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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Today it was one of those situations where when it rains, it pours. My weekend was taken up by unexpected family commitments, so I didn't get the chance to get off. I had basically been loading up with cum since I hooked up with the filipino guy last week-- who hit on me twice in the following two days, until I told him very up-front that while I'd like to fuck him again sometime, I'm a big whore and like to get around a bit more before repeats; he promptly blocked me on the hookup site we were on, which makes me feel bad, but I hate it when people play cat and mouse with me, so I try to be frank with others. I really would like to plow him again sometime but I guess that chance is blown... I guess some guys out there are very hungry and frustrated.

Since then, today was the first day I was really free to do any hooking up, so I was really pent-up and my nuts were pretty swollen. I was hit up by three guys pretty much all around the same time, each one on a different hookup site, and was trying to figure out who to pick in the unlikely event that they all turned out to be for real. And they did all want to really get together, so it was a crisis! The one who got me most excited was a tall, muscular, very dark latin guy whose pictures all had him wearing sunglasses. He would be pretty quick to get to; the others either couldn't get together for a few hours or would take about 40 minutes on the subway to get to me. I'm skeptical of guys with sunglasses on in their pix, and the 40 Minutes Away guy was saying all the right things about sucking my dick for as long as I wanted and drinking my cum. The big latin guy seemed Unfamiliar With Concept on servicing me but claimed it made him hot, and his body really looked awesome. Imagining I'd be cursing my bad judgment and greediness, I went with the close, muscular hot guy who would "try" to service me for a long time, instead of the cute-but-not-built marathon cocksucker.

I got to his place fairly quickly, which was, as usual, too hot inside. (It's unseasonably warm out, but he had the heat on.) And small and full of furniture everywhere with the bed loaded with pillows, shams, puffy comforters, blankets, and sheets. But he kissed like a dream, one of those electric touches from lip to lip that makes my skin tingle and my heart pump and my dick swell. He gave great head and loved touching my legs. His body wasn't particularly shapely-- he was a little lumpy around the middle-- but his muscles were impressively hard and thick-- his chest, shoulders, and arms were massive, his thighs were beautifully formed, his ass was very round, hips very narrow, and his dick was very big (crooked and uncut), his neck was sturdy and sinewy. There was bristly skin on his chest muscles and his nipples were long, thick and chewy. His skin was very dark, which is not often my favorite, but it was very even and clear all over his body and he was covered in spots with lightly curly grey hair, which I found somewhat endearing. He was extremely sensual and about 45 minutes completely flew by, with him sucking my dick, us stroking each other with lip against lip, my face buried in his temple of an ass, licking his big nuts or running my beard up and down along the full length of his thick, firm thigh. I put my dick between his buttocks and he bucked a bit with my dickhead stroking against his hole; it was very hard not to just push it in, but I felt too close to orgasm for that. He sighed a lot and kept saying "That is nice, that is nice," and finally, after he'd turned over, the feeling of him against every part of me-- my hand under his buttock, his hand stroking the hair on my back, my other hand grasping the curve of his shoulder, his thigh locked over mine, our faces close, our dicks pressed together-- made my balls ache and I knew I had to cum. I unloaded a thick white flood all over him and said "sorry sorry, I had to cum, I had to cum" and he watched me with wide eyes and said "But that is very sensual!"-- he had a heavy accent which turned out to be Venezuelan.

"You are very hot for a white guy!" he exclaimed, after I was done plastering his belly with my ejaculate, and then put his hands to his face and said "Sorry, I shouldn't say that." But I have heard that over and over from latin guys. I actually don't normally have excellent experiences with latin guys-- a big percentage of them are just TOO hot and heavy, do everything too fast and too hard, are full of a vigorous ardor that just doesn't feel good and turns me off. But there is also a large percentage of latinos like this guy, who are extremely sensual, far better looking than me, and mercifully willing to enjoy an hour or so in bed with someone who looks like me because of the sensuality of the connection. We talked a bit about this-- "White guys only have sex when it is time to release tension," he said, "while for us sex is a part of life; sex is the first thing you must do to be happy." He called me hot again, which embarrasses me when I hear it because I know I'm not physically, and praised my legs (which are kind of meaty I guess; guys do like them). He gave me a glass of water and we talked about travel and our work a little, then I asked him to turn around so I could admire him from behind once more-- it always turns me on to touch someone who is  naked when I am fully dressed. He seemed to enjoy this little bit of theater greatly, and he too expressed hope that we'd get together again, which was nice.

All in all, an unexpected little bit of luck today. Going for the really hot guy paid off this time.

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