web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: Porkin'

Friday, January 4, 2013


Today I creamed inside the muscular little Filipino dude I've fucked a bunch since the end of 2011. I was pretty horny all day but Friday is traditionally impossible to hook up on, so all my cruising came to naught. I've had a vague New Year's resolution bubbling around in my head, about not turning down hot guys who want to fuck just because I've been in them before, and about not taking the pursuit of new ass and racking up numbers so far in general. Being away for a week or two without much chance to hook up (though I ended up putting my cum in two guys while I was away without really trying too hard!) was in a way a nice break. I'm still a little haunted by the 63-hours-of-nonstop-sex figure I tallied up for last year, and wonder if maybe I need to cool it a bit. There were periods towards the end of the year where pickings felt slim and I felt almost a kind of pressure to hook up. I'd like things to be a little lower-key. So when the flip hit me up online, sending a sexy picture of himself to my phone for good measure (he always does this, and it's always a new picture, and he always looks good), I cast around a bit for new ass juuuust to make sure I wasn't missing out on anything, then remembered my resolution and how much I love his muscular little body and how well he takes a pounding, and I ran over for what I hoped would be some long deep porkin'.

Well. I think I've officially Fucked This Dude Too Much. He appeared at the door looking cute as usual, but when I grabbed his little torso before we went upstairs in greeting, I felt that he was already porkin' up a little himself! I of course am one to talk-- I really gotta slim down a bit-- but one of the biggest appeals was always how great his little body was. He had my dick hard as a rock in seconds as usual with his mouth, but his body was much thicker than it was a couple of months ago. He'd cleaned himself out a little too thoroughly too, I think-- he was squeaky-dry and we had to use some of his gloppy lube to get my big fat tool in him all the way. And he was unusually tight-- I didn't ask but I wonder if he hasn't been bottoming much, because usually he is a velvety, resistanceless screw. But I ate his ass for a long time, sucking his big fat balls into my mouth one after the other and hardening his dick with a few sucks too-- bottoms, feel free to chime in on how you can enjoy bottoming and sex in general when you're not even hard? Very mystifying to this top. He liked that, and it was exciting to make him hard before I ran my bone into him.

But the room was very warm, and I began to notice things I never had before, when fucking him was still relatively new. His bed is some kind of foam thing that you slowly sink into, covered with snuggly fuzzy covers; I like a firm, trampolinelike surface covered with crisp sheets so I can get proper leverage for long deep thrusts of every inch I have to give. There was a gigantic TV at the end of the bed, cartoonishly large, that somehow was very distracting to me this time! (When I came in, it had a gigantic porno playing on it, but I asked him to turn it off; maybe that's why I'd never noticed before.) His hair was crusty with hair gel and his body was unusually unctuous with lotion. And when I flipped him on his back you could really tell he'd thickened up some; the little waist I loved to hold while I plowed him was not visible any more.

It was still pretty fun manhandling his body; his arms are hard and thick and his shoulders round and firm, and nothing is more exciting than putting all your upper-body weight on a guy's shoulders while you put all your lower-body weight into slamming your hips against his ass, and he looks up at you with that helpless bottom look. But I had gotten myself a little too excited eating out his beautiful ass-- that was still as lovely as ever, for sure-- and I kept feeling like I would cum. And he kept twitching deliciously around my dickhead whenever I would stop the plowing... a wonderful, subtle, ass-sucking sensation that almost magnetically draws the cum out of a top's nuts. I held back from the brink of orgasm at least four times, so when I finally couldn't hold back any more, I whimpered my need to cum in his ear, and he just huffed "Yeah" into my ear, and I was suddenly fucking into my own slippery goo, and cumming even harder from the beautiful slick sensation. It was a lot of cum, after backing off four times. I could feel it all shoot through me.

He held me close to him with my dick still deep inside him for several long minutes. I told him to let me just brush my lips against his, and I felt the last of my seed trickle through my engorged cumtube into his guts while I gently brushed our mouths together... very sensual. Then I pulled out with a bit of a pop as my fat dickhead went past his sphincter, and told him I needed to lie back and rest a bit. I had a slight headache when I went over that had been magnified by the heat and the exertion. He stroked the hair on my chest and arms and shoulders a bit and I relaxed and the headache abated some. But I think he didn't want me to hang around too long, so I took the hint when he mentioned meeting someone for dinner to get dressed.

This fuck barely lasted a half an hour; when I went over I had dreams of going at it with him for an hour or more because I knew from experience he was a good fuck. But I guess I really am made to be promiscuous, always plowing new meat. We'll see how it goes this year...


  1. Sometimes your head and dick aren't in alignment. You want/need to fuck, but mentally or emotionally, you are one step behind or ahead of your need to get off. Don't read too much into it buddy. Repeats can be tough sometimes. We all want to romanticize our hook ups - sometimes the sophomore release isn't as hot. He sounds hot and like he enjoys you and the way you fuck him.

    1. I woke up this morning reconciled to the fact that I'm a dirty, heartless whore. And that's... OK. I do think I'm gonna spend today reading, even though I have the place to myself for most of the day and could spend it fucking. It's good to have the upper hand over yer passions now and then.

  2. "I woke up this morning reconciled to the fact that I'm a dirty, heartless whore. And that's... OK." That read to me like the intro at a 12 step program meeting. A 12 step program I desperately want to eavesdrop on!