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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Comedy of Errorrs

Today I got serviced for about an hour by a big meaty guy who was very, very into my dick, and it was fun. But I have to say that getting rid of this load required me to endure any number of ridiculous experiences.
On Saturday I was blown off by the guy who had gotten me so excited about getting together, feh. I cast around idly for someone to take his place, thinking maybe time would be better spent just enjoying the day, which was nice and warm. A young kid invited me over to his place; while he had a fantastic ass, I'm not typically into young guys and his face pix were not really clear, but what I did see didn't look much like my type. But he was very persistent, and I'm easily swayed by someone begging for my dick, and I'm increasingly, though only idly, interested in youth, so I said ok. He was on the other side of the neighborhood, so I walked over there and had trouble finding his building number on a street full of construction. The most likely choice didn't have a number anywhere I could see. So I called him, and he sounded kinda slow and didn't seem to understand my question about which building he was in, and asked me if he could call me back! I waited a bit, thinking maybe I should just leave, when he did call back, just as a young woman was leaving the building. He said something breathless about his roommate either leaving or arriving, which I repeated. "You're saying your roommate just LEFT?" The woman looked at me sharply, holding the door, but I waved her away. When he calmed down enough to tell me that I was indeed at the right building, I buzzed in. His place reeked of pot, the coffee table was covered with bongs, and he was really, really just not my type. It turns out that was his roommate, holding the door for me, just leaving, apparently after much insistence on his part and bitchiness on her part. He seemed miserable when I told him that, and added that I didn't think it was going to work. Even if I was into him, there's no way I'd hang out in that stink for very long.

So my load went unreleased all weekend. Yesterday a guy with yet another questionable picture invited me to his place. Since it was not far, I went by, but this was another strikeout; the pictures were just not him. I should have known better.

So! Today the cum was practically backing up into my brain and I couldn't even think. There was not much action online. A guy with a nice, meaty, but fairly average body hit me up asking to suck me off. His face pictures were again all obscured by sunglasses, and he claimed he didn't have any others. He lived just in the next neighborhood over. Here we go again! But today I was really out of my mind. A really hot guy uptown who has been chasing me for weeks had signed on but was not replying to my messages, so I thought, maybe I can play them off each other-- check out Mr Meaty Shades and if he's no good, by the time I get back home, maybe Mr Uptown Stud will have written me back, and I can go cum in *him*.

So I told Mr Meaty Shades I would swing by, but no promises. I figured it would take 15 minutes, but he lives on the other side of a Hasidic neighborhood where every intersection is full of strollers and toddlers, and school buses stop at every other block all friggin day long, pulling aside diagonally to block all traffic as the kids get off. Traffic was just ridiculous and it took a half an hour to get to this guy's house, which was on a verrry sketchy looking block. The things I do to get my dick sucked.

He met me at the door to his building and he didn't look bad, although he looked alarmingly like an ethnic version of my brother. But he gave toe-curling head. From the minute he put my dick in his mouth I was exclaiming with pleasure. His body was indeed nice and meaty, though he had a belly Not Featured in Photo. A yappy dog was all over me as soon as I entered his apartment and watched us as we made out. But that was all ok. On his stomach between my thighs, with his round white asscheeks up in the air and his big hands on my thighs, Mr Meaty Shades looked great. He had nice muscular shoulders and a hairy chest. I kinda wanted to fuck him; we had a excellent chemistry and were somewhat aggressive with each other because we were both feeling it pretty intensely. He had a really nice fat tool which stayed hard as a rock while he blew me; at one point he actually came a little after I flipped him over and humped him. I loved slicking up our tools and holding them together-- so much fuckin manmeat in my hand-- and fucking his tool with mine. He got me on the edge and I was feeling very fine.

And then the ice cream truck stopped outside.

NYC ice cream trucks all play the same song, over and over, with no variation; this is not what I remember from my youth further south, but that's how it is here. It seemed to be parked right outside the window, and the twinkling chimes were drowning out our inane sex talk, which was along the lines of "Yeah two big fat dicks, look at that shit, I'm precumming all over your dick/yeh man, I love suckin yer dick it tastes so good it fits perfectly in my mouth, just helpin a buddy out, two men gettin off, I'm gonna get you off buddy" blablabla. It was sort of fun although not normally my thing. I finally had to laugh about the juxtaposition of the dick talk and the precum and the maddening ice cream truck, and he had a good sense of humor about it.

When I finally came in him I didn't think he was going to be able to swallow it all. I told him I was going to cum if he kept tonguing my dickhead like that, and asked if that's what he wanted, and he said yeah. So I said "Just slow down, don't try too hard, you can make me cum easy, just let me edge a little more." And he followed instructions beautifully-- I like a guy to get me to the edge as subtly as possible so I can feel every step-- feel my dick tense up, get bone hard, swell, ooze, and fire. This was a really long-lasting orgasm; I feel like I shot 8 or 9 times and was still spasming dry when  pulled out of his mouth. He beat off while licking my dickhead. We rested a while and listened to the ice cream truck pull off in the distance. I'm not sure how audible we were outside; there were definitely people on the sidewalk below.

We talked a bit about the Hasidim while getting dressed; Mr Meaty Shades was himself jewish and can't stand them, which seems common. We traded stories of being treated like vermin by them, which also seems common. Then I had to drive back through the melee; not only were there still tons of school buses, but the main road back to my hood was closed for what looked like an enormous film shoot. The dude had blown me for an hour, but I still think I spent more time in the car!

But I got my fuckin rocks off, and it was fun.

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