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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Stupid Dick

Today my stupid dick failed me. I set up a meeting with a cute little guy I've been wanting to meet for a while,   but it was like a perfect storm of things that kept me from enjoying the encounter or doing a good job.  It was snowing and the trains were all fucked up, so getting there took about twice as long as expected,  almost an hour. I am uptight about being late or making people wait, so out of the gate I was a little stressed.  Then while being buzzed in to the verrry nice UES brownstone he lived in, I somehow banged my  thumb on something metal which gouged a little chunk out of my skin. He let me in and was as cute as his  picture, maybe even a little more handsome because his face had an open, friendly, frank quality. The apartment was kind of hot, which I never like. I needed to go to the bathroom and wanted to look at my  thumb, which was bleeding, but first we had a little kiss, and wow was he good, very nice, sweet lips. So I  thought things were going to work out well.

I took a leak, and saw that the blood had already dried up, so I thought I was going to be fine. We went back to making out and he pulled down a murphy bed, which ended up making the very nice spacious apartment  suddenly very cramped with stuff. The bed also had tons of bedclothes on it. Both are sort of pet peeves of  mine-- I can't tell you how many tiny, hot apartments I've had to fuck in here in NYC-- some rooms so small  you can't maneuver around the bed to eat someone out or get head properly, or so hot I'm soaked with sweat  even before I start exerting myself. The kissing got hot and heavy and I laid on top of him, and I guess  dragged this stupid thumb across the sheet when I went to put my hand behind his head, and it started stinging  like a motherfucker. I instantly lost my erection and kinda started to panic about getting it back,  which is of course the death knell of passion. I kinda knew at that point this was not gonna be totally successful.

He sucked me a bit but had a rather small, toothy mouth, which wasn't really going to work for me, and my lack of an erection was making me self-conscious (I'm tiny when I'm soft, though I grow to a decent meaty size when I'm hard). I figured  the best way to get hard again would be to eat his ass, which was a real beauty. He was short and hairy, with  dark body hair in a beautiful even pattern all across his chest and stomach. He had very meaty thighs for his  body size. His nipples were a little sensitive, which turns me on, so pretty soon I did have a decent hardon. I slipped it in him and he whimpered a bit, and tried wiggling back on it, but seemed to be in a bit of pain, which  does not turn me on. So I pulled out and ate his ass some more, and tried a few more times telling him to relax and just let me enjoy his ass, which he seemed to appreciate. If only I could have taken my own advice.

I flipped  him over and we made out and grinded together a bit, and he touched me just the way I liked, legs against  legs, arms around my back, face to face, beautiful kissing, hands on my ass, hands on my knees, just nice connected body contact. I should have stuck with that a while, but I felt like I needed to fuck him. So I flipped  him over and ate his ass some more but the angle was bad again; I was bumping into furniture and the door of the murphy bed, getting my legs caught in bedding that had spilled onto the floor, just all this ridiculousness.  And I freakin lost it again. So I ended up stroking myself a lot while eating his ass and sucking his dick from behind, and by the time I was hard enough to get it in again, I'd gotten myself close to coming  without even getting fully hard! He was very tight, and his ass looked beautiful with my meat sliding in and out, and I loved the feel of his hairy front torso when I reached around to stroke hisbody, so I just got too excited and ended up pulling out and unloading all over his back after maybe a minute of fucking. It was extremely frustrating, and I am sure he was disappointed-- we both know it could have been a really good  fuck if it hadn't been for my stupid useless dick. I blame the heat, my bloody thumb, the furniture, the bedclothes, his little mouth.

I stroked his body for a long time after that, and we nuzzled a bit in silence nested together. He seemed to  really want this so I gave it to him. He seemed like maybe he would fall asleep, so I slapped his ass, made  some joke to break the silence, then took a shower. We talked about where we are from, living in NYC,  various neighborhoods. He was an extremely nice friendly guy which only made it worse. When I left we had one more beautiful long kiss. Stupid dick!

He lived barely half a block from Central Park, and it had stopped snowing, so I went in to look at the pretty  trees and frozen ponds. I was wearing the wrong boots, however, with no traction, and after almost breaking my neck three times on the winding, steep, trampled-snow paths, I left and just read in a coffee shop for the rest of the  afternoon, periodically cursing my stupid dick and wistfully wishing I could have pounded this cute little guy into the mattress for an hour. On the subway home, a handsome little arab-looking guy was hungrily eyeing every asian girl in the car, going from one to the other with an intent, unwavering stare, in an endless cycle until his stop. If he hadn't been so cute in the face, it would have been creepy.  I wonder if I look like that when I'm checking people out on the subway?  Geesh. Our dicks make us all stupid.

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