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Monday, January 21, 2013


Last night, a guy I fucked the living daylights out of last fall started appearing right next to me in the Nearby listing on Scruff. This is the same guy who hit me up a couple of days after the fuck for more, and who reacted very negatively when I told him I'm a big whore and would like to get with him again but after I've had the chance to fuck around a bit more. He called me extremely rude and said maybe I should just leave him alone and then asked if I would hire him to paint my apartment. Well, many months have gone by, and he was looking extremely good to me again, but I refrained from clicking on his picture lest he go all tornado-angry on me again. But then he "Woofed" me and asked, "Do you even remember me?" I told him I did, that he was the guy I have a great time fucking and then told me I was rude and never to talk to him again. He said it was a bad time for him, my comment hit him the wrong way at a very low time, and he didn't mean all that. So of course I immediately wanted to cum in him again-- nothing is better than a hot guy debasing himself to get at my dick. I remembered him really being far too rough for my taste, but he's so fucking handsome to me-- his nose alone, in profile, is enough to make my balls swell with the need to blow its seed inside him. Turns out he is housesitting in a big fancy building a few blocks away from me. So I told him to come over on his way to do errands in Manhattan today, and he did.

Something about taking a lot of new naked pictures and cumshots of myself, in conjunction with a really nice eventful weekend and that awesome, awesome fuck on Saturday, has made me hornier than a three-balled tomcat, and a lot more confident suddenly than I was last week-- even though I know I'm still the same middle-aged schlub I ever was. The new pix are getting a bit of new attention, which is nice; mostly people who probably buddy listed me two years ago and never got around to blowing me, who checked me out without comment, but also a bunch of nibbles from new guys I've somehow never even seen before. But I wanted a sure thing today-- I have a ton to do and just wanted someone to get me off and take my load so I can get on with things. This guy was just the ticket.

He trotted over after a bit of a delay and we got down to it. He bit me like crazy all over, practically pulled my testes out of my scrotum, chewed my neck out, and constantly rammed his tongue down my throat. A little frustrating because of how meltingly helpless looking at his handsome face and rather compact little body makes me.... He would be perfect if he would just calm down a bit and let me enjoy him more sensually. I told him I wasn't up for fucking, that I'd slept badly last night and wanted to take it kind of slow and easy, and while he did ratchet down the hoover-like sucking a little, otherwise he was the same Tasmanian Devil he had been before.

But what sucking! He had me hard in record time-- almost as soon as I was in his mouth, I got one of those insta-inflation erections that I haven't felt since, like, Junior High School, where you feel like your dick is going to throb right off and shoot across the floor.

He got between my legs and hiked his ass up in the air and spread his legs and just looked so awesome with my tool in his mouth-- he's 5'6 so my dick looks huge next to him, though it is not. He sucked me till I was dizzy and I kept eyeing that pretty little ass, and finally I said, "I might have to fuck you after all." He whimpered his assent and I went to eat his ass, but he said no, he hadn't taken a shower. I admired it and stroked it a bit, disappointed. But then he pushed me back and tried to hop on my dick anyway. He was so tight it was hard to believe there was even a hole there. I traded off fucking his face and trying to ram my cock into him, but it was just not happening. I lubed up liberally and my dick just flopped around between his legs like a gasping fish, unable to find entry. Finally I just gave up on the fucking, announcing, "You are just too tight to fuck today little man, let me wash this lube off my dick and you can suck the cum outta me." And I did, and came back, and he gave me more of that cum-thieving head; I couldn't have avoided shooting in him if I wanted to. He just inhaled it out of me, levitated it out of my nuts by magic; I felt like a passive conduit for the cum that was jetting out of my balls and into his gullet. It was fuckin awesome, inhabiting a body that is being expertly serviced like that, cumming copiously without any control over your dick and just enjoying the ride.

So now my cum is on a train to Tribeca to check out a client site, so he says. And my head is clear and I can concentrate. It's good to be a top!


  1. I kind of put myself in your story when you mentioned 5'6". It's good to know someone out there appreciates a smaller guy. Although I've never taken one up the butt, I could see myself trying, and like the guy in your story, it not happening. I'm glad he had the hoover skills to seal the deal.

    1. Oh I love dudes your size, Jack, but pretty much because you ARE so much fun for a guy my size to fuck! Really, really fun.

      I dunno how I got my bone in him last time; I didn't remember him being that tight. But all's well that ends well.

      Except! He bit me so fuckin hard on my chest that it still hurts and I know tomorrow I'm gonna have a realllly ugly, scary bruise (I bruise really easily). I hope it's not as bad as I think it's gonna be... may have to be out of commission till that heals, dammit, so people don't think a leper has come to fuck them.

  2. It's not good to be a top, it's great! I wouldn't have it any other way and neither would you.

    1. Agreed, hornyfather. And the best thing about being a top is that there are bottoms out there who think it's great to be a bottom!

      But I fuckin love usin my dick on other dudes and cumming in them. Awesome.