web log analysis Confessions of a Promiscuous Top: Quick

Friday, March 16, 2012


Today I really just needed to unload the cum I'd made since Tuesday's fuck, because I'm *hoping* that tomorrow I'll finally meet a guy I've been chasing for over a year who has a sweet little muscular body and a very handsome face. I want to be able to last in this guy for as long as possible, and plowing him with four day's worth of spooge swinging in my nuts would not lead me to do my best work. I have found it almost impossible to get laid on Fridays for some reason-- most of the weekend is bad, really; I don't think half the people logged on to hookup sites are even really there-- so I didn't think I could be picky today, unless I wanted to face just beating off tonight. So when a guy who actually had a cute face hit me up with clearly "artful" photographs (there was no clear sense of what his build was), I figured I needed to go with it. I just wanted to lay back and be sucked off this time, but he really wanted me to fuck him, so I said OK and ran over.
Well, he was even cuter in the face than his pictures, but he was overweight, as I expected. But I can forgive a lot for a really cute face, and he kissed like a dream, so my dick began to swell. I pulled it through my fly for him to feel while we made out. He had told me he was cat-sitting for a friend, so I had the unique sensation of having my ankle rubbed by a feline while my dick was being stroked. He was pretty young, in his late 20s, had very black, wavy hair, striking eyebrows and brown eyes, a scruffy vaguely surfery half-beard sort of thing. He looked great to me, and looked fine in his clothes, although when the clothes came off I could see he he was pretty chunky. But he was extremely voluptuous and he looked pretty good with his ass in the air. He gave me unbelievably electric head. I could tell he had been lighting up before I got there from the smell of his breath and the viscosity of his saliva, which was actually pretty nice-- he'd asked me to bring over lube but I could tell I was going to try to fuck him with this thick slippery spit instead. But first, I just admired his face working my tool, stroked his body, and enjoyed the sensation. I could tell he was in a zone and my touch on his back, sides, and chest made him go deeper into his pleasure.

I slipped into him just fine with the spit from behind, but really wanted to watch him as I fucked him because he was really so handsome. So I flipped him over and hiked up his considerably meaty thighs and deep dicked him that way. He was short enough that I could make out with him, pull his nipple, and slide in and out of him all at once. But I was so pent-up I really had to cum, and he wanted it, so I rammed him as I squirted all that jizz into him and didn't stop till well after I'd stopped coming, and then felt one of those aftershocks that is like a little mini-orgasm that really makes my whole body feel intensely warm and spent for a minute. I made out with him some more with my dick inside him and told him he was really cute, which seemed to make him a little shy.

While I got dressed we chatted a bit; apparently he's in school to be a physician's assistant. A remarkable number of doctors and especially nurses want me to cum in them, and the nurses especially are always fantastic in bed. Interesting. I had dinner plans so I had to get out of there pretty fast... the whole thing took at most a half hour. Hopefully this is just an appetizer for a feast tomorrow... I guess we'll find out!


  1. I love a young, chubby bottom! I always find them extra eager to please.

    1. Well this guy definitely got the cum out of me pretty efficiently, Patrick! I never saw him online again, though. I always wonder about these guys who appear out of nowhere, hit me up, and then vanish without a trace online...