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Thursday, February 16, 2012


Today I hooked up with a guy I've been wanting for a long time-- the guy who forgot his wallet on the way to the subway and cancelled a few weeks ago, during my dry spell. He's been a frustrating guy from the start; he'd often hit me up and wander away before I answered, or say he was up for meeting and sign off. Then of course the I'm on-my-way-now, I'm-not-coming thing a while back. But his pics were a real turnon-- a tight, meaty looking body and a nice all-american sorta face. So I would keep after him, but it was never good timing to get together. Earlier today I was feeling really pent-up-- haven't gotten off since Saturday-- another fella hit on me, saying he would suck me off for as long as I wanted, and he gave me his address, but by the time I got into the subway he'd cancelled, saying his roommate came home. Argh! I asked if he'd just come to me, and he asked for my address, then vanished. So when Mr Meaty showed up online a few hours later I hit him up, and he was on his way within 10 minutes. Bingo! Or so I thought.

I'm tempted to do a kind of all-body phrenology of sexual ability and technique, because I am starting to think I can tell just by looking at them what kind of sex they're going to want. Mr Meaty showed up looking great, a bit more of a belly than in his pictures but just a great build overall. His face was a bit more boyish than in the pictures but quite handsome. But he had a very definite whitebread kind of look that I have come to associate with not-so-connected sex. His ass was beautiful in his jeans and I was eager to get to it, but he clearly wanted to talk a bit to warm up, so we chit chatting while standing there, even though he had a hard appointment that would leave us 45 minutes to fool around at most. But I didn't want to push it, so I chitchatted, and then we went to the bedroom.

Well, he went crazy while we were kissing and it sort of never stopped. He pulled my clothes off, sniffed me all over like a hungry dog, kissed and bit with a kind of abandon, pushed me around a bit on the bed, was rather frenzied; generally just not what I respond to. So I wasn't really getting hard. It was very frustrating, because his body was totally the kind of body I like and his lips were beautiful to kiss and suck. I went to eat his ass, hoping to get a boner from that, and he jumped around at my touch as if he was extremely ticklish. At least he seemed to have a good sense of humor and not be uptight, so I asked him outright if it was too tickly, and he just mumbled sheepishly that that was "a little wild" for him. He had beautiful meaty cheeks and thighs that swelled with muscle and thick calves and ankles for me to grasp, but it was a little silly with him flopping around so I had to let it go, and just decided to suck his dick. It was not very big but once he was fully hard-- I guess this wasn't turning him on any more than me-- it was beautifully meaty and the head was thick and smooth against my tongue. This did turn me on and get me hard. I sort of had to do more face fucking and so on than I like, and he started a lot of porny daddy/son talk, asking for my DNA and stuff, being my baby boy. He was advertised as top/versatile on line but once he saw that I wasn't going to indulge anything more that sucking his dick he bottomed right up.

Eventually I warmed up to him, and gave up on the morning's dream of the long silky blowjob to expertly drain my nuts, and just rolled with it. Wrestling with a guy like that and grinding my dick into him is definitely fun, though I kept getting so close to coming that I had to keep pulling my dick out of contact with his body. When I pulled away he would often cling to me fiercely, which was kind of fun. We did some 69 that was verrry nice. His whole dick fit just fine in my mouth without any discomfort, and he actually gave pretty good head in the midst of all this.

In the end I just came by holding our cocks together (a wonderful heavy handful of tubesteak) and beating my dick off against his dick. It was a pretty nice load which seemed to turn him on, and then he got off. He took a shower and we talked a bit. He said he'd really like to get together, which is typical-- the guys you have amazing sex with are the ones who are hard to pin down next time, and the ones who really just don't mesh with you want you again. Why is the world designed this way?

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