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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Today I got sucked off by a guy I once fucked maybe two years ago. It was far enough in the past that he was kind of  "reactivated" for me-- I really didn't quite remember what we did or how it was but I did have hazy positive associations with him. So when I saw him online with a new neighborhood, close to mine, I hit him up and asked if he wanted to blow me at his place.

He is one of those people who for some reason looks much more handsome close up than far away. (I feel like I am the same way-- I'm certainly extremely unphotogenic.) I am not sure why this is. When I entered his apartment I thought hm, not as cute as I remembered, but we started making out and he had a wonderful clarity to his face, beautiful skin, a very handsome beard that had looked kind of scruffy to me at first, rather pretty but strong eyebrows, and eyes of a particularly limpid green, like peridot. I am a sucker for truly green eyes. We moved to the bed and I lay back and let him do his thing; to my distress he seemed to have popped a breath mint before I got there, which makes my dick kind of numb and actually sting a little. On top of that, he had all the windows open. It's a mild day today, but still in the low 50s; he said later he had done this because it is Chinese New Year and a friend of his told him it was good luck to open all the windows and light candles. But it was breezy, which had the effect of making my dick feel ice cold whenever he took it out of his mouth, until the mint wore off.

But once it *did* wear off, an intense pleasure kicked in just in being close to him and kissing him. There is a genuine pheremonal power that some people have over others. His skin and chest hair smelled beautiful-- very clean, only faintly soapy, but somehow extremely fresh. And his breath was intoxicating; I didn't detect any particular scent but I was just crazy about making out with him. He gave beautiful, excellent head-- so few guys know how to work their tongues, I don't know why-- but I couldn't stop making him come up from between my thighs to kiss me. I flipped him over and ground my dick into his with our faces pressed together, inhaling each other's breath, and when I reached behind his thighs and stroked the underside of his balls (which were shaved smooth) and the area between his legs, he shuddered and trembled. I just kept stroking him and sucking his lips, which were full and moist surrounded by his soft whiskers, and pressing my groin into him as he seemed to get higher and higher. The connection was phenomenal; I felt like I could have done this all night long.

We went back into position for him to suck me off and swallow me, and he kept me on the edge for a while until I had to cum. The orgasm was a little intense and over-sensitive-- maybe from all that mint-- so I didn't have the warm melting glow I typically feel when I unload down someone's throat, but he took it all and seemed happy with the volume, which was huge-- we'd been at it for almost an hour and I hadn't gotten off in about three days. We cuddled a bit and talked about his breakup and move to the new place, and got on subjects of travel and cave paintings and all kinds of stuff. He is a very sweet guy, just a very nice soul. Of course being of the disposition to suck my dick for as long as I wanted didn't hurt... but he certainly has something, and not just pheromones.

These are the experiences that make me glad to me gay.

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