwick. I was juggling all these possibilities, leaning towards the one who was of course furthest away up past Columbus Circle, and wavering idiotically like the dog in the Devo song. Suddenly the latino cocksucker hit me up on adam4adam-- rather surprisingly, as he is one of those people who claims to be very hot for me whenever I hit on him, but who never actually hits on me back. But OK. He said simply, "I'm in a jockstrap on all fours for you." I asked him if he needed his ass eaten and plowed and seeded today, and he said "Yes", and I told him to text me the address and I'd be there in 20 minutes. The text came within thirty seconds, and just like in the song, I was delivered from my freedom of choice! I *could* have let one of those cumgobblers work my meat over-- it had been three days since I unloaded, so my nuts were getting full again-- but it has been so long since I fucked a nice big wad of jizz into a really horny ass. And his looked beautiful in the picture. So I ran out to go juice it up.

Given the part of the East Village he lived in, I figured he'd live in a shithole at the top of an old tenement, but he actually lived in a really clean, new luxury building. Interesting. I was buzzed up and his door was perched open. The building was nice and cool and well-air-conditioned, but his place was swampy and hot inside. The lights were out and he was illuminated on his bed by nothing but the light that filtered through the curtains and the blue light of a television playing some porn, directly in front of his face. I've just said maybe every phrase I could say to describe sex that is not satisfying to me-- the porn, the heat, the ass-in-the-air, the open door, blabla; it's just not as exciting to me as it is to these guys, not as exciting as making out with a dude and feeling his body through his clothes and building up to the point where I'm ramming my fuckstick into him like an animal. But hey, I'm a sucker for a beautifully built bottom, so I pushed the door shot, said an honest, "Fuck yeah," and moved over to the ass. Very slowly ran my hands up the outside of his thighs to the incredible, silky-looking mounds crowning his haunches. Very slowly felt the humped shape, ran my fingers over the twin round dimples just above the swollen meat, just below the tight, meaty small of his back. Very slowly brushed my beard over the very sensitive skin of his buttocks, getting a sigh out of him. Then very slowly licking my tongue all around his hole-- not touching it, just around it, along all those beautiful mounds and hillocks and shapes-- and then right into the center, which made him melt, I could feel it in his muscles and hear it in his breath. This was the best part, just taking all this delight in his rear, pressing my face into it while I kicked off my shoes and peeled off my shorts and then ripped off my shirt.

"You do that so good," he said, or something like that; "I will not get tired of this," I said, and I ate him for maybe ten minutes more, biting into the extremely thick, turgid gooch between his hole and his huge, low-hanging balls, finally pulling off the stupid jock-- he parted with it extremely reluctantly-- and holding his impossibly hard fat dick in my hand while I sucked each ball into my mouth, all the while feeling his butt cheeks pressed agains my brow. GOD, is there anything better in the world? But soon he swatted my hand away from his dick, as well-- maybe he thought I would make him cum, or maybe he is one of those bottoms who hates attention paid to his dick, but when a dick is that hard and fat it just begs to at least be caressed.

Anyway my own dick was pretty fuckin hard at this point too, so I stood at the edge of the bed and aimed it at his guts and pushed. It was not going to go anywhere; first it flipped up along his crack and popped onto his back, then it slid down below his low-hangers and up against his belly. He was extremely, extremely tight. So I got up on the bed and blocked his view of the porn and stuck my dick in his mouth and he sucked me very, very, very nicely. That perfectly symmetrical body, with this wide swollen lats, the rigidly defined gully between the ample muscles of his back, and narrow waist and the huge swelling mounds of flesh guarding his asshole formed an awe-inspiring sight before me. His eyes were closed and he seemed full of bliss to be sucking on my dick, and I reached over and fingered his hole, which was almost too tight for me to even put a finger in.

But then he kept taking my dick out of his mouth to look at it. He would give me a few heavenly pumps of his tongue, right on my hot spot, then pull me out into the open air, admiring my cockhead, stroking up and down the sides, holding my balls gently then letting them go. Each time he would look up at me, with an exaggerated submission in his face, looking for approval. And I do love someone who is that into my dick, but given the lack of kissing, the hot room, the bossiness, the very tight hole, I needed some prolonged intense sucking to keep the energy up. I needed to be ramrod hard to penetrate that tiny pinprick of an anus he had back there. But he was goofing around with my unit and it was losing that rock-hard quality. I tried to pull his face up to kiss me but he was not having it, and doubled down on my tool. OK, he needed it his way. I went back to what we both clearly enjoyed-- eating his ass.

