web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: Unbelievable

Thursday, May 31, 2012


I can't believe who I just fucked... in about three different ways. He and I had been talking on Adam4Adam for well over a year, maybe even two, but had never gotten together. His pix online are verrry nice, showing a tight, slight but beautifully muscular body, and an intense, latin face. I'm pretty sure I hit him up the first time, and he seemed to like me, but didn't want to fuck raw and seemed uninterested in all the other fun stuff you can do if that puts you off-- it was fucking or nothing. So I let it go. And he kept hitting on me, for months and months and months, but whenever there was a chance we could get together, we'd stumble over the fucking issue again as if it were brand new. Or he'd say he was OK with trying it raw (typically if I had posted that I'd just tested negative a week or two before), and then chicken out or float away. So I wrote him off and lost touch with him for a long time... till he texted me last week. He must have saved my number from previous flakeout, God knows how long ago. He said he'd deleted his profile on Adam4Adam because he was totally sexually frustrated and getting nowhere, but he still wanted to meet me. I'm a sucker for a  dude who validates me by (1) being smokin hot and (2) never forgetting about me and (3) asking for my dick over and over, even if it's just to make an ass out of me. So I did it all over again... and he chickened out again, right when we were sealing the deal! I told him he was giving mixed signals and he eventually said he knew he was... he just couldn't get over the raw thing. So the first thing I can't believe happened-- I told him I'd put a rubber on for him (I've really turned down way too many hot guys because they're unwilling to go bare, I think). I told him I'd fuck him after the long weekend sometime. He sounded very excited about this. And that day turned out to be today. And I just can't believe it.

Today we talked about hooking up during lunch, around 1. Which came and went. At 2 I decided he was a total mess and I was done. And five minutes later he said he was sorry but that he was on his way, and asked for my address. I gave it to him and things went silent again and I freaked out as I always do when I send out my address into the void of digital communication with no acknowledgment or reply. Other people had expressed interest in my topping services today and I couldn't believe I was foregoing other possibilities for this faker. At least I was getting a lot of work done, while the condom and lube sat forlornly on the bedside table. I contemplated calling him and telling him to go back home, if he'd ever even left, and never talk to me again.

Then a little before 3 he was here, and I had him buzzed up, not quite believing this was really happening, and wondering if he was going to look anything like his pictures, or if he did, if he'd like me. I imagined the worst outcome from all this. But he knocked at the door and I opened it and HOLY FUCK was he beautiful. The pictures did him no justice-- his shoulders were very broad, his waist was tiny, his pecs were ripe and swollen with muscle, he had a trendy foof of jet black hair on top of a buzzed head, and his eyes were mesmerizing. My nuts didn't know whether to run and hide in my torso from this dazzling apparition or swing down low and start churning out an urgently needed batch of cum STAT. I let him in and he smiled sheepishly, saying he had been way uptown and not in Chelsea like he said, and apologized for making me wait. And we looked into each other's eyes-- I couldn't believe someone like him was actually standing in my foyer-- and then he leapt up against me and we were making out among the coats and bags and umbrellas with a passionate intensity. He definitely knew how to kiss and had lips for days. I cupped his ass while we made out and my head started spinning-- he was just about perfect and he was all over me and I was all over him. After a while I disentangled us and said "Let's go to the back so we're not fucking in the hallway," and he laughed, and we went back to the bedroom, where he proceeded to thrill my dick with his magic tongue and throat and pump that fantastic little ass up and down on the bed. His skin was silky and brown and smooth and responded to my touch electrically. His small upright nipples liked little, light, circling touches-- that made him suck even more hungrily-- and I actually looked up at the ceiling at one point and was like "Holy shit, God, what am I doing right??" This was an amazing gift. I felt the end of his necklace resting on my nuts while he serviced my tool; for some reason this always makes me hot when it happens.

I pulled my bone out of his mouth and went to investigate the ass, which I can still feel against my face as I write this... so round and full on that small frame, swelling out from that tiny hard waist... I lapped and lapped at it while he whimpered into the pillow, and whenever I probed it with my tongue he exclaimed-- he *definitely* needed something in there, NOW. I was kneeling and worshipping at his temple of an ass and he put the soles of his feet on my hairy knees and I reached up under his thighs, sliding my hands up his torso until I found his little nipples, and tugged at them lightly and he made grunts of ecstasy.

