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Thursday, January 10, 2013


Today I unloaded down the throat of a tall, very good looking, hairy, bald, pierced and tattooed arty dude, squirt after squirt shot into him with my meat down his throat all the way up to the balls, squirting until he began to gag. I'm doing unusually good since Christmas, seems like; except that one big fat guy who didn't even get me off, all six guys since then have been willing and eager recipients of my cum. There's something pretty fantastic about finding myself horny, being accosted by a handsome man who likes me, having him make me feel so good I pop, and then there's not even any mess to deal with-- I cum right inside him and off I go. It makes me feel so light and free. I do this over and over and never get tired of it... it's fantastic that there's this free, easily available pleasure out there for me. I think back to the look on Arty Dude's face while I was on top of him and it just feels so gratifying.

Early in the day Ultra Meat resurfaced, having been silent since well before the holiday; I'd been wondering about him and was taking an online quiz a completely sexless friend of mine sent me about whether or not you're a sex addict, and somewhere around the question that asks "Do you feel controlled by your sexual desire?" (no I do not), my phone lights up and it's him, saying, "Service?" I was genuinely happy to hear from him, but knew I wouldn't be free till late in the day, and he didn't have much time, so I had to let it go. But really that's all I need to suddenly want my dick sucked-- if a hot guy expresses interest in me suddenly my nuts flood my bloodstream with heightened anticipation of pleasure. I was too busy to truly look for anything until very late in the afternoon, and expected nothing, really. I checked out Arty Dude on Manhunt but decided he was too far away and too good looking for me; plus he was 6'3 and had "Safe only" plastered all over his profile so I figured he wouldn't even swallow me. I moved on, but a few minutes later he hit on me, I assume having seen my visit to his profile. It really didn't take long to work out the tryst. He was cool with swallowing and I had "gotten him hungry." He was a little closer than his profile led me to believe, so a half hour later I was in his place with my pants on the floor.

Arty Dude liked everything pretty rough, more than I tend to like to deliver. He had huge nipple rings in his chest, and a huge PA in his dick, and wanted the nips pulled HARD. I love working a guy's chest over, but the nipple rings made it frustrating. Here's a guy I could really chew on, which would make my dick ooze like a broken honey jar, but he had these big metal rings in the way, so big they barely fit in my mouth. I did my best, though, and he told me not to be shy pulling them, so I wasn't. At one point I was on top of him, tugging and twisting away, with my dick down between his sweet cheeks, and he was reaching down there to press my dickhead against his hole, hard; his face was twisted back in an expression of pure ecstasy. I felt almost like he was trying to push my rod into his ass, and I almost came from the excitement. He really was bigger than I like, but he had fantastic muscular arms, shoulders, and legs, and a long fairly trim hairy body, a little loose, as if maybe he lost a lot of weight a while back, but overall really nice, and with that very handsome/pretty face, I figured he would be pretty awesome to get my dick in. But I didn't want to push it. And at that point if I stuck it in I would cum instantly. So we did what we did-- I fucked his face, ate his ass, manhandled his body, fingered his ass deeply with two fingers, now a thumb... and we kissed and stared at each other with shit-eating grins on our faces, both feeling the pleasure the same. And finally I knew I'd reached that tipping point one too many times, so I hopped up, stuck my dick in his mouth, felt the awesome sucking that coaxed the fluid out of my balls, and fired away. He took me so deep I thought he would choke. And when I pulled out I wasn't done cumming; I beat myself hard until I came a little more on my hand. I fed this to him and then tugged at his nips until he popped too.

He let me take a shower and while I was rinsing off, said, "All I have is tap, sparkling, and cranberry." I felt as if I was at some fancy resort where you get to cum in the waiter. The glass of water was waiting outside in the kitchen and I drank some, dressed, and chatted with him a bit. "I hope you don't feel like you have to rush out," he said, and I didn't, and then wondered if maybe he would have liked to linger in bed a bit rather than have me jump up and get washed. I only did that because I was very sweaty and because he seemed a little fidgety and not inclined to kiss any more after he came, so I paused a beat. "Well now that you've said that, I'm going to stay all night!" I drank the water and he laughed good-naturedly. We had a nice little chat about his dog, his apartment, and other little things; he seemed like a very sweet person. I was finally fully dressed and he was still totally naked. I pulled him to me one last time and kissed him, then whirled him around to admire his rear one more time, and the elaborate tattoo patterned all across his back. Then I was on my way.

Let's see how many more dudes I can jizz in before the spell is broken, shall we?


  1. Looks like your wish for a more fruitful 2013 are coming true. Happy New Year, to you!

    1. Thanks Anonymous, you too! We'll see how it goes, these things are always up and down (no pun).