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Monday, March 26, 2012


Today I fooled around with a big meaty dude. I'm visiting my family in my hometown down south this week, and working during the day, but something about being in a new city makes me want to fuck my brains out. This is usually of a case of my libido making me promises my nuts can't really keep-- this morning I saw a lot of cute guys online, rare for this town as I'm not that attracted to the stereotypical southern look or southern stock-- and decided excitedly, "I'm going to fuck a different guy EVERY SINGLE DAY I'm here!!!" Of course, now that I've gotten off, I'm like eh I'm good now, so we'll see. But today was pretty fun.

I'd set up something right away with a cute hairy guy who said all the right things about servicing my bone for as long as I wanted, and who was not very far away. We were going to get together for a lunch break. Big Meaty hit me up not long after, but I am the one person online who honors plans and is up-front about it, rather than flaking for the best available thing Right Now. Big Meaty was willing to be my backup cocksucker, a must in these parts where everyone is closeted or married or a flaky freak. He was seriously jonesing and messaged me every ten minutes or so during the wait for lunch to keep me warm. I appreciate that kind of enthusiasm, so I was cool with it. Then another guy hit me up who happened to be free in the afternoon, who blew me once before when I was visiting, a year or two ago. He's a handsome hairy burly man, who looks very scottish to me, not my typical type but he rocks it well. I told him he could be second backup cocsucker, which he took well, though he suggested I flake and go with him immediately because he does better than they would. I told him if either other dude did me, I'd send him a full comparative analysis of their relative skills. He laughed and said I could bring my meat over any time. So it's good to have an ace in the hole for later.

Predictably, Says the Right Things reappeared at the appointed time but backpedaled about the as-long-as-I-want part, which I am serious about; I don't care how hot you are, if you're not willing to put in the time, you don't get the jizz. All he was offering was a half an hour, maybe, he had to make some calls, blablabla. I said thanks but no thanks and told Mr Meaty it was his lucky day. He'd apparently been stroking off the entire two hours thinking about my dick! He wasn't too far either, so I hopped in the car and went over.

He lived in a neighborhood that looked almost exactly like the one I grew up in in the 70s, complete with the "theme" street names. My neighborhood's theme had been obscure bird names; his was the nut-shriveling "Gone With The Wind" theme. (I saw O'Hara, Johnny Reb, Rice Planter, Scarlett, and Antebellum... ugh.) I pulled up and rang the bell. He looked better in person, and much more built than his profile had led me to believe, though he was a little thick around the middle. I had been worried because so many men down here totally misrepresent themselves. But he looked better than I expected.

He'd told me he loved to kiss and he was pretty good at it. We had nice chemistry. But at 6'3, he was just really too big for me. I typically like this in a cocksucker, but he turned verrrry bottomy once we got in bed, although he'd advertised himself as a versatile top. The first time I got on top of him, he grabbed my ass and pulled my hips against his, and then held my back so I was pressing my whole weight down on him. His shoulders were freakin huge in my hands. His neck was thick and when I bit it he went wild. His blowjob was a little toothy but it was actually more fun manhandling him and making out with him than getting sucked. I made him get on his knees for a while in front of me as I stood there and fed him my dick, and told him, "THIS should be your profile pic, man!" So fuckin hot, with those wide shoulders spread out before me, hairy torso tapering down to a fat bone, and hands on the floor between his meaty haunches. He had a pretty nice tool, beautifully shaped, very big head with a nice sharp ridge, very smooth taut skin. His nuts were a nice handful. Just chewin his nips and holding his nuts in my hand made my precum flow. His face was scruffy and his lips were full and muscular, and he knew the right balance between lips and tongue. After a while I got over the size mismatch and went with his impulses-- if he had been about five inches shorter I would still be over there banging him, because he had excellent moves and was all over me, and yelped if I so much as stroked my dickhead up and down between his asscheeks. I lay down beside him and we watched each other stroke and made out with an intensity I haven't felt in a long time, and he said "I could cum just from kissing you." I got back on top of him and we were a tangle of limbs, pressing into each other hard, lost in the overpowering force of our attraction, and I said "Oh God I just gotta cum man," and he perked up in a funny way and said in a very non-sex-boozy, clear voice, "You are going to cum now?" I laughed and said "Yes I am going to cum now" and he said "Oh, OK!" and I blew all over him. I rested a bit and he looked like he wasn't sure if he was allowed to get off, too. But I got beside him and chewed his nip some more, and grappled those amazing shoulders some more, and that sent him right over the edge.

I took a shower and he got me some water and we chit-chatted. He had a sweet earnest manner about him. We had gone to rival colleges, though not quite at the same time. And then, as if he'd been waiting to say it the whole time, he said, "If you want to get together again, you know, while you're here, you know, that would be cool." He was still covered with my cum from the first time, asking for more! But I'm me so this is not likely. "I come down here all the time," I told him, and he nodded.

It was fun. I dunno if I'm really gonna hook up every day this week, though... we'll see!

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