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Friday, August 8, 2014


Today I disposed of a nice fat wad of surplus semen in the ass of an obliging, hairy European dude of unknown extraction. And it felt good-- when that beautiful tingling jolted from the base of my spine, through my balls, up the shaft of my dick, and into the thick, sensitive flesh of my dickhead, signaling to the rest of my body that it was time to shoot it out, I pushed into him deep, deep as it would go, and held it there, saying, "Feel that? Feel it squirting out?" and he looked up at me from his position pinned there on his back, accepting everything I had to give. That perfect spot of my dickhead was pressed firmly against some wall of his insides and slid around in my cum slightly as each pulse made my dick extend and retract slightly, and I counted one, two, three, four spurts, and then I began thrusting into him again, fucking hard to get the most sensation out of spurts five, six, and seven, and then I felt that spark rising from my spine into my dick again, and I thought I might start cumming again even though my first orgasm had barely subsided, so I fucked harder and harder, and there was a little push over an edge yet further along the scale of climax, and I lowered my body to his and whispered huskily into his ear, "Milk it out of me," and he obliged me with some constrictions inside his body, making me shudder and finish completely with a sigh. It was actually a very, very good orgasm. But… I was totally not into this guy, not all that into the sex, either. It was odd that such perfunctory sex should end with such an intense ejaculation. I think this is a first for me…. not usually one for going through the motions. But sometimes maybe sex is just a reflex, and my brain is along for the ride.

I've actually been trying to get this guy on my dick all week. Or rather, he's been trying to get ON my dick. Days ago he first hit me up, saying he'd like to get together and lived nearby, and I said "Sure, just hit me up when you are free, I'd like to cum down your throat or up your ass for sure." His pictures showed a fairly handsome, long, goateed face, jet black hair, nice hairy little body, big dick, decent build, nice ass. Perfect for grinding against and ejaculating in. The next day he said he wanted to come over, and we moved to texting, and he had all the info he needed and said he would be here in 15 minutes. And then at the 12 minute mark, he said something came up for work and he couldn't come. Harumph. I figured that was the end of it.

Yesterday I had to go to Queens to pick up my car at a scary, possibly mafioso-connected garage. Being in a new neighborhood, I fired up the apps and hookup sites, and was well on the way to arranging the injection of my load into a thin hairy handsome kid in Sunnyside, when this guy resurfaced, saying again he could come over immediately. I was about a 20 minute drive from home. I wavered with the skinny kid in Sunnyside; I really wanted to put my dick in him. But he asked if I was into fisting and such, and I am not, and he said that was cool, but I thought, well, maybe I should go with this sure thing in my own neighborhood. So I told the other guy I would be home soon, and text him when I was about 10 minutes away, and he said fine. The day was beautiful and the drive home, despite it being rush hour, was a breeze. I felt very fine… my dick was going to get a treat! But when I stopped at a light and brought out my phone to tell him I was almost home, I saw he had already texted, asking if it was OK for it to be quick. I loathe quickies in general; I'd much rather just beat off. I asked him how long he had and it seemed like it would barely be 20 minutes. So I told him to forget it. He apologized as profusely as he had the day before, but I just told him to hit me up sometime when he was sure he could spare the time, and figured, after two attempts, I'm certainly never going to hear from him again. I was very annoyed that I couldn't stay in Queens and find some new ass, or maybe work my way into the fisting bottom's hole with just my dick.

Today I really wanted to fuck. I got a bunch of work accomplished in the morning and hoped I'd find some ass on my lunch break. I had just started looking when who should appear but my old friend the Multiflake. He again promised he'd be here in 20 minutes. I said ok and thought if he flakes again I'm gonna go insane. I started working again, and kind of forgot about him actually, but then suddenly there was the buzzer. He actually made it this time!

When he came in, I didn't really recognize him. Either the pictures were quite old or they weren't him; his face wasn't long and thin as I remembered, and he seemed taller and meatier, and older. You'd think at this point I would have learned my lesson and sent him home with a stern talking to. But I thought, well, I could certainly at least use a blowjob. So I took him to the back and we made out extremely briefly, enough for me to know that wasn't going to do anything for me, and so I said, "How about you just get on your knees for me and get to work." He pulled off his shirt and shorts but left on his sneakers and a jockstrap. And he got to his knees and sucked my dick.

