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Friday, January 11, 2013


Someone please volunteer to remind me weekly that there is no point trying to fuck in Chelsea!

I had an errand to run at a bank over there today, and figured I could linger in the area for lunch and maybe some ass, so I set my location on various hookup sites a little before leaving to see if I could attract any attention. And pretty quickly an extremely hot Arab guy hit me up-- absolutely beautiful body in the pix, muscular swollen hairy chest with big nips, ideal V shape, and a big round ass at the end of that narrow, waspish waist that would make any top weep with joy. I was a little skeptical of him at first, since guys like that are not often into guys like me, but he kept stressing masculinity and "man to man" and if it's one thing I got, with the beard and the untrimmed body hair, it's apparent masculinity (though I wonder what all these bottoms would think if they saw me pulling a big pan of profiteroles out of the oven with big red oven mitts on). So I decided to take a chance on him and told him I could come deep-dick him after my errand; he did send me his cell number, which seemed promising, and he did this after a plausible let-me-make-sure-no-one-better-than-you-wants-to-fuck-me pause, which also, perhaps counterintuitively, also seemed like a good sign. I got to Chelsea pretty quickly and decided I should really just go over there first so as not to lose the opportunity. He'd sent me a message asking if my dick was bigger than 6; he said it looked it in the pix. I said "A little bit, thick and meaty." This seemed to satisfy him but had me on the defense-- I just don't have a big dick and avoid size queens. But size queens are usually pretty uncompromising, and he seemed game, so I thought, hm, ok. He sent me the address and I kind of stared at it, thinking that block seemed familiar, thinking vaguely that I'd tried to hook up with someone there and it didn't work out. However, Chelsea is lousy with guys like this, and his pictures didn't look familiar at all to me, so I thought, let me try.

When I got to the building I felt like it was *very* familiar, but for the life of me I couldn't remember what the problem had been. At this point I should have just bailed, but I looked at his pictures again, and I just had to have that ass in my face, HAD TO, didn't care what else happened. I thought maybe I could be gruff and insistent on what I wanted and at least get that.

Once he buzzed me up and opened the door, I recognized him, and told him so: "I do believe we've met before." He blinked at me, and said, "Where?" And I poked his belly playfully and then gestured around the kitchen and said, "Right in here." He didn't seem to care, and leaned in to kiss me, which I thought was nice, and I thought, well, maybe this can work out.

But soon it became clear he was high. And very, very insistent about what I had to do, and limited in what he would do. We made out some and he kissed ok but also kept doing the pucker-up-for-grandma thing, which is completely inexplicable to me and is a total boner-killer. He wanted his nips played with, which usually turns me on, but he also wanted to tug on my dick like taffy, which always has the opposite effect. I pushed him to his knees and told him to suck me till I was hard, and he resisted, saying, "I like it like this," tugging me some more. But I pushed harder and he got down.

And he actually gave pretty good head. But then he stopped. And now I *knew* he was tweaking, because tweaking guys never want to suck dick; I dunno why. He stood back up and renewed the taffy pull, mumbling more sex talk.

Still, none of this was ringing any bells. His body, under his clothes, was fucking fantastic, and I wanted it very, very badly. I decided to persevere, and told him, "Let me lay back in your bed, and you can suck me till I'm hard." And without waiting for an answer, I pulled my pants off completely, wandered into the rest of the apartment, and saw his little sleeping alcove.

THEN it hit me-- last time, I showed up, he did something similar there in the kitchen right inside the door, and then invited me back there, where some other nerdy hairy guy like me was lying back already, beating off and waiting patiently. Ah-HA! I remembered saying "What is this" and he got in the bed and started sucking the other guy and offered me his ass, but I demurred, told them to have fun, and left, very annoyed not to have been told I was being invited to a threeway before I ran all the way over there.

This time I looked around the apartment carefully, expecting some erect bear to pop out of an armoire or something, but we seemed to be alone. Still thinking this was salvageable, I took off my shirt and laid back in bed and pointed to my dick, at least nicely swollen and thick, and told him to take everything off, and lie between my legs. He complied, and sucked me very nicely, very very nicely actually, and his perfectly formed shoulder muscles strained in the dim light, and he looked stupendously beautiful down there. I started getting hard.

