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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Today I learned I am out of control. Perhaps emboldened by two pretty good experiences down here, I began to think today that maybe I *should* do a different guy every day!! I had a busy morning of work but got to a good stopping place around 11, so I logged in to a couple of sites to see if I could set up anything for a lunch break and work on this new goal of a bottom a day for a week. Little did I know I was destined to fuck *two* bottoms today... though I only came in one of them.

A guy who had messaged me while I was busy with my family yesterday hit me up instantly. I told him I had a few things to finish up and could come around lunchtime. But he said no, I had to come NOW or AT ONE THIRTY or else NO FUCKING. He had to leave for work at TWO. I don't like being rushed when I'm fucking, and found this specificity not a little annoying, so I said thanks but no thanks.

While this was all going on, one of the dudes who I texted last night, the one who replied once, hit me up yet again. I gave him the same spiel about my availability, but he was fine with it. His pix made him look like a pretty dour jock dude with a really nice smooth little body, very muscular. My heart was oddly pounding, maybe because of the one-two punch of two guys coming right on each others' heels, or maybe because I thought the guy would not be into me. But he wanted my cum and I wanted three for three this week, so I wrapped up my work and ran over.

He actually lived in a complex directly across the street from an apartment my family lived in when I was 6 or so, so that was kinda funny. I got to his place and he met me at the door in a jockstrap, which I always think is completely ridiculous.

Well, he was not totally as advertised. The pix had clearly been him, but very artfully posed, and he was hardly the butch gruff dude I was expecting. He was a rather typical vaguely nelly southern homo. He was a little doughier than the pix, though he was clearly really muscular under all that. He had a very typical southern face to me; he was a little like maybe Bill Clinton's cousin, say. His ass was mighty fine, so I was like, ok. And when he knelt and blew me, and I put my hands on those rock-hard shoulders, my dick took serious notice. He led me to a small bedroom where a massage table was set up and oils and salves and unguents were arrayed around on a dresser. There was barely any room to maneuver in there; I don't know why guys always have these bizarre needs to only fuck in one room or with certain paraphernalia around. He couldn't kiss and gave so-so head, but he got me hardish. So I set him up on his knees on the table with his ass sticking out and rimmed him good. It was a very nice fleshy round ass; he had small balls and a shaved scrotum but I fondled them while I licked him all over down there and I felt him getting hard, and this made me fully hard-- I'm empathetic like that. So I slipped on in and it felt pretty nice. But he pushed me out and ran over to the paraphernalia counter to get some extremely thick, gooey lube, and greased my dick up. More mediocre kissing. This was getting disappointing. He hopped on the table face up this time and pulled his legs back. I was not totally hard any more so I ate him out some more, and he responded a little bit, grabbing my hair and moaning feebly. But that was about it. He was just an extremely uptight sallow white guy. But I got hard again and stuck it in and fucked him as best I could standing there at the end of a slightly-too-tall massage table with Bill Clinton's Cousin staring at me. I pulled out and ate his very sweet ass some more, then went back in, and he was very exited, beating off hard, and talking about my load nonstop. I didn't want to cum too fast, so I pulled out again real quick, and this movement just made him pop, spooging a big load all over his own belly.

I said, "And when you're done, you're done, am I right?" And he smiled sheepishly and said yeah, and I slapped his chest and asked where the bathroom was. I washed that goo off my dick and hands. He told me he was a massage therapist and he had an appointment at one, so, you know, rushed for time, blablabla. We chitchatted a bit and he was just soooo southern gay. But my body was electrified from the fucking-- it only lasted about 10 minutes maybe-- and I really wanted to cum. So I got in the car, went to a gas station, and looked to see if the other dude, Mr NOW OR ONE THIRTY, was still on. It was now no longer NOW, and not yet ONE THIRTY, but I said, "Wanna fuck?" and he said "at one thirty." Well, that was about 45 minutes away and he was across town, so I gassed up, drove over, got there early, and read some magazines in a convenience store a few blocks from him. At around 1:10 he texted me asking if I was nearby, and I asked him if he was ready now, and he said yes. So I went over, even though it was NOT YET ONE THIRTY.

He was also a typical southern queen, and he also met me at the door in his undies, but he had a tight, defined, hairy little body that I was going to be really happy to unload in. He led me upstairs and we stripped. He had clearly gone overboard on the body lotion; he was a little on the unctuous side. He had tile floors and once I was barefoot I felt like I was gonna fall and break my neck, they were so slippery, so I guess this is how he lives. We got in the bed and I got on top of him and he wrapped himself around me really nice, and he really knew how to kiss. He stroked his hands up and down my (admittedly hairy) back while I pushed my hips into him. It felt great but I wasn't getting a big erection, so I laid back and said "Suck my dick and get me hard so I can stick it in you," and he assumed the position like a good boy. His skin was very tanned and his ass was very white. He looked very nice down there between my legs. He had big fleshy party favor nips which I pulled some as he sucked me, and he bucked like crazy and gasped, "I love having my nips played with, do that." So I did that. This was pretty good-- my sheepishess at running all over town in service to my nuts was melting away into gratitude.

He got up to get some lube-- this was silicone-based, which I don't like much more than thick gooey stuff, as it feels very powdery to me for some reason. But I put it on and stuck my dick in him and rammed the fuck out of him. He grabbed my arms and put his feet on my chest and stared in my eyes intently while I plowed him, with a rock-steady gaze some kind of hungry canine and a slight grimace of desire being fulfilled. I pushed him further back and was deep dicking him almost straight down with the full weight of my hips. I knew I wouldn't last long so I pulled out and rubbed against his sweet little body a little more, but he begged for it inside him again. So I did, more pounding, fucking him further and further off the edge of the bed. Then I let loose everything I had built up. He exclaimed over and over how good the cum felt inside him, beating off hard, and I wanted him to get off with my dick in him, so I pulled his nips, hard, in circles that made his pec muscles move, thrusting my softening dick in him as deep as I could, and he basically SCREAMED and started coming.

This all took at most 10, 15 minutes. I always feel like sex like that is incredibly lame-- why not just beat off? And I had spent a ridiculous amount of time going from place to place to get off like this. I'm clearly out of control! But in a way it felt good to be teased a bit like that with the first guy, and then take it all out on the second. Felt good!

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