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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Today I fucked a very cute little Filipino guy. He was about 5'8, which is pretty much my favorite size in a bottom-- it is logistically just so much easier to fuck a guy that size and still maintain good body contact, kiss him while I'm in him, hold his body, put my legs against his if we're at it from behind or lay my entire body down on his if we are face to face. It also has the side benefit of making my dick, which is already reasonably thick, look humongous. And I like that.

I actually wasn't even all that horny when he hit me up online this morning, but said I'd find some time this afternoon to drill him; he disappeared without even reading the message, so I wrote him off. But hours later he reappeared, and was a fairly easy drive away and wanted to hook up immediately, so I went over there. He kissed nicely for a while but then did the tongue thing-- I dunno who teaches guys to do such wacky things with their tongues when they kiss, but it's like an epidemic. Some slow tongue slithering is great but a rigid, wiggling tongue is such a turnoff. I think I gave him the message nonverbally by sucking his lips a lot, which he seemed to enjoy, so that's good. He sucked me like a champ and got me hard, and when he was spread out between my thighs with his round ass in the air, it was a sight to behold.

The ass was amazing and I loved eating it. He had big nuts and was very shapely down there-- the root of his penis was a very thick bump between his legs and he had just the right amount of hair there, though he was mostly hairless. He was clearly enjoying it which also makes me want it more. But then I slid my dick in from behind, which took a few tries as he was fairly tight. Then it made it all the way up to the root. Some guys don't feel like much even if they are tight, and some guys feel velvety sweet even if they're loose, so it must be another of those chemical things with the body fluids. This guy felt amazing on my dick.

But then he said "I want a video of your dick in me," and jumped up, rummaged on his nightstand, and handed me his phone. I am very easily distracted and turned off by stuff like that, so I was kind of annoyed, but I tried. It was too dark in the room so he turned the light up, and I guess the novelty of watching my dick in someone's ass on a little screen like that was a novelty, so I kept filming a bit, but it was just too hard to hold, aim, balance, and thrust at the same time, so I told him I was giving up. He said OK and basically turned the light out completely; we were left fucking just by residual daylight through the window, which is actually rather sensuous. I didn't want to cum too fast with him but had gotten extremely excited with all the ass-eating, so I had to fuck him slowly, which added to it. He seemed to really like this and the chemistry was intense. Periodically I would pull out and eat him some more. He was sparklingly clean.

I flipped him over and I fucked him a bit harder, and we made out and held each other between bouts of plowing. He asked if I wanted to come and I said "yes" and kind of just lost it, even though we'd only been at it for 30 minutes or so and would have liked to go much longer-- I had already gotten close two or three times and I think even already leaked a little bit of semen into him when I was resting and trying to hold back a particularly intense wave of pleasure. So I just rammed him until I came and kept ramming, and unloaded everything I had into him. I laid the full weight of my body on him and kept my dick in him as deep as I could hold it, and he milked me from inside for a few minutes while we kissed and rested. Excellent, excellent fuck.

I took a shower and he told me he had two straight roommates. "One of them is like fucking a different Asian girl every night," he said. Neither of them knew he was gay, he said. "They would have found out if they came in fifteen minutes ago!" I said, and he laughed. He asked if I would come over again and I said I would. Maybe next time I can fuck him more athletically... I am definitely in need of a good sweaty fuck. But sometimes it's nice to just take it slow and sensual in the twilight.

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