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Saturday, February 11, 2012


Today I fucked a guy I've been after for at least a year online. He claimed to be interested but was supremely  flaky-- he would hit me up and disappear before I could reply five minutes later, or ask if I was free but then say he himself wasn't, etc. Ironically his screen name advertised him as "EZ" though he was anything  but. But his ass shots were nice and I really liked his scruffy face and little body, so I would persist hitting on  him, mostly out of habit at this point, with no expectations. I had no plans today and really didn't want to  spend it all cruising, but I really, REALLY wanted to fuck someone cute. I saw him on as soon as I  logged in, and hit on him again expecting nothing, but surprisingly this time I had his address and phone  number within about 10 minutes. Easy indeed!

I got to his place, a huge rambling half-floor in an old building in Prospect Heights, which he had filled with  knicknacks and suchlike; it was cozy. He had porn playing and was reluctant to kiss, which are both  turnoffs, and went immediately for my groin with his hands. I'm a slow starter, so this is also a little annoying because guys seem disappointed that I don't have a giant boner instantly upon entering their abode. I didn't have much  choice to whip out my flaccid dick for him to work on, since he didn't seem much up for kissing. He was  rather aggressive and toothy and I wasn't getting very hard. So I sat in a chair and watched the porn,  which wasn't bad, and just laid back in the chair with my hands behind my head and figured, let him work for it. I remembered that he was really more about sucking dick than getting fucked in our conversations, but he  didn't give the kind of slow velvety head I liked, and I worried he wouldn't be into fucking since the head wasn't really going anywhere, and that I'd made a mistake in going to for the easiest thing.

But he *did* look great with my dick in his mouth. And each time I pulled his face up to mine to kiss him, he  seemed a little more into it. That got my dick to swelling, and the energy built. He moved us into the bedroom and I spread  him out between my thighs with his sweet ass in the air, and then I was feeling really good. He had a  natural body, actually rather soft, but it looked great arrayed out like that for me to behold while he licked my  dickhead. I flipped him over and got on top of him and slid my tool against his beautifully smooth belly and he went ape-shit, grabbing my back, writhing, moaning, wrapping his leg around mine, stroking the hair on  my arm. This was getting good. I flipped him back over and ate him out some; his ass was soft, not firm, but  beautifully formed and perfectly hairless; his chest was lightly hairy, and this is a favorite combination of mine. I had to get my dick in. It slid in so smoothly and easily I wasn't even sure I was really in, and not just moving down between his thighs. But I pulled all the way out and all the way back in, and realized it was just a case of a perfect fit.  His insides were chemically reacting with my precum so electrically that I immediately wanted to blow just from the sensation of my dick sliding in those two times. But I held back and just fucked him extremely slowly-- all the way  out, so I could see my dickhead glistening from our juices, and then all the way in, hard and deep, then straining my dick muscles so that my it would be its hardest, most engorged, thickest, longest. And he yelped wildly every time I got all of my inches in him like that. It was agony holding back from cumming, not plowing him hard like I wanted to, but just making those looong, deep strokes. It was fucking awesome and we both exclaimed how much we  loved it. I deep-dicked him over and over. Sometimes, wanting to make him feel more, I would just do short  pounding strokes with the whole dick inside him, more bucking than thursting really, which didn't give me that delicious sliding sensation along the length of my dick, but which he clearly felt deep inside, so I kept it up. But then after a few more long slow electric velvety smooth strokes,  I just had to cum. I pulled out, not sure where he wanted the cum, thinking maybe he wanted to swallow it, exclaimed my urgent need to him, and helpless to do much more thinking about it, jerked it till long hot ropes of  juice were dropping against his ass and lower back. It felt like I got maybe 7 long jets out, and he said he felt each one. "You DO cum a lot!" he said after we laid back to rest. "Are you like that every day?? Even if you  just beat off??" I told him it depended on how excited I was, that his beautiful ass had gotten me really  excited, but I do tend to cum a lot.

He was a nice guy; he showed me some artful photographs of the Arboretum, which I was considering visiting, and we had a nice chat after we cleaned up. I left his place and explored the area, with a whole day ahead of me, because for once, this connection was as easy as could be.

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