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Saturday, March 31, 2012


Tonight I did something I never do (and have not done since something like 1996)-- got off under the influence. And in combination with something else I don't do too often: hooked up with a repeat. While the guy is someone I really like and it went on for an hour and a half and the orgasm was mind-erasing, my assessment of the situation is mixed.

I'm spending a night in a cheap hotel outside DC, where I lived for far too long, to visit some friends tomorrow and break up the drive home. I did not manage to succeed in my goal of getting a different guy every day during the week; yesterday the men of my hometown reverted to their more typical form. These are people who have hit on me every single time I've gone down there, and fail to actually hook up with me every single time, often with ridiculous excuses. For YEARS. One pricktease had given me his number and his address, but after I'd driven halfway to him, he texted me to cancel, saying a neighbor had dropped by. This was 11pm! A likely story! Earlier in the day a guy who had been after me all week hit me up on a hookup site saying how "thirsty" he was, and when I tried to seal the deal he said he had to go to the gym! Eesh.

So I went without completely. This made me feel like I *had* to find someone tonight for some reason. I started thinking about issues of quantity vs quality. I like to think I don't put the former over the latter, sleeping with absolutely anyone who would have me. But I did feel like I maybe got with some guys who were fine looking but maybe not up to my usual standards but I did it anyway in this push to seed a different guy every day. And the sites here in DC are full of all the old people I remembered from three years ago, most with the same pictures, even. So I began thinking about forgoing a search at all in the interest of temperance. But pretty quickly I heard from a guy who used to sort of be a cocksucker-on-call  for me, whom I would often hit up at the end of the day because he lived near my office and I could just swing by and get off. He is definitely one of the most talented cocksuckers I ever had. And he's a big, muscular, handsome, very manly guy, to boot. But I'd actually sort of forgotten about him completely. So when he msged me I said "You're a sight for sore eyes!" and asked if he'd be willing to come to my cheap motel. He was.

He texted me on the way asking if I would smoke with him, and I at first said no, because the room is non-smoking and I actually hate pot. But then I started remembering how horny it would sometimes make me, and thought it would be fun. So I told him to bring it, but that we'd have to smoke it in his car. He showed up looking pretty much the same if a little heavier and grayer, but still as handsome and muscular. He was already a little high, and a little paranoid about "cameras" in the parking lot, so we drove around a little bit till I could convince him there would not be a camera in the bushes against that chain link fence. He gave me a pipe in the car and I took two hits, the second one making me cough so deeply and unpleasantly I turned down any more. I wasn't feeling anything at all from it.

We went back into the room, undressed pretty quickly, and within seconds he was between my legs. He's awesome in that he doesn't mind working on my dick almost excruciatingly slowly; first he just puts it against his face, slowly rubbing it up and down, and starts out with only the smallest kisses and licks, and small strokes of his fingers under my balls. Then bigger licks as it begins to swell, all so slowly paced that when he first puts my dickhead in his mouth, I jolt with intense pleasure. At this point I'm wondering if the pot really is kicking in, but it could be his uncommon ability-- this is better head than I've had in over a year. He has very sensitive nips so we get a nice closed-circuit of pleasure running from my dickhead, down my shaft, through my balls, up the sides of my body where his hands rest, through my arms and into my fingers, around and over his nipples and through his chest, up his neck, into his tongue, and back into my dickhead. I feel almost trancelike as he whimpers like an animal every time my finger circles his nipple.

At other points I felt like he was a lot less disconnected than usual; he would kiss but seemed much less interested in it than I remember, and just very "potty" in his behavior, moving slowly and spacily. And I would feel a strange frustrated feeling that I wasn't higher, as he was, in his words, "orbiting Jupiter right now." I'm just not used to being that jarred during sex, especially sex this good. But the moment doesn't feel as intense as usual.

But then we shift positions slightly, with his head on my thigh just running his tongue over my hair-trigger hot spots again, and I'm stroking his back, and that blissful, trancelike feeling comes back. He needs to rest and puts his head on my chest and actually falls alseep for a bit. I laugh, and he's all "What what what?" and I tell him he was snoring a little. He said he was fine, and held my erection and stroked it and admired it and watched beads of precum form in my hole and then licked them off. He shifted back between my legs, and my dick fit into his mouth and down his throat perfectly, with that velvety stroke against my most sensitive point, and though I feel like I want this to go on all night, I also feel the cum rising, and rather than hold back, I relax completely, and let him lick the orgasm right out of me. I feel my bone harden and swell and fire, and he is completely rapt, not moving at all except slowly rubbing his tongue against that little patch of skin that has me seeing stars and feeling like I'm going to pass out. I told him not to stop even after no liquid was squirting out, and he nodded and kept it up, and I had another small intense jolt of orgasm. He sighed and sighed and grunted and laid on his side again, with my still-hard cock down his throat. And he just slowly moved his head, just enough to keep me thick and firm, and nuzzled me and nuzzled me until I softened and popped out. And he pressed his fact against me again, and I felt the ridge of my cockhead against his short goatee. And he dozed off again. I let him sleep with his head in my lap for a few minutes, but then I stroked his hair and bounced my dick and he woke up again. I tried to talk him into just sleeping here, though I would have felt weird about it; he seemed completely stoned and I didn't want him to drive. But he bounced up and made a show of sounding very lucid, and seemed to really be uncomfortable with staying here so he got his things and he left.

Thus ends my ridiculously promiscuous week! I don't think I'm going to attempt anything like this again. But it was fun and I got off with six guys in a week.... definitely a record for me! I've done the quantity thing now. Looking forward to going back to the land of quality men... New York City!


  1. Hey Bud.

    I love your blog! I started reading from the beginning, but haven't quite read all your posts.

    Amazing you describe yourself as average but have these porn star hookups.

    Thanks for blogging. I'm digging it.

    I'd love to hear the story of your adolescence.....I think were of a similar age.

    What's your e-mail address? I couldn't find it in your profile.

    1. I only just now realized there was a spam box on blogspot for comments, and this fell into that for some reason. So I missed this one, way back when! Sorry about that, Jack. I am indeed what I consider completely average, and have no clue why half the guys I get with let me put my dick in them. I think it just comes down to my willingness to hit on anyone I'm attracted to, even if they're out of my league, if they give any hint that they might be good in bed and non-body-nazi-like. I'm also hairy and a little stealth-gay, I guess, and I think some guys dig that. Who knows! The universe is very kind to me.

      I'm hesitant to include my email here for various reasons, but if yer still interested in chatting I can email you at your blog.

      Anyway thanks as always! Sorry for the crazy long delay!