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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Today I got to enjoy the kind of mind-erasing, nut-draining edge session that I've been waiting for for at least a year and a half, since I lost my best cocksucker. (He started to fall for me and said he couldn't come over any more or it would break his heart that he couldn't have me. I recently emailed him asking how he was doing, and he said he had a serious boyfriend now, so I'm very happy for him. And I hope the boyfriend appreciates what a fantastic cocksucker he is.) I hadn't gotten off since I glazed Younbeard's face and was seriously jonesing. I needed a completely selfless dude to completely service me. In the past couple months, I've felt like Manhunt and Adam4Adam are somehow drying up-- there are fewer and fewer new profiles there, seems like-- and Craigslist has been a waste for a long time now. I was actually feeling a little desperate. So when a nebbishy but borderline handsome guy checked me out on Manhunt, I hit him up asking if he wanted to suck me off. He did, so I ran over. And he was GOOD.

When I got there we went right to the bedroom, which was a real sty to be honest. And he kissed with lips pursed the way a five-year-old would do when kissing his grandma (I wondered if I had bad breath maybe?). These things normally are bonerkillers for me, and it all goes downhill from there. But once he got my dick in his mouth, I knew that he was what I forgot I'd even been waiting for.

Some guys just know exactly how to hit the right spots on a dickhead, how to knead the whole length of a schlong with their tongue when it is down their throat, how to make your cock feel like the center of the universe. My balls were achy-full so I didn't really even want to kiss or eat his ass or hump him, though I did a little bit of the latter and was tempted to slip my bone in his little ass when I saw it sticking up as he stretched out between my thighs with his belly on the bed. But I just wanted to be perfectly serviced until my head was spinning and I was seeing stars. He had a big clock next to his bed, and I noticed he had me wanting desperately to shoot after about 15 minutes. I had told him he had to suck me for at least an hour, and he said he was up for it and would never get tired and never quit until I wanted to cum. I thought, how am I gonna stand this for another 45 minutes?

Well, I did. It seemed like my dick was just getting harder and harder and longer and longer in his mouth, and my dickhead got fatter and fatter and fleshier and fleshier as he popped it in and out of his mouth, enjoying the feeling of the ridge bumping past his lips, I could tell. At one point I got on top of him and he greedily laid back and let me fuck his mouth with my thigh draped across his chest and his dick against my calf. When I was done he said, "I *really* like that, please keep doing that," so I obliged for a bit, though it began to feel like, hey, wait a minute, I'm doing too much work here. So I laid back again and pointed to my prong and he got back to work.

This is when the edging really began. The contrast between the thrusting feeling-- the pleasure that just using those muscles gives any real top-- and the utterly passive feeling of having your glans expertly tongued over and over is nirvana. He knelt between my legs in a serious down-to-work service pose, and I put my calves tightly against his haunches so we were close, and for 45 blissful minutes (which began to fly by), we traded off. On my back the whole time, I would grasp the back of his tightly buzzed head and PILE DRIVE my pole into his accepting throat-- he never gagged, gasped, or wanted me to stop; I could drill the fuck out of his skull for minutes at a time and he did not complain, tear up, or do anything but take it happily. I would do it till my balls ached from bouncing against his chin and my breath was short, or I felt like any more thrusting would make me unload. And then I would stop, and he would not miss a beat, giving me that incredible sensation right on the hotspot of my dickhead, and tonguing all up and down the length of my tool. We traded off maybe a dozen times. The afternoon was just slipping by. I thought, how many more times can I fuck his face before I can't control myself any more? Once, I really did feel the tubes fill up with goo inside my body while I was pistoning. I stopped and he started to do his magic, but I shouted "Whoa, whoa, whoa, stop, wait, stop," and he nodded with my dick in his mouth, just keeping it warm and motionless. I dangled dangerously on the precipice but held myself together-- he might have gotten a little salty ooze but I was OK again. And again he hit me just fucking right, and I was dizzy and high on my own fucking dick, and I could fuck his face again without danger of losing it.

Then he had me where I wanted to be, unable to think, not really seeing anything, hardly aware of him at all, just communing with my own dick and balls. I was giving him a steady stream-of-consciousness commentary on how good he was making me feel, but otherwise, it was just me and my privates alone in the world. I felt sure I could ride this wave for at least 5 minutes. I really wanted it. But he was too good. It was all too good. And I felt my dick tense up more and more and more, get harder and harder and harder, and longer and longer and longer, and my dickhead swelled up to a huge side inside his mouth, all in beautiful orgasmic slow-motion, and he could tell I was going to cum, and I did. He was stock-still-- I could have used some licking while I was squirting; that is like hitting a brick wall of pleasure, when a guy licks your dickhead just right as you are ejaculating. But it was OK. He wanted to feel every pulse, I could tell. He wanted to feel me cumming in him, concentrate on it. And I let him. I would just gently tip my hips up and down to get a tiny bit of friction against his tongue, and he got enough cum for five men down his throat. It was a big one and I didn't stop coming for a long time.

We rested a bit and he seemed extremely pleased with himself. Unlike many other cocksuckers, he wasn't very obsequious. He didn't want to kiss, didn't seem to want me to fuck him, had no sensitive spots he wanted me to touch-- he just wanted to suck my dick. He did, however, stroke my body beautifully when I was really in the zone. He combed through my pubic hair with his fingers, arranging it nicely with my knob down his throat the whole time, and he stroked the hair on my stomach and thigh while he pushed my buttons. He was definitely a good cocksucker. He knows how good he is. But I do like a little bit of top-worship.

Man, I needed that. He really cleaned out the pipes.

Afterward we discussed his house, which was going under renovations, and he was very proud of it and excited about what was being done. I'd like to do some on my own apartment, and thought maybe I could use his contractor. Not sure that tile work is up to snuff though...

Of course now I just want to find *another* cocksucker just as good as him, but different. Because I am a big whore and need to cum in a different guy every time.

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