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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Keeping Score

Today, in the latest installment of my "cum in a different bottom every day" theme for my trip down south, I fucked a tight-bodied little guy, with a syrupy mountain accent. I had a busy morning again and only logged on right around  lunchtime. A guy who looked pretty nice hit me up quickly and was very enthusiastic about the possibility of my shooting a gigantic load in him (my profiles feature pretty big cumshots I've taken of myeslf). He seemed pretty no-muss-no-fuss and he was fairly cute as guys down here go, and was short and seemed to have a bit of hair on him, so I said OK and ran over.

He pretty much attacked me at the door and was *extremely* enthusiastic, just as he had been on line. He gave very toothy, spastic head, so that wasn't going to work for me, but just laying on top of his little tanned body and  feeling his body hair (which he had clipped a little too closely too his body, but at least it was there) made my dick swell. He had told me online that he didn't like being rimmed because of a "childhood trauma", so I really felt like I had to avoid even touching him in his asscrack. This left m feeling oddly hamstrung sexually, as if one of my arms had dropped off or something. Eating ass is the best way for me to get a solid hardon so this was a little more involved.

It was cute how energetic he was and how much he loved my dick and my "big hairy balls" (they're honestly  kinda small) but I really do like a more sedate, submissive bottom. So it was sort of like 45 minutes of  wrestling. As soon as my dick was rigid he wiggled himself down on it, a nice feat when you're pressed  together face-to-face, and I liked that-- he was definitely a skilled bottom. He was a little dry inside; he hadn't blown me enough to slick me up  with his saliva and my own precum like most guys do. So I pulled out and slicked myself up with my hand, and sucked his very  pretty dick for a while to get rock hard again, and we wrestled and fucked until I was soaked with  sweat. I was getting him all slick too, and he really liked that. "I'm gonna soak you inside and out," I growled right in his ear, and he said "Get me wet all over." "I'm gonna soak you outside with my sweat and inside with my cum."

I pulled out again to keep from coming too fast and sucked on his very nice balls. But he was very insistent  on having the dick back in him, and kept begging for it and grabbing it, so I put it back in. I matched the  intensity of his bucking body and grabbed his hands, held them down on the bed, and rammed into him with  the full force of my body until I was unloading my nuts in him. As soon as he felt my dick pulsing he pulled my hips to him greedily, and I pushed into him as deep as I could go. He kept saying, "don't pull it out, don't pull  it out, I want all of that cum, don't pull it out," so I kept it in there and sucked his hips, his ears, licked and bit his neck while the last bits of me oozed into him. He just kept humping up against me and saying he wanted all my cum, all my cum, all my cum.

Finally I was so soft I kinda popped out on my own. I really needed a shower, not just because of all the  sweat, but because apparently every southern dude just butters himself with lotion all day long; I was glistening like a gladiator.

When I got out of the shower and put my shorts on, he came over and stuck his hands back in my pants and  asked me who gets all that cum up back home. I said, "Pretty much half of Brooklyn." He said  "Well I'm gonna have to kill half of Brooklyn, then, because that's MY dick, I want more of that," blablabla.  I actually like it when  guys are totally into my dick so I stiffened up a little again, though honestly at this point I am pretty sore from all this fucking and sucking; my dick is a tender little stalk and it's been through a lot lately. He asked if  I could fuck him again before I left but we all know the answer to that one.

I dunno if I can keep this up, though! We'll see tomorrow.

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