web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: 0 for 2!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

0 for 2!

I wonder if the guy with the fake pix has been using my watch to do some voodoo on me, for making him suck my dick without fucking him? Between Friday's mechanical semen-extraction exercise and yesterday, I'm beginning to feel a little cursed! What happened? Well, I hooked up with two different guys yesterday afternoon-- one a young kid with a beautiful little body and awesome ass, and another who was basically an available hole a few blocks away that I intended to just get off in-- and I didn't get to cum either time! Both complete busts; a new one for me. Maybe I need to put my dick away for a while and wait for Mercury to go out of retrograde or Mars to stop squaring Saturn or whatever the fuck is going on that keeps me from enjoying its pleasures properly lately! But all this means is that there is more red-hot cum boiling in my nuts than ever, and whoever gets it next is going to get a real gift of pressure and volume. I'll just have to choose carefully the recipient of this slimy, liquid boon, more carefully than the last few guys. Read on to see how I managed to get my dick in two very different guys within a few hours of each other, but still keep all the sperm in my nuts.
The kid had been hitting me up repeatedly for several days on Scruff. His picture showed a tight, hairy, mixed-race body with one of those extremely narrow waists I really get off on. He liked my face pic and showed me his cute face-- hair shaved on the sides and piled up high on his head-- and heartbreakingly beautiful round ass. I told him I could eat that out for hours, and showed him a couple of clothed body pix of me, one just underwear and bare legs from a cocksucker's perspective, so as not to scare him away; he seemed like a good boy, somehow. And he said, "That is definitely in the cards," and showed me more revealing pix, and we did a striptease kinda thing, that ended up with me showing him a couple of spectacular cumshots I have. He seemed really hot to trot at that point. Early yesterday morning he told me he was off all day, so I told him I'd have him over when I had the place to myself. That ended up being around 5, and he came right over. 

He looked much, much more innocent in the face than his picture online, much more boyish. And he was extremely, extremely guarded; friendly, but definitely not in sexy mode. He immediately became apologetic, saying he'd just been to the gym and was tired, and had a weird stomach thing, but started taking off his bag, headphones, etcetc. So this was weird mixed signals, and I fully expected him to bail. I asked if everything was cool, if he needed some water, and he looked at me and smiled very big and said everything was fine but he needed to go to the bathroom. So I showed him down the hall and drank some water myself. He took a long time in there. When he came out I was in the living room and he called out from the hall, "Hellooooo" and I went to the hall. He was very skittish and weird. He came back into the living room, smiled big at me, slapped his hands on my chest, grabbed my arms, and said, "Well look at you!" Ay, chihuahua. And then he started talking about how much he loves my neighborhood.  I asked again if he was cool with everything, and he said yes, looking out the windows, then turned to me quickly, with wide eyes, and asked, "Is everything cool for you??" I circled his waist with my arm and pulled him to me and kissed him, and said, "Definitely." We made out a little, and he had very nice lips, and I thought ok, he's just sort of shy maybe. Taking control a bit, I grabbed his ass and led him down the hall to the bedroom.

He skitted into the bedroom and kicked off his shoes and then sat on the far side of the bed, with his arms stiffly at his sides, and smiled really big at me again. I circled around after him, kissed him some more, and he said, "I don't do this too often, so…" I smiled a bit and touched his body slowly, kissing him deeply, hoping to calm him down. No heat was being generated, either in him or in me.

I slid into bed beside him and stroked his body all up and down through his clothes. He occasionally grabbed at me ungracefully. Finally I pulled his shirt off. His body didn't look quite as nice as in the pictures but it was tight and very toned. "Nice," I commented. "Usually I trim it," he said, far too perkily, and I put my palm on the hairy belly, and said, "I like it." And we made out some more, and the kissing was nice, but again, zero heat.

Finally he pulled off his shorts, saying very apologetically, "I don't have any underwear on." "Shocking!" I said, and he said, "Well, I was at the gym!" Ay chihuahua. We made out some more, no heat. I asked, But he looked awesome naked, and I flipped him over completely, and moved into position to eat him out, as promised.

And he seemed to enjoy it very much. I know *I* did. Big hairy round ass, low-hanging fat nuts, taut hamstrings, beautiful. "I just came from the gym!" he warned me. "But I'm clean!" OK. It looked and smelled just fine and I ate it. He made appreciative noises that sounded genuine, but when I reached for his dick, it was lengthened and thick, but not hard. I traded off sucking his nuts, tonguing his hole, and sucking his dick, feeling it lengthen and harden a bit more; it was a very very nice dick, and he gasped and sighed, but he was not getting fully hard.

I was, however; it was a fantastic ass and a fantastic dick. So I got on the bed and put my dick in his face. He looked happy, but grabbed it like it was a Mister Microphone and sucked only the very end. Finally warming up to it, he pulled his hand away and took it a bit deeper, but it was pretty feeble head. I pushed him on his back and lowered my body on his, and he held my back and wrapped his legs around me and his body felt amazing under mine; I almost thought I would cum, manhandling his thighs and knees and ass. "Do you have a condom?" he asked me from underneath my bulk, again with that perky tone of voice that would be more at home during a team building exercise than hot hot sex. "I do," I said, kissing him all over. 

But it all went downhill quickly. I asked him to suck me some more and he just was completely inept at that; I was losing my erection, it was so bad. When I asked to eat his ass some more, he turned over, and I moved down to get into position…

…and he farted.

