web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: Again

Monday, July 2, 2012


Today I fucked the Cuter Than Picture guy again-- successfully, cleanly, and to copious completion this time, thankfully. He works in a restaurant not far from my place, so I figured it would happen sooner or later, but while he has hit me up a few times since last month, of course I was always looking for a new field to plow, as it were, so I would be noncommittal. Today he hit me up early in the afternoon just being friendly, and the emails rapidly turned sexual, and I was getting turned on by my own explicit, terse descriptions of my cum, his body, and their desired interposition. He wouldn't be free till later in the day, but I think after last week's string of relatively lackluster experiences, I figured there are worse things than being roped into getting your dick sucked and squirting your semen in the body of a very cute guy with a nice body who you've already been with. So I waited for him to come over-- he left work early so we could have more time together-- and we had another awesome time.

The way he kisses, the way his spit tastes and his tongue slides along mine, the fullness of his lips, the shape of the back of his head covered with a buzz of bristly hair, the shape of his jaw, the muscles in his shoulders and triceps, his hard thick thighs and natural, manly torso had my dick swelling into a thick long bone, ready to slip to him up to the balls. I had forgotten, even after rereading the entry I did on him, how fucking beautiful his body looks spread out between my thighs while he serviced me. But he wanted my dick in him-- I could have spent an hour just making out with him and watching him thrill my dickhead with his velvety tongue-- and he jumped up on me, straddling me, and tried sticking my tool inside him. He was a little dry and there wasn't enough spit, so we switched it up and I flipped him over and ate his ass out a bit, then hopped up on him and aimed the missile into his innards. But he was still a little dry. Lube was procured, we slicked ourselves up while standing face to face and making out, then he pushed me on my back and rode me. I normally hate this position, and am not much for being pushed around by bottoms, either, but he's so cute and eager to please otherwise, and smells and tastes and feels so good, that I just laughed and watched him work my prick deeper and deeper into him, holding his hipbones and thrusting up into him a little as he rolled his waist around looking for just the right spot to tickle with my hardness.

I was a little pent-up today, after not unloading since the last guy last week, so I didn't think I was going to last long. I certainly didn't want to cum in that position-- there is no substitute for the rush of releasing all my high-pressure goo into a guy while manhandling him from above, controlling the depth and the hardness of the thrusting-- it is primally exciting to be in that position of fertilizing with your will and your cock and your semen, straining with your whole body at the moment you force your seed into the body of another. I pulled out to cool off a bit, and at one point we were standing again-- not sure why-- and he was slathering more lube on my dick. He said, "You've got a big dick," with obvious relish (my dick is meaty but pretty average). Feeling it in his hand got him visibly hot and bothered so he bent over and backed up to me and took me in with one motion, and I fucked him that way, needing to stand on my toes because my torso is short and his legs are long. Then I pushed him onto the bed on his back, ground into him a bit, looking at every thing, searing it into my brain, his face, his neck, his collarbone, his hairy torso under mine, his arms, his legs forced to the side in that position that screams sex, and was so excited being that close to him and inhaling his scent that I almost came-- I had to jump off the bed and clench every muscle in my body. The need to cum passed, and I could fuck him good now, hard and deep with every inch going all the way in, all the way out; I watched it with amazement at how something so simple could be so beautiful. MY dick, doing that, and him yelping with pleasure being filled over and over. His legs were wrapped around me, with his feet somehow resting on my feet, sole to sole, in an unusually intimate way that lit up some nerve that went directly to my testicles, bypassing my brain. I told him, "I can't fuck you any more, it feels too good," and he smiled, maybe not knowing what I meant, but I was already feeling that wet pulse that meant the time was here and passing fast. I fucked him and fucked him as his insides filled with my juice. God, why can't that last more than a few seconds? Thirty, at most?

He smiled up at me as I slowed my thrusts at the end of my orgasm, and said, "How do you want to cum?" I said, "Uh, what do you think that just was? I came in you!" And like a reflex, his hand was jerking his own big fat cock, and he demanded, "Get down here." His legs and hips were pushing me away as he was arching up and jerking himself off, but I pushed harder and got close to him, sucking his lips while he shot all over his hairy belly. I don't think this fuck lasted very long, maybe a half an hour. I wish I could have lasted longer. He looks awesome underneath me, nailed by my fat tool. A half an hour is not enough inside a good bottom like him.

We both needed to shower, so we talked animatedly while we cleaned up, and I gave him a glass of tea while he talked about this and that, apartments and friends and vacations and my ridiculously overpopulated spice rack-- he's verrrrry chatty but I like him so I didn't mind. He seemed glad we got together again, and I'm happy to have had an uncomplicated experience with a cute guy. It's a testament to his sexual energy that the familiarity of his body did not keep me from being into fucking him. He's a really fun fuck.


  1. Hot post!!! Would you or have you posted any pics of your dick? Just curious?

    1. Thanks Mr. I'm old-fashioned, and prefer to keep this blog text-only, with the exception of the picture in my profile here, suggesting the view you'd get if you were going to service my tool. I was just recognized yesterday on bbrts by a reader, so I'm pretty easy to find online, if you want to check me out.

    2. I understand sir! I was just curious! I like the view of you in your profile pic! The dick print is hot!!! Looks as if you have nice feet too! May I ask what your profile name on bbrt is?

    3. Work for it a little, Mr!

  2. I wish I could work on it if you know what I mean...but we're far apart! I'll try to work for it.....