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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bait and Switch

Today I fucked a guy who used laughably fake pix, but was still a good time. This has happened to me before: a perfectly fine-looking guy uses pix of another perfectly fine-looking guy-- not hot, tempting guys but guys who are perfectly serviceable, and yet bear no resemblance whatsoever to the actual person in any way. If the guy turns out not to be someone I would be attracted to, I send them away or just leave, saying it isn't working out in person, you never know till you try, blablabla. But today, the guy showed up actually a little more my type than the pictures, which were a little too pretty/boyish for me; this guy was much more in the regular guy realm. Not a hot guy but nice face, reasonably attractive, with a decently proportioned if ever-so-slightly chunky build. He had a friendly manner as he came in (I later found out he's a real estate agent) so I thought, what the hell. I had only advertised for a blowjob and he said all the right things-- suck you for as long as you want, nip play drives me wild and makes me hungry for cum, I can go for hours sucking dick, etc etc etc. So I said "Ready to suck some dick?" and he said "Hell yeah!" and started taking off his tie. We kissed a bit and went back to the bedroom; his ass looked cute in his pants. Little did I know what other bait and switches I was in for.

I told him to strip for me and he started pulling off his clothes to reveal a luxuriantly hairy chest which I liked very much, and ridiculously huge gumdrop nipples, which is also a turnon (reluctantly so, because they look so artificial; I guess these guys pump?). He stripped down to some little black briefs that showed off his ass nicely. We made out while he unbuttoned my shirt and then pulled out my wang. I told him to kneel, and he did the yes-sir thing, and started sucking my dick. And that was very nice. And then he pulled my hands onto his nipples. And that was the theme of the hour-- my hands and mouth were not to leave the nipples. "Pull them hard, twist them, I can take it, I'm a man," he said. I don't typically like guys who are this pushy but my husband has trained me to be ultra-excited by guys who are slaves to their chests. This guy whimpered and begged nonstop for more and more nip play. When we got in the bed he knelt and hunched over my tool, and I was able to hook my thighs under his thighs, which were thick, meaty, and hairy, and also reach up to pull and twirl his nips while he licked the hotspot on my dickhead. It was a nice circuit of close contact and pleasure, but more work than I'd bargained for; I wistfully thought of the guy who also offered to suck me off, was built like a brick shithouse, and had a very hot latin face, and just wanted me to lay there and do nothing, but who was high and extra-kinky, so I turned him down. Nip Pig sucked me pretty nicely, but if my hands strayed at all, he would grab them back. I started a little "suck my dick right and I'll give you some more nips, you have to earn it" game, and he was ok with that for a bit, but then again with the pushy and the begging.

But the thing about these nipple slaves is that they'll essentially let you do anything to them as long as you keep up the stimulation. I don't know what the deal is with this but it's universal. The head was nowhere near as attentive as I'd wanted it to be, so I flipped him on his back and sucked and chewed his chest while I pushed his thighs apart with my knees and worked my dickhead down between his legs. His hole was very moist and did not seem hugely tight, so I thought I could imperceptibly inch my dickhead in while I worked on him. We hadn't talked about this at all but he didn't seem to mind and wiggled down on me a little. The warmth and contact of his insides was too much and made me feel like I would cum right away, so I pulled away and ground into his dick some. Then back at the gate, and more slow inching pat, and eventually I began sliding in smoothly, an inch at a time. All the while working his nips with my fingers and mouth, and he said "You can have whatever you want, just don't stop" and "You took that ass, now you have to use it right," with a smile in his eyes. So I didn't stop and I fucked him, slowly at first because if I did more than 6 or 7 strokes at a time I would feel like I would lose it. But then the intensity subsided a little bit and I could fuck him for real, sometimes hauling his hips up against mine, with an armful of thigh, so my dick could go in all the way up to the nuts and I could ram him into me as I knelt. It was a very nice slick experience; I could tell I was precumming freely in him, making the path ultra-slippery. His body was not as good as I am used to but it was pretty much about like mine, honestly, so I couldn't complain; I just closed my eyes and focused on the sensations. And I love fucking a guy who's out of his mind on a natural pleasure. So I kept fucking till I couldn't take it any more. We'd talked about him swallowing me, but we didn't talk about this at all, so I pulled out and shot a long thick jet right over his head, off the side of the bed, and onto the floor (I just realized I need to go clean that up; I almost forgot about it till now). And I plopped the rest all over his chest, belly, and dick. He loved all the cum and said if I just squeezed him hard he would cum. And he did.

I'm always happy to add another bottom to my fuck list, so I don't mind all the false advertising. He, of course, wants to get together again; I think I have more patience with the nip thing than most guys do. But I'm me so on to the next guy... who I hope is and does exactly what he says, this time.


  1. Another hot story...would love to see you shoot those big loads in person some time, damn. As for your bottom list, do you keep a running total of the different bottoms you've fucked? I did that for a couple years then it became more work then it was worth, then I started again this year. Up to 26 different men so far in 2012.

    1. Well this blog is sort of an attempt to do that, hornyfather... when I was in my 20s (and much less of a slut than now), I kept a player-style black book listing everyone I slept with, with symbols for how we met, the acts we did, how big their dick was, and stuff like that. I abandoned that when I met my partner, as we were monogamous (at that point I'd been with about 100 guys, but only fucked maybe a quarter of them). I honestly wish I'd started this blog years ago so I could relive all those experiences. But I'm not sure of the actual numbers of guys I specifically fucked, as opposed to got blown by, say. In the next post, maybe I'll count up how many here so you can see. For me it's more about accumulated experiences and quirks. But I know guys love numbers, averages, stats! So next time I'll give you some.