This honestly has never happened to me. He began laughing hysterically, curling into himself, skitting away into the pillows, and said, "I'm sorry, like I said my stomach is all messed up today." I snorted myself, saying, "Is that your way of keeping me from eating your ass any more?" and he apologized again. I was pretty much finished at this point; I guess I am not all that patient with inexperienced guys any more; I think I used to be. "Do you want to just beat off?" he asked, beginning to do just that. I really didn't want to; I certainly wasn't going to waste my cum on him. "Do you have any lube?" he asked, and I got the bottle, and he stroked with it. "I want to see you cum!" he said. Maybe he's just one of those dudes who only wants to look at his partner and beat off, in the end. To humor him, I slicked up and stroked myself, willing myself not to get off. Maybe I could plant my seed in someone else after he was finished. 

His dick was still not very hard. But it looked mighty fine rising from that tight, tight pubis. So I bent over and sucked it down. Long luxuriant strokes up and down his shaft, pressing my tongue along its whole length, sucking at the end, running my tongue around his dickhead, feeling him genuinely harden for the first time in my mouth. I only stopped to announce, "That is a very nice dick." He moaned and let me suck him some, and then wanted to beat some more. "I want to see you cum too!" he said, so I dutifully stroked myself as well, but I certainly wasn't going to get very hard with just beating off. "I don't think I'm going to be able to," I said, "but go on ahead with yourself." And I sucked him a bit more, and he was fully hard, and he beat himself furiously when I quit, but finally said, "I don't think I can cum either."

Great, let's be done, I thought. "Can I rinse off?" he asked, and I said sure. He proceeded to take maybe a ten minute shower. Just from getting sucked and laying there and beating off! Is he a germophobe? WTF. I waited and waited for him to finish up. Then he ran around the apartment looking for this and that, maybe something for his skin from the bag in the living room. He giggled as he ran past me, naked, near the floor-to-ceiling windows. I felt like I just had sex with a twelve year old, to be honest.

He very sunnily thanked me and leaned in to kiss me on the cheek and then he was out of there.

At this point I just wanted to fuck my cum into someone, almost anyone, and do it properly and enjoy it. So I went back on line. I fairly quickly found someone on BBRT a few blocks away. He had hit me up sometime in the past, and I liked his face a lot-- he had devilish dark eyebrows and my favorite kind of hairline-- but his body looked a little doughy in the pix. His ass was nice and meaty but his body was not quite my type really. But it would definitely do today. I asked him if he would suck my dick and he said yes, as long as I turned around and bred him. I said I could definitely deliver but wanted some good head to get me rock-hard first. He said for sure, and ten minutes later, I was at his door.

He led me to a chair. A giant screen tv was playing porn porn porn. I really find porn tiresome during sex; it's never a very good sign to me when someone has it playing. But I was just here to ejaculate inside a warm body, so I sat back on the cocksucking chair, and watched the round buttocks and bouncing balls and pistoning shafts while he expertly got my dick long and hard. It was in fact awesome head. He was trying too hard at first, going to fast, but seemed cool with my directions to slow down and just enjoy it, and my promises that once I was hard I would fuck him. So he did just that, and seemed very into it, and I was relieved to have someone who knew what he was doing working over my dick. I tried to kiss him a few times but he was not having it. Also never a very good side. But whatever. He was better than the last guy.

Just as I was getting really into it, he pulled off his shorts, said, "Fuck me!" He bent over the bed and showed me a truly pitiful, shriveled little ass. It was definitely not the big juicy bouncy one in the pictures. I think my dick actually retracted a bit. Ay chihuahua. 

"C-can I eat you out first?" I gulped, thinking, I dunno if I can eat that, but I gotta get fully hard again. And he said, "No, I don't like that." Eesh. "OK, let me suck your dick, then," I said. He had a nice dickhead.

He seemed amenable to this. He got pretty hard in my mouth and his shaved balls felt very nice in my mouth. My dick got fully hard again. All right! I flipped him over, and greased up, and pushed my dick into him, and he moaned and moaned and cried out, and I fucked the living shit out of him, hard. Not my usually MO at all, but I just wanted to fuck my cum into him and be done. I was pounding him mercilessly; it was more like a kind of beating than a fuck. The long deep raw fuck on screen with the big muscular studs looked infinitely more appealing than this assault, but whatever.

Problem, though: His ass was dry as sandpaper. Even lubed up, it was like stabbing my dick into a packet of silica gel. The friction was actually making my dick get an indian burn. I pulled out to lube up  some more, and…

…he popped all over the bed. FUCK!

He was definitely done. "Sorry man, it just happened," he said, genuinely apologetically. "Damn, I really wanted you to cum in me." "I'm having a day," I said, holding my slippery dick in my hand. "Can I wash up?" He told me to just go to the kitchen sink. And I washed my poor, mistreated, unloved dick tenderly, and put on my shorts, and got dressed. "It's ok," he was saying during my ablutions. "And you just live up the street, so…" But I won't be revisiting that ass again any time soon.

I decided to just walk around the neighborhood for an hour or two. It was a beautiful evening. I considered taking a purposeful week off from fucking to maybe purify myself a bit. Am I trying too hard? Or is it really voodoo? Who knows. When I got home my partner was there and we just cuddled in front of the tv all evening, eating cookies. I thought, this is much better than sex. Thank God I have this.

This morning, the Beautiful German told me his boyfriend is going away for a week and he's basically dying for my dick. I was unmoved. But maybe he is what I need right now, even though he's not new meat. 


  1. i'm in brooklyn and would love you to pound me

    1. Thanks, son! I'm not too hard to find on BBRT if you wanna try to look for me. Don't come at me talking about the blog, though, which is a turn-off to me for some reason… but you know I always like fucking new talent. And after I cum in you, you can tell me how you found me :^]