And it was fantastic; part of me wishes I was still there, just eating it. It was a real beauty. But the excitement of his physical perfection back there along with the overstimulation of stroking my own tool just made me want to blow my load right away. I was very, very close. I figured I had to get in there quick. So I found a bottle of lube he had, extremely gooey stuff in a little squeeze bottle, and slicked up my wang with it, hoping that would be the magic ingredient that would get me in him up to the nuts. I heard him huff deep on poppers when I put my tongue back in him, holding my sticky gooey dick, and decided it was now or never. I put my dick back into position, and pushed, and my dickhead sank in, the ridges of my glans flaring as they went past the ring of very tight muscle, and I got in halfway before he bucked me out, hissing. My dick really isn't that big, honestly… he was just crazy tight. I can't believe that beautiful body isn't getting rammed daily by dicks that make mine look like a clitoris; it certainly should be, but clearly isn't. I put it back in position and half my dickhead sank in, then I held his hip bones and very slightly pulled back, inviting him to impale himself on me at his own rate, and he did…. centimeter by centimeter I saw my bone disappear up into his beautiful meaty body. And I pulled out very slowly, almost all the way, and fucked him with extremely looooong, sloooooow strokes, and then he was comfy, and began bucking against me again, not in time with my thrusts, but according to his own rhythm, and with a very strange up-and-down motion that was hard to do much with. I held his cheeks in each hand like loaves of bread I was blessing and held them still and drilled him the way I wanted to now, and he hissed some more but I kept fucking, and then he began bucking hard, and the combination of everything-- the amazing body, the heartbreakingly round asscheeks, the goopy lube, all that eating and stroking, the ridiculous tightness all around my most sensitive skin, the lack of control over the thrusting-- well, I popped. I roared loudly to let him know he was getting inseminated, and pushed in deep so he would feel the throbbing, and he bucked against me over and over. The sensation was extremely good-- he was fucking the cum right out of me basically-- but the up-and-down motion was extremely awkward and just when the orgasm was peaking and I was feeling very very fine and manly indeed, my dick popped out of him and squirted onto his back. I quickly took up the spasming meat in my fist and jerked myself down the far side of the hill of my climax, and the smell was not at all pleasant. With trepidation I looked down but I didn't see anything untowards. He kept bucking around without me, and I just laughed with relief, saying, "You were just too tight man, I couldn't last in there." He just cooed a little and kept circling his hips.

But with the smell and everything I had to run to the bathroom. Everything really looked fine, but I soaped up liberally and washed my dick carefully and dried him nice and then strode back out into the room. He hadn't moved and was still staring at the porn on the screen about three feet from his face. I caressed his ass a bit more longingly, wishing he had been the type to want a long, intense, connected fuck, not to be drilled in the dark with a face full of porn. He said a muffled but apparently heartfelt thanks from his face-down position, and I told him it was my pleasure, putting on my clothes and shoes quickly, and heading out into the cool afternoon breeze.

I had been there maybe twenty minutes all together, including dick-washing time and elevator rides. That's barely sex, to me; it's beating off inside someone else.

But what a body to beat off in! DAMN. Beauty is never more than beauty, its promises of anything more are hollow and false, all you get is what you get. But DAMN.


  1. Yeah A nice body can do that ! I know. There is something about knowing you're in the hole of a beautiful man but it just ain't happening much. Sometimes the only thing that gets me through is knowing that the receiver has an ass that looks like Utopia. Sometimes THAT'S not even enough. And what the hell is up with the buckers ? Even when you try to calm them down they just go into this bucking rage. NOT FUN ! Don't let those fucker break your stuff.

    I must compliment you on knowing how to loosen up your bottom. There are TOO MANY Tops that don't know what the fuck they are doing. They watch this porn and think it just goes in by ramming the fuck out of the poor guy. That shit could get a fucker killed. Any way I look at it this way. If you don't have patience to control yourself how are you gonna control your bottom ? You got it man ! Great post BTW

    The Male Casting Couch

    1. There have been some real beauties who are just so hopelessly inept that I get nothing from it. This wasn't that, but could have been so much more-- I was really into it. But I really need to kiss to have phenomenal sex. In the past I would always make sure dudes did it, and also always took the "I will be waiting with my ass in the air" as a high-probability dud (not always), and would take a pass. But fuck, his ass was hot. In the end I'm glad I got to go inside, even for just a little while.

      I take the bucking as part of the whole package-- these bottoms aren't satisfied with being fucked the way a top is gonna fuck them; they wanna fuck themselves, honestly. I could have just stood there with a dildo on a stick I think.

      I greatly appreciate your compliment; I honestly didn't think about it much! It just feels natural to do what I do when a bottom is having trouble taking me. If you read my blog enough you know I like it when things are slow and I get to feel things unfold at an almost glacial pace anyway, so I don't much mind, as long as coaxing him back on me results in eventual deep penetration. When we try and try and try to shoehorn my healthy-but-not-horselike dong into his hole without success, it can make me kind of mad. But I guess it's hard to be a bottom. I'm glad I'm a top!

    2. Yes be very glad to be a Top. There never seem to be a shortage of bottoms. I identify as a top even though I have bottomed a few times in the past. I don't think its very hard to bottom. I think the top has to be in tune with the bottom and the bottom has to be mentally repaired. The same goes for the top.

    3. All this talk is making me want some ass ! lol

    4. Go get some ass, man! Go get it!