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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I'm Number One!

This isn't a sex post, but I just had to say, it's interesting to see how people get to my blog using the blogger tools you get when you set one up. They'll tell you how many people come from what URLs (thanks, One Hookup At A Time), but they also tell you what search terms people have used to get to your blog. A lot of these are various misspellings of blog top promiscuous, which is not surprising. I like and can relate to adam4adam chicken out, though I tried that one on google and didn't see my site listed in the first several pages of results. A bunch are completely cryptic, like was someone who and steal girl's panties-- I truly have no clue how the latter could get you here at all. But I am pleased and amused to see that I am among the top listings for "cocksucking chair" and "had to cum in him", but, best of all, this blog is the number one google result for "stuck my dick in him". Fuck yeah, man!

Now you know where to go to get a dick stuck in you.

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