I sat up to admire him spread out on my bed with his hole on display. I stroked my meat over it slowly, still slick from my spit as I had been working it as I ate his ass. It was a stupendous sight to behold; he was small so my dick looked freakishly big against his proportions. I ran it over his hole up and down in his asscrack, then slipped it under him to run along his pubes, then back in the crack, then back under along the pubes, and thought, I can't fuck this with a condom on, I just can't, I have to have this au naturel. I laid it on his hole one more time and squeezed his assmeat to make a velvety tunnel around it and fucked his glutes that way, and he started that wiggling that I recognize so well in a hungry bottom-- the movement a guy makes when he wants to ease a thick slab of sausage into his rear. I put my hands on my hips and let him. And he wiggled back onto my tool and I couldn't believe it but 5 seconds later my balls were hanging down on his perineum. I didn't have to do a thing. I was so excited I had to fuck him slowly at first, but then I was able to get up on my hands and knees and watch my white rod slide in and out of that ample brown ass. Or I could lay with my entire weight on him, with my arms covering his and our fingers interlaced, and I could suck his ear or breathe in his breath while I drilled everything I had into him. He started to twist, and said "Make sure you don't come out of me," and slowly turned us onto our sides, still coupled, then onto his back with me holding his upper thigh high with my own, to maintain access to his innards. His chest was there at eye level, glossy and smooth and full, and those hard nipples beckoned urgently, so I stoked his torso all over, twisting the nips, feeling the curves of the skin over his muscles, as I fucked him as deep as I could. I wanted to cum so badly; I didn't ever want to cum just as badly. He said he might need some lube, and started to pull me out, but I knew if I felt too much sliding I would lose it, so I hissed "No no no wait wait," and he paused, but even those few centimeters of gliding went right to the center of my brain, sending the signal to my nuts that this was too much, and I had to pull out hastily and spooge all over his balls, his dick, his inner thigh. "Oh noooooo I didn't want to do that," I said, but he was excited to feel my hot cum plopping down on him, and we sucked each other's lips and breathed into each other's nostrils heavily as I finished my orgasm. And we just stayed tangled up together, making out, running my hands over his taut skin, laughing a little together. "I could have fucked you all day but you got me a lit-tle excited there," I said, and he laughed and said "That's a good thing..." and he relaxed and closed his eyes and murmured, "Your hands feel so good on my skin." And for a few minutes we stayed like that, till my cum grew cold and he needed a shower.

After the shower, I said, "How the hell is someone like *you* sexually frustrated??" I found this impossible to believe, after spending those too-few blissful moments rubbing up against his white-hot sexiness with my schlubby, middle-aged body. He looked sheepish and said, "Well, it happens." And I said, "How?? You must have guys throwing themselves at you all the time." And he shook his head, and smiled with dazzlingly bright teeth. There is seriously something wrong with the world if I get all the ass I want and he's pining away for one dick, just on dick in Chelsea.

I could kill myself for cumming so fast-- I can't believe I wasted the chance to drill that all afternoon. I can't believe any of it... but it happened! He's another one I really have to see again. I need to give him a proper screw, so he's not sorry he let me in him skin-on-skin like that.


  1. Man I know how you feel. Normally I bottom and was feeling very horny for some jizz up my ass but I ran into this guy and he wanted to fuck me but couldn't get hard. He was georgeous firm dark skinned with blue grey eyes that could burn a hole in you. I decided to rim him since this makes me very hard and horny but instead it made hime want me to fuck him. I don't fuck often and I didn't think I could get hard enough to get in. I played with his ass while stroking myself and he was really hot for it. I took a chance and shoved my cock in and the head popped past his sphincter. Once that happened, I was in and could move back and forth. I felt my balls slapping his ass as I was pounding out his hole. Way too soon my balls seized up and I pumped him full of a 3 day load. It was absolutely fantastic. I should definitely top more often.

    1. No! The world doesn't need any more tops! Ideally, the only top would be me, so I could always have my pick. Stay bottomy!!

      But I am too droll. Fucking is fantastic and I always wonder why anyone with a dick doesn't want to stick it in other people all the time, as much as possible.