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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Today I had a day off and extremely full nuts from not really being able to get off during the holidays. So I was looking for someone to suck the cum out of me nice and slow. I was accosted pretty quickly and aggressively on Manhunt by a guy who has been after me for a while to eat his ass out, who asked me to come right over, though he was obviously still in shopping mode and being cagey about cementing the deal. Once I had the address and said I'd leave, he tried to get me to agree to a threeway. This all should have given me pause-- I have the best sex with guys who are obviously enthusiastic about getting together without a lot of negotiating. But his pictures were cute and the ass looked great, and he said he gave "the best head in NYC." So I eventually went over, got stuck underground in a stalled train for fifteen minutes, hopped out two stops early, and took a cab to him-- frustrating. He was as cute as his pictures but had put on some weight. Unfortunately he didn't really know how to kiss-- who teaches people to stick out their tongue and wiggle it?-- did not give particularly good head, and was prone to a lot of porny talk (how does that hole taste, eat that pussy, yeah suck those lips (??), etcetc), kept getting cramped and changing position, and was otherwise sort of disappointing. (Note to self: Good cocksuckers never say they give the best head in <geographic region>.) He seemed to enjoy what I was doing down below, so I sucked his dick some and jerked him off while I ate him, hoping to make him cum, which he did. I have never actually been eating someone's ass while he unloads, and the throbbing down here was entertaining. He asked if I was going to cum and I said I thought I'd save it-- I really wanted someone who knew what he was doing to get me off. So we got dressed and talked about how much his (genuinely gorgeous) apartment cost a bit, then left.

I ran some errands and got back to cruising and was again quickly accosted, but this time by an extremely handsome guy who I've been hitting on for at least a year, who would never reply to my notes but occasionally checked me out silently when I was online. He was willing to blow me though he obviously wanted to be fucked. I don't usually fuck when I'm as pent up as I was because I like for it to last, but I didn't want to scare him away, so I said we'd see how it went. He came over, and was also a little heavier than his pictures, but extremely handsome, with a nice beard. *This* guy *really* knew how to kiss, beautiful kisser, and gave excellent, excellent head. I am easily excited by good looking guys, so I kept having to tell him to take it slow. To keep from popping too quickly I pulled my dick out and ate his ass, which was verrry nice, and then he gave me some more excellent head. Finally I decided he was so beautiful I just had to plow him, so I turned him on his back and slipped it to him with just spit for lube. He was taller than I usually like but very flexible and could bend his meaty legs back enough for me to fuck him while making out with him and having some very extensive body contact. His ass was interesting-- a little tight for me but if I went in as deep as I could, there was an unusual bend inside him that hit the hot spot on my dick head just right. I knew I wouldn't last long in that! He was throbbing deep inside, which made me get just to the point of cumming before I really wanted to, so I kinda relaxed as best I could, holding stock-still till the feeling passed, just making out with him and feeling my dick slowly oozing a bit of my high-pressure load into him. Once the tension eased I recovered and just starting hammering at him, and was quickly ready to fully cum, and he let me unload the rest in him, with out lips locked. When the pulsing stopped I pushed in as deep as I could go again, hitting that bend that felt so good and made my dick start firing again for a few seconds. Very intense. I left my dick in him and touched his legs and body all over, and he got off too. I think we both have the same habit of laughing a little when sex is good, which felt sort of comradely. We talked a bit about our holidays and where we're from while we cleaned up. Very nice guy, went far too quickly.

Then I went to get a latte and read Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl at the coffee shop. A great day, I was glad I was persistent in finding the right guy.

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