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Monday, July 16, 2012


Lately I've been under a lot of stress, feeling like a bunch of things are not working out in my favor-- dealing with some financial fraud done in my name, a new personal venture that is starting out badly, and family worries. Today I figured I wasn't even chipper enough to get my dick hard enough to fuck anyone, and I was feeling the opposite of horny. But someone up there really, really likes me and sent me a little gift today. I've said it a million times-- I'm a middle-aged non-built average-looking hairy dude, but for some reason, fantastic sexual favors keep coming my way with little bidding on my own part. And today I plowed an awesome Latino kid, 29 years old, with a tight little 5'6 body (66 inches is rapidly becoming a fetish with me; the more guys I fuck who are that size, the more I want to fuck). He's visiting Brooklyn this month and hit me up out of the blue a couple of weeks ago, but his pix are kind of eh-- his face was nice but wasn't really turning me on, and his body looked hard but a little wide around the middle, a little weirdly proportioned. Like a zillion other guys, his profile said he wanted safe only, and I flatly told him I fuck raw, but he was ok with it after asking some perfunctory questions about my habits and status. His body did look fun to fuck but he was in Brighton Beach and his pix didn't thrill me enough to invite him up. But today he was pretty insistent, again expressed willingness to take my bare bone, and I thought, well, maybe I can fuck the stress away, cum out all that anxiety. And damn if I didn't.

He showed up after a long couple of hours of waiting for him to finish an errand on the way, which wasn't helping my mood much-- this is one reason I resist hooking up with guys who live far away; even if they're willing to travel, waiting for ass to arrive drives me up the walls. I had some work to do but finished a big project about 45 minute before he would get here, and was reluctant to start another. So I basically fretted and read stuff on the web till he arrived. He was *much* cuter than his pictures; I have been back to look at them since and am wondering if they are even him, for reasons I'll explain in a bit. His face was very symmetrical, handsome, and masculine, with a closely buzzed scalp. His body was really perfect for me: thin waist, broad thick shoulders, very noble-looking strong neck on such a small kid, hard bulging arms, thick thighs, and serious booty. He was very guy-guy, talkier and less full of shit than yer average bro-dude but with that general air of a guy who spends more time with straight guys than girls or homos. He kissed like a dream; full lips that reached for mine, a slithery tongue that knew how to behave in my mouth, and, BINGO, very sensitive ears. He especially liked it if I liked them inside, which I also like because I'm a sucker for sticking a slippery wet part of my body inside a small opening in another guy's. He knew how to suck a dick right and when he deep-throated my entire bone, he didn't do it like some guys, who act like terriers trying to wolf down a kielbasa, with lots of head wagging and gagging theatrics; he just engulfed me and held his face against my pubes and let me enjoy the warmth of filling him up. I would squeeze my dick muscles to make my cockhead swell in his throat, and he accepted the discomfort of the engorged, suddenly lengthened meat with a quiet, dignified whimper. He was fantastic.

He was wearing the worst boxers in the world-- they were like ass-curtains, far too big for him-- so I whipped those off, pushed him on his back, pulled him by the thighs over to me, mounted his little body, and ground my big fat slab into his small, thin, rock-hard uncut dick. He wrapped his legs around mine and held my hairy back while I rubbed my precum all over his groin and then down between his ass cheeks, and kept telling me over and over how good my body felt. I have a lot of longish straight back hair and when a guy is into it, and strokes it while I'm fucking or humping him, it's like heaven. He held his hands against my beard with both hands and closed his eyes while I pressed my body against his, and I could tell he took great pleasure in being worked over by a hairy man. We were all over each other and I was close to cumming within five minutes-- he had me that excited.

I need a whole new language to rhapsodize about what a fucking feast his ass was. A round, shapely, ample ass is always good to press your face into, but when it's on a little muscular body like that, slightly out of proportion but otherwise perfectly formed, it is something supernatural, worthy of worship. And I did, as he bent his knees and rubbed his calves against my body and slowly hiked his hips up and down with pleasure. I was getting myself way too hot again, stroking my dickhead while tonguing every part of him between his legs, so I decided to try to get my dick in to change up the sensation. It was a beautiful sight-- his skin is fairly dark and mine is quite pale, and he was small and my dick looked huge against his buttocks. But he was too tight; I got in my dickhead and it seemed painful for him. So I popped it out, and he laughed and apologized, and I told him I didn't care, I could just eat his ass all day and be happy, just relax. But while I resumed eating, opening up his hole with my tongue, I got my dickhead slicker with precum and spit, and on the second try, I was able to force my way in with three abrupt thrusts of my hips. And we fucked and fucked-- with him splayed out on his haunches at the edge of the bed; standing with me behind and him turned back to suck on my tongue; then on his back. He was acrobatically fit, and held my body just right, or stroked the hair on my thighs while I held his hips in my hands and drilled him half in the air, his tight compact little body cascading back from our fuck like pleasure made solid overflowing from my groin. It felt so fucking good, I kept telling him over and over how good his body felt to me. And I kept having to slow it down so I wouldn't cum, and he would ask, "Are you close? You're close, aren't you," and he would look me in the eye and give me a look that showed it excited him to know I could barely hold back, that I wanted to cum. "Maybe you could cum once and fuck me some more and cum again," he said at one point, when I had pushed my dick into him up to the balls and held it there for him to feel. "I don't want to cum yet, I want to keep fucking you, I don't want to cum," I kept moaning. And then I would dick him hard some more, and he would say, "This is what I need... pound it into me."