And he fucking quit again! Again with the stupid hand, very low on my shaft even, squeezing hard, artificially engorging it with blood, which again doesn't feel like anything-- my nerves are in my dickhead, fellas-- and is actually a little uncomfortable. I pushed it back in his mouth and said, "Don't stop, suck me till I'm hard," and he pulled me out, saying how hot I was, how much he wanted my dick in him, how much he likes to serve guys, yadda yadda-- a bunch of nonsense.

"Let me eat your ass," I said, pushing him aside and hopping down beside the bed. He insisted on lying along the length of the bed, which would make this impossible in that little alcove. I kept forcing his body sideways and he kept forcing it back. Sweet mother of god, what the FUCK. Finally I succeeded in getting what I wanted, but then he crouched into a little ball, with his ass hanging off the edge, but all tightly bound up, so that I couldn't get my arms up under him to play with his nips or hike his ass into my face or anything. But I did eat it some and it was fantastic, so taut and lightly hairy and round, big thick balls, thick tool... and I gradually forced his thighs open more. But he said over and over, "Stick your tip in, stick in the tip, tease me with the tip, I want to feel your tip, please give me your tip, I love the tip, tease me please, give me the tip..." Honestly, just like that, with maybe two seconds between each utterance, peppered by groans from the licking.

I was getting very cranky. I stuck the tip of my still not hard dick there, just to shut him up, and it was like he was in ecstasy. Eesh. Then I went back down and the begging resumed.

Basically after this we wrestled a bunch; I tried to get on top of his beautiful, head-spinningly hot body and hump myself to a rigid hardon, but he kept grabbing my dick and squeezing it tight at the base, while a steady stream of barely audible, heavily-accented nonsense issued from his mouth. Just feeling his bones and muscles and hair against me had me extremely excited, but my dick would not get hard. And I felt myself close to cumming, to boot, from all that aggressive tugging. This was the worst.

And suddenly, I did start cumming, and when I felt it, I shook my head and cursed, and did what I could to stuff myself into his hole before I was done spurting. This got him pretty excited; I popped in and felt myself get off several jets inside him. He held me in there very tightly, and for the next fifteen minutes or so, he started at me with my dick inside him, telling me how hot it was, how I shouldn't have cum like that but now I was inside him, yadda yaddda. I took advantage of the situation to just touch his body, feel his shape. Eventually I shrank too much to stay inside and popped out, and he kept milking and milking my dong between his legs, staring into my face and talking talking talking. I pushed my hips against his hand, hoping maybe I could get hard again and fuck him more. His body was ideal for fucking; this was such a frustrating mess! I did kiss him, suck his nips, grasp his narrow hipbones and thrust my groin against him, but he kept pulling my dick down at that crazy angle and tugging at the base. Eventually he got up to check on his phone, and I asked to take a shower. When I got out he was back on adam4adam, no doubt looking for more. I noticed a book about Twelve Steps beside his bed and rolled my eyes.

So, in a sense, I'm still on my winning streak of unloading my nuts in guys who are pretty damn hot. But this was really pretty lame and disappointing. Maybe it's time to give the old dick a rest and vet my partners a little better. And wait for whichever caring reader wants to give me my next reminder-- no fucking in Chelsea!


  1. You know, he'd probably get off if you gagged him and restrained him so that he'd stay in place. Ha!
    I was told by a fuck buddy that tweaking gave him really bad dry mouth which isn't conducive to oral. Man, that was years ago. Funny how memories are triggered. He was damn hot. Time to look him up and see what he's up to.
    Every time I'm in New York, I never really stay long enough to get a vibe off each area. I was describing LA's gayborhoods to someone and he likened each to one in New York, so I *think* I get it. Funny thing is, the guy I was talking to was from Dallas.

    1. I think the guy had a complete script of exactly how things were supposed to happen and I was just supposed to supply the hard one. But Homey don't play that, as it were.

      Maybe you're right about the dry mouth, I didn't think of that. Oddly he did manage to stay hard most of the time himself, which I didn't think happens with tweaking, but what do I know.

      I think I actually decided "no more Chelsea" the *last* time I went up there to hook up with this guy, maybe two years ago now? Almost every dude I hooked up with there before that was either high or smokin' hot but completely inept in bed. Chelsea was the big gay neighborhood in the 90s and early 00s, before everyone moved to Hell's Kitchen. It definitely has a vacuous, decadent-if-past-freshness-date vibe. I've never been to LA but from what I've read I guess it's the same was West Hollywood?

  2. I finally got to the infamous Chelsea story. I was there yesterday for two cavity fillings. (With a dentist, pervert :-)). Sounds like that was more fun than your experience.