web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: Surprise

Friday, May 4, 2012


Today I rather unexpectedly fucked a young, hard, ripped little guy who looked like a cross between a Central American and an Indian. I honestly didn't have the time to be doing this today; I had a lot of work and preparations for a visitor this weekend. But I haven't gotten off since Saturday, when I gave Lanky Beauty his thick, salty reward, and my nuts were overloaded. I just wanted someone to suck me off so I could get on with the rest of my day. Young Tight had hit me up before, looking to swallow my fucknectar, but I have been in a topping mood lately and feel like I'm giving too many loads orally. So I turned him down before. Today when he hit me up I had sort of been hoping some other guys would work out-- I'll fuck all kinds of guys no taller than me, but I really like being sucked off by big muscular white guys, for some reason. I just wanted to lay back and watch a big handsome white guy blow me. But the big muscular white guys who chatted with me either flaked away or just wanted quickies. I don't do quickies, so I told Young Tight it was his lucky day. He lived a good ways away so I got a bunch of work done before he got here. But then he showed up and gave me more than I bargained for.

We made out and his body was really tiny in my hands, rippling with hard muscles. His ass was round and firm in his pants. We made out and his lips were very nice, and I noticed while frenching him that his mouth was pretty big for a little guy-- this boded well for a blowjob, which I had worried would be very toothy considering his 5'5 stature. We didn't waste much time before getting into position in bed and he gave me the mind-numbingly velvety head I was craving. He was kneeling between my legs and working my tool with an expert tongue, and I hooked my calves over his thighs and we made a closed circuit of pleasure linked together like that. I could have laid there like that all afternoon. He was fantastic.

After a while he came up for air and made out with me some more. I noticed his dick was essentially exactly the same size and thickness as mine, which looked pretty freakin big on a little guy like him. I was getting hot and bothered and thinking I really really wish I could plow him-- there is nothing like fucking a little tiny-wasted hard body like that. I flipped him over and ground my dick into his very slippery, precummy one, and I almost lost it right then, sliding through his slime like that. But I relaxed and we made out and I held his tiny waist in one hand and fingered his asshole with the other. His chest had nice definition and his nipples were like gumdrops; when I ran my beard up and down his torso I inhaled a cedar-like scent which was unexpected and turned me on. I wanted in there. But I knew my nuts were too full for me to last long. I didn't know if it would be worth it to try. We humped some more and his breathing was getting very rapid. And then he said the magic words: "Do you want to fuck me?"

I did. "Just go slow," he said. I could deliver a nice slow fuck with my throbbing tool on the edge, I thought.

But first, to calm down a bit and get the ass ready. I flipped him over-- he was self-conscious about his back, which was pretty scarred-- but I didn't care; his little butt beckoned to me with its ideal curves. His balls were big and the root of his penis was gigantic. It was like an amusement park between his legs-- so much to lick and feel. I bit his buttocks, and licked up between his nuts and his thigh, and sucked his balls, and flicked my nose back and  forth across the root of his bone. Whenever I did that last thing he noticeably gasped and wiggled-- I think he liked that tactile reminder that my face was very definitely buried in his ass. I felt his hole loosening up for me. This was really fun.

So I mounted up with my knees outside his thighs and pressed my dickhead against his hole. He wiggled back on me but was still tight. More ass eating loosened him up, and more spit helped it slide in the next time. His hole was very very coarsely hairy, unfortunately, and he was one of those guys who is not silky and slick inside, but a little rubbery; our skin did not glide. I fucked him a bit but knew I'd need real lube, so I put some of that on. It helped a bit but this was not one of those perfect chemical matches, I guess. But I didn't care; I put my hands on the small of his back-- they covered it completely with overlap, his waist was so little-- and felt his buttocks swelling under my palms as I knifed my big bone in and out, with every inch I had. Long and slow, in and out, over and over, with my face against his, one hand cupped under his left thigh, the other grasping his hand over his head.

I wanted to see his body from the front when I came, so I flipped him over, pushed his legs back, and got it in him again. This didn't seem comfortable for him, until I held his ankles at just the right angle. And then we were seriously fucking. I would sometimes push all the way in and squeeze the muscles between my legs to make my dickhead swell with blood inside him, and he would gasp. We felt so good. I dicked him and dicked him until I knew I had to cum. We had not talked about this before, so I pulled out to cum, and let loose what looked like a tablespoon and a half of thick, very white gel, much of which welled nicely in a hollow in his chest. He was really plastered with my love. I was proud.

He seemed to want me to lay on top of him with all that cum between us. It skeeves me out a little to feel spooge go all watery and cold, so I held myself a half an inch above him and made out with him, our thighs touching, close enough so he could feel my body heat. Then I cleaned him up and offered him the shower. "That really hit the spot," he said before getting up. I agreed.

He was a little shy after the shower. We talked a bit about what we do-- he's a videographer, which I thought sounded interesting, but he was halting in talking to me. But I gave him a drink of water and sent him on his way and he seemed cheerful. I hope he wasn't disappointed that he didn't get to swallow my load. But the fuck was a surprise... I could have cum down his throat instead of all over his body, but I don't do my best thinking when I'm buried in a hot little body up to the balls... sue me.