It was too good, and though this is the kind of body I want to fuck for hours, I couldn't hold back. He didn't want me to cum in him, so I pulled out and painted his brown body with streaks of white and grey. He looked incredible covered with my jets of cum, and he put his hand in it and used it to jerk himself off. His own cum was almost as copious, and a brilliant zinc-white that made my dick jump with its youthful freshness. "Wow, that's a.... that's a LOT of cum," he said, looking at his gooey torso with something like dismay. "Definitely a lot of cum," I said, and I got him a towel to clean up with.

He took a shower and we chatted the whole time-- very nice guy. Turn out he's living in southern California, and, perhaps not surprisingly, is ex-military and only dates women (this is why I wonder if those pix weren't even him). He'd liked my apartment when he came in and asked if I lived alone, and I told him about my partner, which made him a little apprehensive the whole time. He was completely vexed when I told him we're both tops and only have sex with other people at this point. But then again, he says, he doesn't really date at all, and is not the marrying type. I imagine, with that babealicious face of his, that women and men are throwing themselves at him non-stop. God knows why he chose me, but I'm glad he did. I've definitely fucked the stress away, for today.


  1. I love reading your blog. I really do.

    Without saying so directly, you express an enormous amount of gratitude in your posts. That's why my heart jumps when I see you on my reader feed when I settle in for my morning coffee.

    I follow a lot of sex bloggers (probably too many), and yes, each has his own style, but you; you're different.

    You have a swagger, to be sure, but it's not a cockiness. You truly have this "wonder" thing going on that says, "I can't believe how lucky I am!" And therein lies the gratitude; the purest of emotions.

    You keep repeating that physically, you're average. Judging by your headless avatar, I heartily disagree. And I'm certain that your partners ain't runnin' for the hills at the sight of you.

    But the reason so many want a repeat visit is because, when you are overwhelmed at the beauty you see in them, you act on it with your words and your touch; with your whole being.

    And that, is fucking beautiful.

    1. Aw thanks man! You're really awesome to take the time out to say those things.

      I really *am* pretty average, but I don't think there's anything wrong with that; that's actually what some guys want. Thing is, in general, good looking guys know what they've got and dole it out like withered schoolmarms only praising the best pupils-- and even finding disappointment there. I know I make my bottoms feel great, but you gotta attract them first, and many of the guys I get with seem like they could have anyone. A bodybuilder I used to fuck looked me up and down after our first screw, and said "Maybe it's better to fuck big guys like you instead of muscle guys; you really know what you're doing." It was both a slight insult and an honest compliment, and he begged me to come root around in his hole a couple more times before he got a boyfriend. His body was stupendous, and every time I put my dick in him, I was like, how is this even allowed?

      So yes, I feel like I'm given some kind of cosmic gift every time one of these beauties lets me do what I want with their bodies. It makes me really happy, and when they like it too, it's almost overwhelming. What in life is ever that simple?

      Anyway! Happy fuckin to ya man! Thanks again.

  2. I love how descriptive you are!!! It really makes mind think & makes it easier to visualize your sexual tryst!! I love it! Lol! I would like to ask you if your & your partner have ever thought about finding a bottom that could please the both of u?

    1. Thanks Mr. My partner and I are strictly dont-ask-dont-tell,and for some reason I feel weirdly upset when he even voices any attraction to other guys on the street, even though I know he's out fucking around too. Our time together is just our own and it means a lot to me. So I don't know how other couples make threeways work. It's not something I'm interested in, even with other couples. I like focusing on my bottom completely.

  3. What turns me on so much about your posts is how turned on you are by the men you write about.

    And not for nothing, but I recognize you from MH. You're far less average than you give yourself credit for... You deserve everything you get.

    1. I fuckin love beautiful men, BKF; the desire, longing and helplessness I've felt admiring the male form has been intense ever since I was very young, and I've always been glad to feel it. I appreciate your compliment, and obviously many of the guys I'm getting with think I'm hot, but I've been called a troll and been told "ew as if" and "never gonna happen" so I don't have any illusions about my place in the implacable gay pecking order. I agree with you, however, that I deserve everything I get... but just cuz I'm so good at making other guys feel good too :^]

    2. I've gotten the same response and I'm young, smart, good body, impeccable edible ass. It's possible that for many gay men, being gay is premised on making others feel bad, which is something I simply have no time for. It's for that reason that I've become much more sensitive in my interactions with guys who hit on me, even if I'm not interested.

      The mark of a great lover is that he makes his men feel beautiful. You're clearly a great lover.