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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wait and Hurry Up

Today I fucked a little hispanic fellow that I had an extremely good time fucking once before, late last year. Today was one of those wait and hurry up kind of days. I had only gotten off once since the superhairy stinky beauty last week, on Thursday, when I was so horny I was going out of my mind and just had to beat off looking at some porn in order to concentrate on real life. So I had about 5 days worth of high-pressure fuckjuice roiling around in my balls, and I knew I wanted to find someone to get off in, but there didn't seem to be much going on online today. Until about 3 or 3:30-- suddenly I'd been hit up by a beautiful, meaty bottom wanting to get "bred", the little hispanic dude, and a guy who had broken his plans to come over today and then suddenly wanted to un-break them. I suddenly had to make a quick decision about who to fuck. Not sure what's in the air, but maybe I wanted to go with a sure thing and not try to play flakes against each other, and I have such positive associations for the little guy that I was incredibly horny for him when he hit me up. So without much ceremony I told the new guys they were out of luck, and I sat here waiting for the little fucker to arrive.
He showed up pretty quickly and we got right to it. He really doesn't look like much, a mere slip of a thing with a tiny, alarmingly thin, tight body, but he's an extremely sensual guy. He loves being touched, he loves having my beard stroked against his neck, and he loves my dick. This was truly a case of cock worship, and it had me rock-hard the entire time. When he starts off he can almost be infuriatingly gentle, but I like being teased. He builds up to hitting my hot spots with pressure. I told him not to expect fucking this time, because I was just too pent up to last, but I had to flip him over and grind my meat into him because something about his slenderness just makes me want to ram the hell out of him. But I didn't put it in... Using one hand, I stroked his balls and the bristly skin between his legs and tapped his asshole gently with one finger, petting him down there with just fingertips like a pussy cat, while my full weight was pressed against hist body and my other hand cradled the his head to my face. "I want inside," I kept whispering, "I want it," and he whimpered and sighed over and over, but said he was not prepared for that. So more sucking, more lips gently held against each other as he held my dick, and stroked me into an intense euphoria. We had been at it for an hour. "Remember last time, how we fucked and fucked and fucked?" I cooed into his ear as I thrust my dick between his thighs, sliding past his ass. "Remember how good it was?" And he said yes and yes and yes. I kept up the teasing attention to his hole and finally he had to have me in him too, but he needed me to go slow. (I don't remember this last time, but I was fine with it this time.) He was a little dry but between us we got enough spit on my tool to slid it in comfortably.

And then I could really fuck him. Bouts of fast alternated with slow, with me holding his thighs back, or putting my weight on his shoulders, or holding his ankles, or letting him wrap his legs around my waist and lying on him with my full weight and just feeling the warmth of my dick inside him. I fucked him for about a half an hour, and then had to cum, and I pounded and pounded. "In you or on you?" I asked when I knew I was going to let go, and he said "On me," so I pulled out and doused him with hot thick goo. "You weren't kidding," he said, "You came so much." He put it on my dick and sucked it off again. He held my meat in his throat while it softened. I was pretty dizzy from so much pleasure.

He took a shower while I lay spent on the bed, worrying I would actually fall asleep, I was so spent and relaxed. He came out and told me he was apartment hunting, that he'd been living with his ex and it wasn't working out, and that the ex was bipolar and a mess. I gave him a drink of water and

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