web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: Rescue

Friday, July 27, 2012


Today I was rescued from the tension in my overflowing balls by Little Beard Big Nose, who gamely let me cum in him for the first time, taking the salty, high-pressure load in his mouth this afternoon. I had a bad cold for a couple of days earlier this week, and was totally not up for any sex with anyone, but by Wednesday I really felt the need to find someone to get me off. I've mentioned before that it seems like sites like Manhunt and Adam4Adam are dwindling at bit-- it used to be much easier to hook up on them and they seemed to have a more constant influx of new ass, but the list of new profiles is definitely shrinking each week. For years, if all I wanted was someone to drink the cum out of my nuts, Craigslist was always a reliable last resort-- you had to sift through a lot of chaff in a very inefficient way, but I was typically guaranteed to find someone up to my standards and willing to service me. But Craigslist has become totally useless in the past year or two; it's all people leading you on or behaving inanely now (i.e. thinking I'm going to hook up with them with no picture, or asking me to fist them and spit in their face when I just posted looking for head, yaddayadda). By today I was pretty much out of my mind; I can't really think when my ducts are as clogged with sperm as they were after a week of not cumming. So when Little Beard Big Nose showed up, I took advantage of him. He never let me cum in him before (and was even shy about taking my dick raw the first several times we talked), and I knew I *had* to have this load taken bodily-- I was not going to waste it in a towel. But this time he said he swallows "sometimes", so I invited him over. Ten minutes later he was shuddering in my bedroom and ripping my pants off.

This time he was a little too rushed for me; I love making out with him and feeling up his body, enjoying those moments when my dick is hardening in my pants and I'm getting used to his smell and his skin again, but his dick was instantly wooden and stretching apart his underpants (I can't get over how hung this little guy is for his size), and he pulled off his clothes almost right away. I am always amazed at how someone can be that hard that fast-- it's just not me. He jumped down to his knees, pulled off my shorts, and sucked me greedily, but had just eaten a breath mint to cover his smoker's breath, and mint makes my dick sting. So I had to send him over to the bed and eat his ass to get hard-- he was fragrantly sweaty down there but clean, though his hole was extra-soapy tasting. I didn't think I was going to fuck him so I let it alone, and fucked his handsome face some; he was in heaven having my now-firm tubesteak stuffed in his bearded mouth over and over. I still fuckin love his little body. I could barely move when lying on top of him because my dick felt so incredibly good against his, with his legs around my waist and my hands holding his back, that I just laid there pressed against him. And we 69ed some and I fucked his face some more and then went to eat his ass some more and stuck my dick in him from behind and fucked him slow so I wouldn't cum and he looked so cute run through with my cock.

And then he started saying "Cum in my mouth, I want that load, shoot it in my mouth." So I was very gratified in my choice. I prolonged the fooling around for as long as I could but the orgasm came out of nowhere, while I was just lying beside him and making out with him, and he could tell by my mindlessly groping body language, as my glands and ducts were opening up full throttle, that he was about to get drenched. So as I lurched up like a zombie to get my dick in his face, he scooted down to receive it, and we got the tip in him just as the gusher started. He was beating off furiously and I squirted and squirted in him.

But then he jumped up and ran to the bathroom to wash out his mouth and throat, making rather pitiful hacking and spitting noises. I feel like he spoke to me after I came in him and before he came, so I don't think he spat out my love juice into the sink. I think maybe he just wanted the thick coating of jizz a swallower is always stuck with out of his mouth. And with a minimum of talking he scampered out, saying "See you soon!". I don't know if I make him do a lot of things he doesn't want to really-- take my bare oozing dick in his ass, unload my balls in his mouth-- but he is definitely greedy before and reluctant, if at all, only after. And he keeps coming back for more.

Today I'm just glad he rescued me from my own overproductive testicles. But if anyone knows where everyone is hooking up now, please fuckin tell me, cuz I need a steady stream of dudes to cum in and hate to think it's drying up! I don't have Grindr or Scruff, maybe it's there? I only ever hear people complain about Grindr... who knows. Am I behind the times?


  1. I wish I knew what to tell you PT. Yes, seems like Craigs list (really that most of what I know about hookups) is drying up. Even the regulars are reluctant to post anymore. I look forward to hearing what your other readers might suggest.

    By the way, I use A4A, and Grindr, but neither seem to get me what I want like CL does....or used to do.

    1. Well these things come in waves sometimes... we'll see how this week goes! Gonna be doing some traveling with my partner but hope to find the time to juice up a couple of guys here and there too.