web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: Slick

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Today I had an awesome time slipping my bare bone in and out of an extremely cute 26 year old, with clear green eyes, sandy hair, nice thick arms and legs, and a seriously beefy ass with the most unbelievably slick insides I've ever felt. Something must be in the air this week-- I was getting hit on right and left on every site out there all morning. I'd considered making it an all-oldies week, and looked in on a couple of regulars who were around but quiet, when Cute And Slick appeared. I am pretty sure he was using someone else's pix-- a more handsome than cute guy with a tight body and an extremely appealing hipster moustache (the whole hipster look seriously tents my pants; it's deeply sad to me that I feel like it's about to be completely over and God knows what they'll move on to next). He said he was looking for safe only, and I figured if I was going to hook up today I was definitely gonna fuck someone skin on skin, but he didn't seem fazed when I told him, and asked me to unlock anyway. He liked how big my cumshots are, and gave me a minimum of fuss, taking a quick shower and appearing within a half an hour. He looked enough like the pix that I didn't think anything about it at first-- mostly I noticed that his tank top was soaked from the walk over, as it's 93 degrees outside today, and so I got him some ice water and we chatted awkwardly a bit. But he clearly wanted to just get to it, so we got to it.

I was a little skeezed by the sweat and wasn't getting hard from the kissing, though he kissed nice and had awesome shoulders-- his body was a little doughy but he clearly spends a lot of time on his arms. He was trying too hard to get me to pop a boner, which doesn't help much, though I know sucking on flaccid dick isn't the most exciting thing in the world. So the only thing to do was to eat that ass, even though it was absolutely dripping with sweat. I gulped and pushed my face into that humid, high-scented cleft, and felt the soft strands of hair sticking to my face. But he actually tasted awesome and had beautifully round buttocks; before long I had basically licked all the sweat off him. His nuts were small and shaved, and his dick was on the small side of average, but hard as a rock, which is very encouraging. So I lapped away down there. His back and chest dried out pretty quickly in the air from the fan, so I could stroke his body while I slipped my tongue up into his hole, which greedily dilated to accept my attentions. I pulled his hard prick down and did long licking strokes from the tip of his dickhead, down the shaft, over the smooth balls, up the lightly hairy taint, into that bottomless hole, then up beside his nuts over those tendons that true bottoms always love having licked, and down the inside of his thigh, which made him whimper and sigh. And around and around; I felt his pisshole ooze precum in my hand as I ate him out, and his whole dick would swell and harden even more when I hit certain spots. That is very exciting to me.

He looked fantastic on his knees with his haunches up like that, so I went around beside him and stuck my dick in his mouth; any worries he might have had at the beginning were instantly dispelled when he saw how fat and hard my bone was now. He sucked it so greedily that I thought I might cum right there. This was definitely another case of good chemistry/pheromones; the silkiness of his skin, the scent of his sweat, the flavor of his ass all numbed every thought in my brain except SEX and MORE. I laid him on his back and humped him, letting my dick first slide along his, and then down between his legs so he could feel the ridge of my dickhead teasing his hole as I thrusted it past, over and over. I did have a suspicion he might chicken out of taking me raw, so I had to advertise what he'd be getting pretty heavily. He was definitely buying, and held my hairy back tightly so my full weight was grinding against him. I heaved myself up and fucked his mouth and he went pretty wild-- this kid really loved sex, I could tell. This was really fun. I flipped him back over, ate him out some more, and then put the tip of my tool against his hole, and just admired the view: round, fuzzy globes, beautifully joined at the small of his back, with my thick tool at their intersection, a smooth hard cylinder aimed right at his center. Beautiful sight. He tightened up, so my dick was just poking around there but not going anywhere, and he seemed to be looking over his shoulder nervously; for some reason at that point I looked at his hands, which were surprisingly small, and wore a silver band on one  thumb. I had to get him hotter, so he would take it all and be glad about it, so I slid back down and ate him out some more. I took my time and told him how beautiful his ass was and he said things that I didn't really listen to, seeing as how I had a big beautiful butt in my face. He was shuddering and opening involuntarily; he wanted to be filled now, and I could tell it would slip right in this time.

