web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: Breakthrough

Monday, January 7, 2013


Today I fucked Little Beard Big Nose again, and we had a bit of a breakthrough-- he hit me up out of the blue last week via text asking me to fuck him, saying (as if to sweeten the deal, since we haven't done it since late September, and maybe he thought I'd lost interest), "I've been thinking about swallowing your cum." Well! I figured if he finally lets me cum in him it's almost like I'm fucking a different guy, and maybe the excitement of the new would let me banish the lingering disappointment in fucking the muscular Filipino last week. He'd told me Mondays were best for him, and I said I might be able to swing it. To keep him warm, on Sunday, I sent him a little text saying "I've been thinking about fucking your little body all day long." That got him going, but after that I remained a little sphinxlike and terse. Ever the dirty dog, I did idly hunt around a bit this morning while working on various sites to see if anyone new wanted my dick in them, but pickings are still very, very slim for me; all I got was interest from fake dudes on BBRTs who always hit me up and never come through. It was making me depressed, and I figured it was dumb to do that to myself when I *always* have a pretty awesome time with Little Beard Big Nose, who seems to secrete opium through his pores or something, driving me crazy with lust for him. So before I'd wasted too much energy on losers, I texted him to see if he was around, and he was here in 15 minutes, curled up against me in the foyer, his cute little body snuggled up in a big warm fur-lined coat, a sharp new haircut buzzed clean on the sides and long and floppy on top as the dudes around here do, pressed up against me hungrily with an eager hand pulling down my zipper and reaching inside for what he needed.

I honestly didn't expect much this time, really. Despite his overall awesomeness, Little Beard Big Nose doesn't give very good head-- it's passable but a little heavy on the tooth and weak on the tongue. But if I can calm him down and get him off my tubesteak, which he always dives for instantly, long enough to get him standing still, just the feeling of running my hands over his sweet little body, feeling his little torso, narrow bony hip, and voluptuous swelling assmeat and thick thighs never fails to make my dick hard as a rock, without any manipulation at all. And if the sensations he gives my tool with his mouth are not enough to get me off typically, the sight of my fat meaty shaft sliding into his darkly bearded mouth is. And I fucking love the haircut-- the best worlds of masculine buzzed scalp and luxuriant, glossy, sensuous hair to grab onto when my ardor overflows and I just need to pull some hair. And don't forget his gigantic dick, only a little bigger (and fatter) than mine but incongruously humongous on his little, little frame. It stays hard as a rock-- seriously hard and throbbing-- even when I stick my dick in him. This kid's got it all!

He's hard to fuck, though. His asshole is brillolike in its hair growth and he's tight as can be. I had lube ready this time, though just lying on top of him and then eating his pungently sweaty ass out was enough to make my prick ooze with lubricating precum. I figured in the past I just haven't lubed him up enough to get in easily the first time, which maybe made him seize up a bit. But even lubed up, he could only stand so much fucking before the grimace on his face was too much to bear. Unfortunately now I was all lubey and sticky, which I hate, but I didn't care; I just got on top of him and the kissing, body contact, mutual stroking, and intense energy circuit was enough to drive me out of my mind. I came close to cumming twice, especially when my dick slid down between his legs and I thrust it up and down between his meaty buttocks-- something about being full-on pressed up against a little guy, skin to skin like that, with his body pushing your dick away from your belly at an angle just so, is almost as good as fucking. But not quite as good. I made him open up to me two more times, the third time being good enough for him to let me hold his feet aside with my hands and drill him deeply, slowly, with full-hipped thrusts and pulls, all the way in and all the way out, but slo-o-ow. Very fuckin nice, but it just made me want to cum in him, after pounding the fuck out of him, which I knew he couldn't take. So I took it out again and fucked his dick in my hand, while he looked at my dick, my hand, my body, and my face with total helpless desire.

He wraps himself around me so nice. I feel his calves sliding past mine, I feel his thighs around my hips, his hands on my hairy back. He twists his neck up and slide his face against mine. If he could just take my dick, he'd be fuckin perfect. 

I sucked his big tool for a while myself, because it's just so nice and meaty, and we 69ed a while, too. But mostly it was that intense body contact and kissing. About 45 minutes sizzled away, unnoticed. My dick slid down between his legs again, and the enveloping flesh of his buttocks was enough to make my dick squirt one shot. I jolted awake from my body-drunk haze, and sat up quickly, relaxing the muscles between my legs with all my mental power, to keep more jets from being lost before I could get my dick in his mouth. He sat up eagerly, reading what was going on. I put my dick in his face and jerked. And nothing happened! I had somehow actually willed my juicy orgasm out of existence completely after one spurt. That was new! I said, "Uh! It's gone!" and laughed, and he was like, "What??", uncomprehending. He stuck out his tongue to lick my dickhead and then guide the shaft into his mouth. It felt very, very nice. "Just suck my dick," I said, thinking, fuck, I'm not gonna cum, what'd I do to myself? But it got even better and I felt my balls going liquid between my legs, and my vision cloud. He was gonna suck the cum out of me! So I said, "Yeah! Suck the cum out of me!" and he sucked more and more and I shot and shot and shot and shot and shot into him, and he took it all very gamely, beating himself harder and harder with his eyes closed and his legs crossed, till he popped all over my calf and then his own body.

But of course then he scampered off to the bathroom and spat me out, I think, or at least carefully washed out his mouth. Boo. But wow, when he inhaled the pleasure out of my testicles, that was worth everything. That was good.

We talked a little bit about how I'm having trouble sleeping and then how to cook this gigantic, three-foot spaghetti I bought that has chili peppers right in the noodles. He suddenly sounded more Italian than he ever did, talking about garlic, olive oil, and pecorino romano; it was cute. But as usual he scampered off without seeming to want to linger much, saying as he went through the door that we should not wait 6 months again to do it. It's really only been a little over three, but maybe that's how it has to be. I will seriously regret the day I'm disappointed in Little Beard Big Nose!


  1. Ah, the "failed" orgasm. I've been able to skirt that divide only a couple of time... Where you jerk and then let go right before you lose it and let go only one squirt. Then it feels like you lost it but then get back in the groove and fully cum... A load that's more intense than the usual. And one of those times was with my partner while getting fucked. Damn, I was sore and weak-kneed after that!

    1. When I was younger I used to give myself these epic masturbation sessions, and always hold back as much a possible before I came, to the point that sometimes a long thick rope of cum would just push itself out of my tool with no throbbing or sensation, just exiting to relieve pressure. I found if I just let it go-- the sensation was unique, nothing like cumming but not like pissing either-- and only gently touched my dickhead, I could keep myself rock hard and then go even longer, and still cum normally. It was pretty awesome.

      Most of the time when I get too close, though, I can't control myself at all. Just feels too good to cum when you really want to!

    2. I wanna see that! Lemme go check airfare to NY... Ha!