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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Improbably Perfect

Today, continuing this week's developing non-promiscuous, Recycling Old Tricks theme, I fooled around again with Little Beard Big Nose. I didn't have any intention of hooking up today at all really, but during my lunch break, his face showed up in my visits list on Manhunt, and I remembered running into him in a corner grocery down the street a few weeks back, where he was very friendly and happy to see me (not shady like most dudes you fuck are when you run into them in the street), and I remembered how my dick jumped in my pants when I patted his cute little torso as he passed by to leave the store. And seeing his face there on my screen made my dick jump again-- it's automatic with him. Honestly, I bet no one would agree with me about this guy, but Jesus he gets my motor running. He's 5'6 and big-dicked and round-assed and manly-faced and dark-bearded and he drives me crazy and makes me sweat. He's fuckin perfect! For me. I played a little cat-and-mouse game with him but eventually I was like "ok come suck my dick" and in five minutes he was in my bedroom and we were sucking face and ripping each other's clothes off and wrapping ourselves around each other.

He sucked me and I body-slammed him and ate his ass and pushed my bone in his ass but he was too tight to fuck properly and I was out of lube. So for about 40 minutes we just wrestled and made out and sucked each other and it felt so fucking good I could cry. If I was single I would daydream about him and call him every day and make an ass out of myself and scare the hell out of him and be miserable. Luckily I'm safely married and a whore so I can just enjoy what we do on occasion, cooling it down by focusing on all the other delightful gentlemen who I get to ejaculate in/on/with.

When things were just stupidly hot and we were covered with each other's precum and out of our minds with mutual intoxication, he said in that little Italian accent, "I want that jizz," and I said "You want me to cum on you now?" and he said "Yeah, cum on my face." That was new. So I got back on him and humped my groin into him till my eyes were crossed and my brain was goo and my nuts squeezed up into my body and then I jumped up, waved my bone in his face, and let loose a long jets on his forehead, two in his beard, and in a colossal waste, the first/biggest on the pillow. He took my dick in his mouth and tasted another two, but I needed more stimulation for this orgasm, so I pulled out and beat off, making myself have another one of those piggy-back orgasms I get when I've had a reallllly nice time with someone who really turns me on. And so I dripped more cum onto his chest hair. And then he came. I gave him a washcloth to clean up his glazed face and we chatted briefly about our plans for the Fourth, and off he trotted with one last kiss and a "Talk soon."

God, I love this little guy. I wish his ass wasn't so fricken tight.


  1. Youre description of him sounds quite nice!!!!!! Are u attracted to men of different ethnicities?

    1. If you look through the blog, you'll find I mostly fuck Latinos, though I'm not conspicuously drawn to them over any other kind of guy-- maybe they're most likely to be attracted to me! I have ideal physical traits (straight body hair, facial hair, big protruding nose) that belong mostly to Jews, middle easterners, southern Europeans and Latins, but a handsome face is a handsome face. One of the hottest guys I ever had sex with was a Japanese-Brazilian guy, and one of the handsomest guys I ever fucked was a black guy. So I never say never, but mostly I like the stereotypical looks of the list I made above.

  2. Gotcha! You're very detailed!! I like it!! Cool! Despite not being very sexual active, I like a variety as well! Beauty is Beauty!!!!! Describe the Japanese-Brazilian guy! That sounds hot!!!