I was right. This time I put it in the middle of his assmeat and he greedily sucked me in, all the way up to the nuts. I don't know what kind of opiate his ass was secreting but it was an intense thrill along every inch of skin on my tool. I could have shot instantly. This ass was fucking amazing. I had to keep cool, so I gave him looooong slooow strokes, pulling all the way out and leaving him exclaiming gibberish about how good it was and how much he wanted it, a series of half-formed verbs like "stick" and "ram" and "plow", and then sliding it all the way up to the balls, flexing the muscles between my legs once it was all the way in, to make my dickhead ridges swell with blood deep inside him, giving him another few millimeters of length and a good bit of thickness, stretching him further in his deepest part. He arched his back and stammered because he was getting filled just like he needed. I pulled my dick all the way out to eat him some more, and my mushroom head dragged out a gob of thick, viscous juice, which I wiped away quickly-- it was a little revolting but I also know that's why it felt so good inside him, that silky natural lube that true bottoms produce on their own when they feel a dick inside them. I ate him some more, tasting the intense saltiness of his ass's pleasure, and he said, "Can I get on my back?" I said "OK, but please, let me see this one more time," and I stood up and slipped it back in. I think I had cum in him a small, small bit before, so I didn't feel so urgent, and I gave him a good ramming for a minute or so, and he was in heaven, egging me on. I held his head down with one hand and hiked the under up under his left thigh close to his groin and rammed away, and he made appreciative noises at being manhandled like a big piece of meat like that.

But then I flipped him over, and pushed him to the middle of the bed as he held his legs back and looked at me imploringly, and I knelt in front of him and slipped it in, and he said, "Yeah, yeah, this is what I need, oh God fuck me," and I did. God, what a great bottom. I held down his shoulders and pistoned into him deeply, and he cried out; I held his waist and fucked; I held his legs aside and fucked; I dicked him for all I could. But it was just too, too good. I couldn't even think, it was all automatic and intense, this top to bottom contact between bodies chemically tuned to each other. I had to cum. "I am not gonna be able to last in here," I said, with my head lolling on my neck helplessly. "You feel so fucking amazing inside." "If you have to cum," he said, "do it on my chest." I had about a second to nod, and then pulled out and a long thick jet squirted out, from his inner thigh all the way up to his collar bone. "Whoa!" he exclaimed, beating hard, "Oh yeah!" and I spurted on him some more. I laid my dick beside his, his fist bouncing against the swollen meat, and he came a small amount, but watched me the whole time, which a top likes to see.

I cleaned him up and we chatted amiably for a good while-- he didn't seem desperate to get out of there like some guys. We'd both lived in the DC area for a long time, so we talked about that, and he just lives up in Greenpoint, so we talked about that. Very cute guy. It was during this conversation that I realized the pics were really, really not him. He's rather more boyish, but very cute, very symmetrical face, and I'm a sucker for green eyes like his. He looked nice and meaty on my couch; I almost wanted to slip it to him again right there. He collected his things, and he gave me that weird chaste kiss a lot of dudes wanna give you after you just spent half an hour rooting around in their guts with your fuckstick. But I pulled him to me, grabbed his ass, bit his neck and kissed him for real and said "That was really fun." And he laughed and said it was for him too. And he trotted off.

I'd definitely do him again; maybe I can convince him to take my cum in him after my next hiv- test, which I intend to get next week sometime. I would really, really like to cum in this kid.


  1. You should have shot in him. :)

    1. I do love squirting my cum in other men, BikeGuy, but I'm not like some guys out there who seem to judge the success of a sexual encounter on whether the guy is properly seeded or not, and I'm certainly not the type to get off cumming in a guy who says he doesn't want it. While some cum inevitably is going to ooze out of me while I'm enjoying myself in an ass or a mouth-- let's be real, some of my sperm is in pretty much all the guys who have had my dick in them-- I mostly get off on giving a bottom my cum right where and how he wants it. A lot of guys want to *see* a huge ejaculate like I typically deliver, and I like satisfying that desire. And a lot of guys actually use my cum to beat off with after I shoot on them, which is hugely gratifying. I love getting other guys off with my cum. But just having my semen admired in the way my bottom wants it, whether visually or tactally or with the worshipful reverence that makes him want it inside him to keep with him, is what I'm after.

  2. A lot of your blog to this point has left me breathing heavily, but this was the first that had to put down several times for fear I would cum in my dress slacks at my desk at work without even touching myself. The good, the bad, the honesty, the hotness... His sweat turning from a turn off to a turn on. His desire to be safe, to not get fucked at all, turning into a screaming need to have you in him. It's all too good!

    1. It's funny having you bring old articles to my attention like this... I'd forgotten about this kid until now. Man, I wish I'd run into him again. Who knows where he is now. I can barely remember his face, but I vividly remember that very sweaty, hairy round ass, and what my dick felt like inside him.