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Thursday, February 2, 2012


Tonight I hooked up with a tall thin guy who had a little surprise for me. He had a nice face, thin, bearded, thick sensuous-looking lips and brown eyes, a bit older than me and showing it; most people would probably not give him a second look. There's a certain kind of look in a guy's face that I really respond to, however; he had a very manly face but not, say brutish or firm or hard or anything like that... just manly, not soft except in the eyes and the lips. His body did not look like much in his clothes, rather scrawny, but we were getting together to make out and get my dick sucked so for that a good face is good enough. He led me over to what I assume was his cocksucking chair-- a lot of guys seem to have these-- and we began the festivities.

He was very rough, which I really, really don't respond to well. But I loved how he looked with my dick in his mouth, and there was definite chemistry when we kissed, so I sort of submitted to the toothiness of the blowjob and his roughness with my nipples (they are purely decorative). THEN he pulled out his dick. And it was fuckin awesome, with a thick fleshy head, beautifully flared and lobed, the shaft a perfect thickness to hold in your hand, with a beautiful length. I told him I might have to have some of that myself, and he laughed and we switched places. He oozed a lot of extremely sweet precum and this dick was just beautiful to suck on, to hold, to press to my face. We moved over to the couch where I could lie on top of him and grind our dicks together, or hold them together and fuck his dick with mine, sliding around in a beautiful slippery mixture of mutual precum, limbs tangled. His legs were long like the rest of him, thin but nicely muscled. The back of his head was shaved but the top of his hair was floppy. I cradled the back of his head to hold it up so I could fuck his face. He deepthroated me repeatedly, again just too aggressively and sharply for my taste-- just didn't feel good. But the energy of the connection was turning me on, and I just kept returning to that beautiful bone of his, rubbing the hot spot of his dickhead against mine. Laying the whole length of mine against his and pressing them together was so exciting; it felt like I had twice the dick I normally do and filled my body with a desire to press to him as hard as possible, an intense longing to feel more, and more, and more. When I stood up and looked down, my dick seemed tiny in comparison, and I noticed his was a little bigger than the length of my hand from base of the palm to middle fingertip. This also seemed exciting to me. I'm a top, and to me there's such a thing as TOO MUCH dick, but there is just something magical about a beautifully shaped and sized penis.

We made out stroking each other and looking into each other's eyes and I told him he was going to make me cum like that, and he nodded, so I let it go, and plastered his chest. Then he made himself cum with his eyes closed. We talked idly while I got dressed, but it felt a little stilted with the back-and-forth; he was from San Francisco and a pediatrician, and his apartment was immense, a whole floor of a very deep, wide brownstone.

When I got home, I measured my hand. It's barely more than seven inches. Which means he is barely more than half an inch bigger than me, maybe 3/4 of an inch. I laughed... the impressiveness of a man's dick is truly out of proportion to the actual inches it has.

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