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Monday, May 14, 2012


Today I splooged all over the face of a cute, nerdy guy. I'm not all that into facial cumshots, to be honest, and would rather have been brought to the edge orally and swallowed, but it's what he wanted, so it's what I gave him.

I wasn't even all that horny today, to be honest. Though I hadn't gotten off since last week, I had a busy weekend and a lot to do today, and just didn't have much time to think about getting off, much less cruise for someone to unload in. Cute Nerd is someone I hit on a while back but never hooked up with; he's one of those people who languished sadly on my buddy list on Manhunt, well past the usual realm of possible hookup and into the realm of when-am-I-just-going-to-take-him-off. But today I checked out his profile idly, and he immediately wrote me and asked to suck my dick, and promised to do so for as long as I wanted. Music to my ears! So I ran over, ever the slave to a few square centimeters of skin on my dickhead.

He's one of the rare people who looks like his pix but better in person, at least to me. Online his pictures made his face look elongated-- he seemed like he recently lost a lot of weight so for all I know he *did* elongate them, on purpose, to make himself look thinner. But while he was a little doughier than I liked (and much too tall for a bottom, at 6'2), his face was totally the kind of face that makes me melt a little inside-- very strong, large features with a little bit of a vulnerability to his look, with sensitive and deep brown eyes. He had a lot of scruff on his face and his lips were fantastic so we made out a lot. He looked a lot like the kind of straight guy I would get a big crush on in high school and college-- solid-looking but also nerdy and shy.

He gave pretty good head but part of his cockworshipping routine was to rub my meat all over his face, which would normally delight me, but the scruff was seriously abrading my poor delicate dong. His own dick was pretty fuckin huge, which I liked because he was so submissive; these contrasts in a guy really turn me on. For long stretches we just made out and stroked each other's dicks, which was heaven. And at one point I slipped my tongue into his ear and he went nuts; bingo, I'd found his hot spot. I climbed on top of him (we has really just too big for this, with VERY large thighs) and rubbed my dick in his precum and licked his ears all over and he just moaned and whimpered and pulled my ass down so I was pressing my dick into him hard. This was pretty nice. I like guys who have something about them that makes them lose their minds when it's touched. He began to sweat like crazy.

I couldn't stop looking at his tool, though-- it was a full inch and a half longer than mine, a shade thicker, and covered with long branching veins, top and bottom. His dickhead was hard as marble and had a wide ridge. Just holding it in my hand made my own dick hard as a rock while he sucked me. I thought of a guy who looked a bit like him who was my physics lab partner in college. I would have given anything to see his dick. And to see my dick in his mouth. For a while I fantasized it was him, which was a little distracting. It's rare that I think about other guys like this during sex, but somehow, this guy made me.

Halfway through we were interrupted by what I worried was an urgent work text-- this was late for a lunch hour assignation-- but turned out to be my husband asking what color 40% off shorts I wanted at the Gap. This made me lose my erection (I asked for khaki, if you must know), and my bone was so scraped by Cute Nerd's beard that I wasn't getting hard again just from sucking. So I got back on top of him, and sucked his ears some more until his yelps of pleasure got me hard again-- nothing turns me on like a guy who is turned on. I fucked his handsome face some, then got back on and humped some more. And then I asked him if he wanted it on his face, and he looked very excited, and I sat up and painted him good. After two or three squirts he wanted it in his mouth, but it was so sensitive I had to pull it back out again and jerk it, and he kept licking at the cum that was still spurting out. He closed his eyes and ran his hand through the slime on the side of his face and smeared it all over his own dick, then motioned for me to put my dick back in his mouth, and he beat himself into bliss with my cum on his tongue and all over his meat. This was pretty gratifying.

We talked a bit as I got dressed and he seemed painfully shy, but just so freakin cute. But honestly I had no time for this adventure today and now my dick is pretty sore in my pants... I may need to give it a bit of a rest to heal a bit but I know I'm just gonna wanna fuck someone again tomorrow, because I'll have more time on my hands. And I'm just a slave to my dick.

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  1. We are all slaves to our dicks, CoolTop. Every single one of us.