At this point I felt like I left my body a bit and was watching things from above. Damn if he didn't get my dick hard, but it almost felt like someone else's dick; I didn't have that luxurious, all-over-body-excitement I normally get from hot sex with someone I'm super into. He was working very hard on me and seemed to delight in feeling my unit go from tiny flimsy worm to thick, vein-popping tubesteak just from his attentions. He never took me out of his mouth till I was at full length. And I admit it was musing to see his hairy body submissively on the floor in front of me, thick hairy thighs swelling on his haunches, and those sneakers on his feet. I thought, ok, I can work with this. I led him to the bed, bent him over, and ate out his ass some.

It was fine, it was an ass, I ate it. Again, none of that intense hunger and pleasure I normally get. It was fine. I stuck my tongue in his hole and he was all daddydaddydaddyplease even though I think he's older than me. I licked all around his balls and inner thighs and he moaned and moaned, and it was fine. My dick was hard as a rock, as if I had been injected with some kind of dick-hardening serum. I was amazed that I could stay that hard despite being so disconnected from this dude.

I lay back on the bed and let him work my unit some more. He was in hog heaven, sucking me like crazy, and I cradled his head on my thigh and watched him with a clinical detachment. My dick looked very nice in his mouth; I admit I love seeing the big blue vein that forks up the right side bulge off my erection, and disappear and reappear from inside him all covered with slick, shiny spit. It was like watching a porn movie starring myself. Pure physical reflex. He wasn't ugly or unattractive, just not my type. But he was sucking the holy hell out of my dick, and my dick seemed to like it, regardless of what my useless brain was thinking.

I pulled my bone out of his mouth after a while and said, "Lay just like that," extricated myself from his attentions, and went to the end of the bed to eat him some more. He moaned and moaned and his hole seemed ready, so I mounted his thighs and aimed my missile at his hole and sank it in. He was tight and not very slippery, so he produced a bottle of lube, reached back, and lubed up his own hole. I put myself back in and sank in easier this time, but then pulled out, slicked up a bit more, and then we were fucking for real.

He exclaimed every single time I pushed into him, for the entire ten or fifteen minutes that I deep docked him for. Every. Single. Time. And daddydaddydaddygiveittome. I pulled all the way out several times, to admire my pink fleshy dickhead, then sink it back in, watching every inch of my hard fuselage penetrate his innards. And he was loving it. My dick felt awesome. I fucked and fucked and fucked him. But again that detachment. I was curious. How long could this go on for before I finally just lose my erection? But I never lost it. It just got harder and harder, and we never changed positions; I just kept mounting and drilling his rear and pulling out and admiring myself and sinking it back in for more assault on his prostate, and I felt his body grow steamy and wet from sweat, and there I was mounted on top of him, this cool, dry, calm pistoning machine.

Very strange.

I pulled out and got off the bed, stood to the side, and made him suck me some more. He looked hesitant and first but then greedily sucked me down. I stood there with hands on hips, staring down at him inhaling my manhood, whimpering and moaning. My dick hard as a rock, the rest of me unimpressed.

Finally I arranged him on his back, held his big hairy thighs in my arms, drilled into his hole, pushed his legs back, held myself up on outstretched arms, and fucked him with all the weight of my body. Slamming all my inches into him with perfect leverage. He held his dick the whole time and moaned daddydaddydaddy. (Was he as into it as he sounded, or is that kind of talk his own manifestation of going through motions?) And then I came in him. And, as I mentioned, came big. Very surprising.

After I came I held it inside him a bit, fucked him some more in the lovely slick residue of my orgasm, and then slowly pulled out. I lay my rubbery dong aside his, still holding his ankles, and he pulled and pulled at himself like taffy. I made slight fucking motions with my hips and that made him gasp and tug harder, but it didn't look to me like he would cum. We fooled around a bit more, and I finally got off him.

He got up and began dressing, and I went to the bathroom to soap up my unit and put it back in my shorts, and we talked very little, and then off he went.

Part of me feels hugely gypped. I think of all the fictional bottoms I could have had a really intense, connected fuck with, instead of this dude. But then I think about how hard I just came, and how throbbing my dick was the whole time. Maybe I was just having sex with sex. Fucking the idea of fucking. Maybe my dick was getting off just on being a dick. And maybe that's all this is sometimes.

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