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Thursday, March 8, 2012


Today I fooled around with a little guy I've been talking to online for a good while who always kind of darted away whenever we talked, so I never thought he was for real. He's also not really much to look at in his pictures-- a little scrawny weasely guy, seemed like-- although I've seen him on the street in our neighborhood and there was something about his face that I really liked. This was one of those mysterious attraction things-- he has a beard and a big nose, both things I am really turned on by, but he is not really what anyone would call conventionally handsome. But I just really, really liked him. So today I saw him online and asked him if he wanted to suck me off. I have been traveling and was not able to get off at all, so I was seriously full of cum. He really only lives a few blocks from me so he was over in a jiffy.
Once he got here, I liked him even more. I believe he is Italian; at least, he sounded Italian. We only talked a little bit before my hands were all over him and I was sucking his lips. He liked to kiss and I loved his beard-- very dark and rather long but fetching on his face-- so my dick was getting hard pretty quick. We went to the bedroom and he took off his shirt; he did have thin arms but his torso was nicely defined with a nice amount of soft, dark hair on it. He had just gotten a haircut maybe a week before so it had that silky, velvety feel. He took off his underpants and his dick and his nuts were really big-- even for a normal-sized guy, but on this little 5'6 guy, they looked freakin huge. At this point my tool  was hard enough to cut diamonds. We rolled around some and I humped him-- just the feeling of my dick sliding along between his legs was heaven, and I had to seriously fight back the urge to cum at least once. He positioned himself between my thighs to suck me just right, and I pushed him flat on the bed to see his sweet, sweet round ass, totally hairless. So I ate him out. The root of his penis was extremely firm and prominent between his legs, and covered with more soft hair. I couldn't keep away from it.

I had to suck this beauty of a dick, and for a while we 69'ed, which was a little difficult because his dick was extremely hard too and had an upward bend that made me have to pull it down hard to suck it from that position. But the bend was just right for it to fit all the way down my throat. I don't suck a lot of dick, but his was perfectly shaped, and I like nothing more than having a throat full of meat while my own dick is getting sucked. His body felt so sweet and smooth to my touch. He had some interesting tattoos all around but I was too engrossed in the pleasure to read them all. Every time I precummed he would stop and ceremoniously squeeze it all out of my shaft, smear it on his fingers, and lick it off. When I was on top of him pressing my dick against his, he would hold my back tight and put his feet on my hairy thighs and press his groin hard into mine-- this made me want to pound him and unload every time, but I kept pulling back. Repeatedly we just kind of looked at each other and laughed because we were having so much fun.

Eventually I was reduced to just repeatedly pulling his body to me, fingering his asshole, and maybe sliding my dickhead against his body a little, but then needing to stop and just hold my body hard against his. He told me he wanted to see me cum, so I laid back with him beside me, and he stroked my tool while we kissed. It felt amazing, and I told him he was going to make me cum, and he looked deep into my eyes. And I just splooged all over him, putting my head against his neck and holding the side of his torso. He began furiously jerking off, stopping only once to swipe up some of my cum to smear on his dick. I put my own hand in my big puddle of goo and smeared it all over his chest, and this made him cum too. I was so pent-up that I kept beating off and feel like I came again, something that happens sometimes when I haven't gotten off in a long time and then edge for a long time. We were together for almost an hour, so I was absolutely full of sexual energy that I needed to spend.

He didn't seem like the type to hang out any after he came, which was a little too bad because I was really feeling him. But we chatted a bit and he told me the apartment a couple floors beneath him had completely burned up over the weekend. Yikes! He said he'd like to get together again sometime. I really want to fuck him... maybe I can work on that. The perfect combination of small stature and giant dick and balls, along with his manly face, is something I really have to get close to again.

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